RadRunner E Bike Review – This Could Be The Best E Bike

RadRunner E Bike Review – This Could Be The Best E Bike

Today I wanted to bring out my new RadRunner. See what you think while I take it for a ride.
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Music: Gladsome – Vishmak & JayJen [Audio Library Release] shorturl.at/kFLOQ

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  1. After I watched this video I changed my mind regarding Rad Power bike

  2. music is too loud, the audio/talking is too low, need to invest a better mic that attach to your t-shirt

  3. Hi

  4. I’ve had mine for a while. Love it! I’m tiny and it was the only ebike at the time, that had an instep and I could ride easily. I wish the seat could tilt, and the kick stand is hard. I live in the Netherlands, trying to park in the tiny spaces is difficult. It’s a bigger bike so I totally understand, but the kickstand makes it much harder. I have to have clearance next to the bike to work the stand. Other than that, totally in love

  5. Your back brake caliper is rubbing.

  6. That hill climb was the dumbest demo that I’ve ever seen. LOL.

  7. Crappy sound for this video. Up, down, crappy techno music. Did you even proof view it?

  8. that reveal tho

  9. Can you upgrade this 2020 radrunner 1 with all this parts below?
    1. Stock fork to a full suspension fork
    2. lcd digital screen with usb port
    3. 7 speed cycle
    4. Hydraulic disc brakes

  10. Is there a way to increase the max speed from 20mph to 28mph like other ebikes?

  11. Loved your review of the bike. It’s the same one I’m looking at. I’m only 5’2" so I don’t think I’ll order the center console carrier. Perhaps I’ll get a basket. A suggestion would be to switch the volume on the music and your voice, make your voice louder. I’ve never put a bike together so I better make sure, there’s a bike shop that will do it. Happy trails!

  12. Thanks for putting this video out there. I just ordered the RadRunner1; and I am so stoked! Can’t wait for it to come in September. Since it isn’t coming for a while, I am going to wait on buying the accessories. I eventually want to get the passenger package, center storage unit, and front rack. Thanks again!

  13. Can you still install a rear rack when you have the longer seat? Or do they have side paniers?

  14. Not sure what they were thinking when they did the too small cup holder and too small phone holder 馃

  15. Can I ride the bike without pedaling ? Only with electric power ?

  16. Hi where does the passenger put their feet, thanks

  17. Jaquella Ferguson December 28, 2020 @ 10:14 pm

    Dang y鈥檃ll really going in on him about the sound and music! They ain鈥檛 out here making any videos though! Awesome job!

  18. You can just taking off the seats and install a real motorcycle seats on it ! I dont think this would be difficult, and also have a very huge selection of motorcycle seats or scooter seats on market ! So in this case you will be pleased by using everyday !!!

  19. You should re do this video without the double volume music, a major problem in seeing this video.

  20. You could take the seat post out and just slide the big seat up right?

  21. I thought it was one of the best video’s on this bike.

  22. I bought one a couple moths ago. Very nice. I鈥檓 near 6 Ft and 210. Pulls real nice and is pretty comfortable. Nice price too.

  23. Can you change the seat for a more comfortable one? Something like a beach cruiser seat.

  24. No shocks?

  25. Great Video but can you review Ariel Rider too.

  26. Despela Bycikel pryse Rest fetal

  27. Audio sucks dude.

  28. The link does not work. So frustrating

  29. 馃憢Get $50 Off Your Rad E-Bike Here :馃馃憠 https://bit.ly/2A5n50h 馃憟馃 and you will be supporting my channel thanks!馃憡

  30. how does it go up steep hills?

  31. Thank you for the nice review…..This is the bike I want to get my husband for Christmas. The only problem is he is a big guy. Do you think this bike can hold 280 6ft guy?

  32. Great bike. If you need audio tips…we can help!

  33. I would like to know if this model can go up a steep hill without pedalling…Demo that !

  34. mywave78 wellowoody December 28, 2020 @ 10:30 pm

    how tall are you? so i assume how it鈥檚 size to myself?

  35. Buddy needs to work on his hill finding skills.

  36. Great video. Took the plunge and bought the RadRunner with passenger package and fenders from Rad. Also bought after market rear view mirror mounted on end of handlebars. The best add on we bought was the EggRider 2 display. This clever device unlocks more power from the controller and connects to your phone for larger display and power delivery customisation. Ride Rad.

  37. Dude, fire your editor.

  38. You could be giving away a million dollars and I would not care because of the sound engineering.

  39. Brother do you think the lcd display is worth the upgraded?.. After an these upgrades i feel like the is the same price as the runner plus

  40. Im 6ft 4in how would this do for me?

  41. That package looks awesome, I’m in the UK, anyone know if Rad has a supplier in the United Kingdom?

  42. ! Look Nice, But, explain about accessories and price, please. Also, I know many peaple don麓t speak well English, for ej. Spanish and They need to know the information. Thank…

  43. 60lbs is very light for this kind of ebike

  44. Plastic fenders, $100, come on… They really nickel and dime you on the extras.

  45. LOSE the music please

  46. It’s odd that Europe can get a 250w version of this bike but Australia cant, we have basically the same evoke laws as EU

  47. This is the ugliest e-bike I have ever seen !!!!

  48. Will you do review of Ariel Rider X-Class too ?

  49. Steven M Kissinger December 28, 2020 @ 10:52 pm

    I am considering buying one is it worth the money? do you having any regrets on this bike ?

  50. Rich鈥檚 Pizza Party December 28, 2020 @ 10:53 pm

    Center console is great but it doesn鈥檛 lock which is a deal breaker.

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