Rad Power Bikes Vancouver Showroom – Ebike Shop, Test Rides, Repairs

Rad Power Bikes Vancouver Showroom – Ebike Shop, Test Rides, Repairs

Rad Power Bikes recently moved from their old East Van location to a new 12k square foot downtown shop in the Mount Pleasant neighborhood of Vancouver, BC Canada that is 10 times bigger than before! This location includes a showroom and massive build + repair shop. It’s surrounded by great spots to eat, bike friendly streets and trails, public transportation, and much of the staff now commutes into work by riding their bike. All Rad Power Bike showroom locations offer test rides, sales, and post-sale service for their electric bicycles. I’ve reviewed most of their recent models back at EBR here https://electricbikereview.com/brand/rad-power-bikes/ including the popular RadRunner Plus.

Store address: 275 W 5th Ave, Vancouver, BC V5Y 1J3 Canada
Phone number: (604) 900-2007
Official showroom website: https://radpowerbikes.ca/pages/vancouver-showroom
Hours: 9am to 5pm seven days a week!

0:00 Arrival, entering the showroom
0:37 Location and bike trail map!
1:00 Bikes models on display
1:22 Chat with staff about services
1:51 Rad Mobile Service vans
2:17 Meeting more staff
3:21 Outro and goodbye

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  1. Does Rad Bikes still plan on opening an Austin, Texas, store? Or has the Austin location been scrubbed? If it is going to be in Austin, is there a scheduled date to open?

  2. Cant wait for the custom blue RadCity!

  3. As someone who lives in Canada, in the Greater Toronto area, why doesn’t Rad have a showroom in Toronto?? I’ve been thinking about buying a Rad ebike, but if there’s a problem I want a mechanic and a store to bring it back to, not to have to ship it all the way out to Vancouver again. Think of all the potential customers you’re losing out on by NOT having a showroom in the Greater Toronto area !

  4. Эльнура Трамникова December 21, 2020 @ 9:41 pm


  5. YesSiRr!! Very Nice!!😎👌👊🔥💯!!

  6. Not a fan of masks, I come from Sth Australia where the risk is about 0, 1 in 5 wear them and they are eyesore to me, now we have Covid safe check in at shops, pubs, gyms, I just barrel straight on in to the grocery stores, thrift shops, pawn shops, Hungry Jacks (Burger King) made me fill in the Covid book when I went to buy burgers

  7. When I see the back seat, I know what’s I’m looking for

  8. Please review the Sondors Mad Mods cafe runner I want to know if It’s worth the money

  9. Never liked "rad power bikes" for some reason 😐.

  10. Can you compare the difference in price after the exchange rate and power restriction and a lesser 500 watt engine? It would help to know that Canadians were paying more for less bike.

  11. Love the big map they have of biking routes in the wall.

  12. i love your videos 👌🏻

  13. RadPowerBikes or Sondors

  14. they need to open one up on the east coast

  15. I visited the store the opening week (Great looking store)

  16. Did I blink and miss the price tags?

  17. Nice. May I know what made you move up north to Vancouver?

  18. Yes! Thanks for taking me there virtually!

  19. Please don’t show morons wearing masks in your videos. Thank you.

  20. Just in the Rad Store kissing ass because he is a Rad fan boy. Just another Rad Bike commercial.

  21. Wow! What an improvement over the old store. Last fall I was in Vancouver and made the trip to the old store. The staff was great but the store was so small that all the bikes were outside! Thanks for the tour.

  22. I hope to visit this store one day! Let’s open one up in Alberta!

  23. Will the Rad City arrive ever here in India?!

  24. Too bad all there bikes come only in one size. Yes, they say, basically, that one size fits all, but to put it bluntly, that’s nonsense. I’m 6’4" and I don’t fit on small/medium bikes, if you want to use it as a bike, instead of sitting upright and using the throttle. Least my comment seems like sour grapes, am happy that Rad is successful and recognize that their bikes work for the majority of riders.

  25. Review something fast for a change Please

  26. Great promotion. Makes me want another rad. Keep it up. Best top to bottom Customer service. Riding Rad. Alot of people want to upgrade. For me at 67. Just want to ride, an at 20 miles a hour is ok for me. An if I want to go faster I can always pedal harder. Been watching you when you were on the docks in Seattle with the Rad city.. My first of 4. Thanks again

  27. When is Rad Power Bikes going to open a store in Toronto???????

  28. Love our RadBikes!!

  29. It’s fun to see where my brand new Special green Rad Rover 5 come from…thanks guy!

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