RadRover E Bike Review – This Bike Is A Tank! Better Than A Mountain Bike.

RadRover E Bike Review – This Bike Is A Tank! Better Than A Mountain Bike.

Today I took the Radrover out for a ride.
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Readers Comments (50)

  1. Kirk Cousins, is that you dude ?

  2. The cinematography of your videos is pretty awesome. I love the drone in fly in!

  3. helmet

  4. Is the thule yepp maxi child seat be compatible to this bike?

  5. If you keep disrespecting others on the trail, they will complain to the controlling agencies who will then no longer allow ebikes on trails at all. You will ruin it for everyone!

  6. I was loving the video until " its literally a tank"

  7. The only reason I’ve gone and disliked your video is because you both acted like an asshole to fellow trail-goers and put everyone’s safety at risk. Had you not used the bell, or had they been a bit slower to move (and if one were elderly, that could be expected), everyone could have been injured.

    Follow proper safety precautions, slow down when people are ahead, don’t get arrogant.

  8. Thank you so much for this awesome review!!! Can you also do a review on a Rambo e-bikes if possible? https://ebikegeneration.com/blogs/news/quietkat-v-rambo-the-best-hunting-electric-bike-brands

  9. Try to be more courteous and share the trails with hikers. It pays to be friendly in the long run.

  10. Can you carry an extra battery?

  11. What was the bad bout the bike

  12. Awesome !!! I want one.

  13. I鈥檓 in Utah, how long does it take to ship

  14. Wish it was a mid motor

  15. I like this bike because you dont have to pedal to accelerate

  16. Nice i own one and am loving it,over 1,000 miles ,on and off road,solid bike.been up hills that i wouldn’t attempt on a standard pedal. m.b.

  17. I also say, I love the AZ desert. The cactus looks a lot prettier than the NM desert cactus 馃槈

  18. Bruh. That鈥檚 some good editing. I was actually laughing. Now I want one.

  19. Lol this bike is not at all a trail bike more of a gravel or comfort bike

  20. bro bike aside the production for this vid is fire

  21. Nice edit

  22. My Rad Rover 5 was just delivered! Can’t wait to hit the backcountry! Loved the video!

  23. Thanks for the video. You could however improve by not having the dramatic sound effects for a review. Drama stuff doesn鈥檛 age well in my opinion. Also, please wear a helmet if people are supposed to take you seriously. Protect the parts you鈥檇 like to keep is the rule – the head should be on everybody鈥檚 list for that matter!

  24. I thoroughly enjoyed this video. I鈥檝e already shared it with several people. The dramatic effects made it all the more fun to watch and I have seen it several times. I suppose you鈥檙e always going to get some opinionated commenter who wants to quench your artistic style and
    take away your personal freedom. Just ignore them and keep up with the good work.

  25. One crash and landing on Your head out there by Yourself without a helmet – – – could be all she wrote.

  26. Livingston Seagull December 17, 2020 @ 9:48 pm

    Just got the rad rover yesterday and assembled it last night. Went for a right today and the pedal assist stopped working. Poor engineering. Don’t know what’s wrong with it. I’ve only had it for 2 days. It’s stupid that it breaks on the second day.

  27. I’m real close to ordering one man…

  28. Yeah, but did he get HOME ….. With his Ebike?

  29. Thumbs down for the deep rumbling music effects over your speech. Also for not hitting those idiots in the way of your sweet bike.

  30. Great off road biking video… Don’t think if qualifies as much of a review tho… you could lose the dramatic horror movie music… Don’t do a thing for me.

  31. Great vid! How long does a full charge get you? Would you suggest buying two batteries?

  32. The music really sets the atmosphere! I’m just exploring the idea of getting an E-bike – commuting to work, exploration and forest light trails. so far i’ve fell in love with the Nireeka Prime E bike… i just want something to climb steep hills with ease, to be intimidating to look at, and to get me from A to B in 20+MPH …. For under 拢2000 xD

  33. "you’re not slowing down for anyone?" what a jerk! share the trail don’t be rude-you’re not the only one on the plnet!

  34. I have that model and I love it so much !

  35. What’s the max mph?

  36. This reminds me of an Ozzy man video

  37. I have had a Rover for over 2yrs…. I ride strictly on-road, and have modded it for that purpose. It’s a beast with over 2,ooo M. on it. Gonna get the Bolton upgrade for it just because I wanna go faster….This machine kicks ass. So yeah… I’m happy!!

  38. I reall like this bike, but the shifter is a cheap 9$ joke. It’s just crap. They really should step up for complete 8-speed Acera components. Price can’t be the problem, this stuff is just cheap. Also the space with the motor shouldn’t be the problem, for another cassette. It makes the whole bike way more reliable.
    By the way, this bike seems like you get everywhere with it but be careful, it looks sturdy but the components don’t last very long when you tread it like that.

  39. Do you hunt bro?! Looks like you are riding in my archery spot in north Scottsdale… been thinking about getting an Ebike to make it easier to hunt in there since it is a hike/bike in spot….

  40. No this this thing will not replace an eclectic mountain bike! Not for proper technical trails. That was pretty much flat trails and standard hills you were riding there… Nothing technical or gnarly. That bike would choke in rough terrain especially up steep techs.

  41. Wait until you get the Bolton controller and color screen, mine is on the way, will be a panzer tank then.

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  43. Great review. Soooo my question to you is…Pick one bike Radrunner or the Radrover? and why?

  44. I saw the $50 off after I placed the order. will they give it to me retro? Haven’t gotten the 2 bikes yet.
    Jen Sweet

  45. After I watched this video I changed my mind regarding Rad Power bike

  46. If I got this with studded tires would this be a good winter bike in Alaska?

  47. Get mine next week!!

  48. Some nice work on the production

  49. I live in AZ! Where and what trail was this video filmed? Looks like an awesome place to ride my mountain bike!

  50. Please treat hikers with respect.

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