Reevo : The Hubless E-Bike

Reevo : The Hubless E-Bike

Reevo –

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Style, security & safety for the modern urban cyclist.

Pure engineering excellence, secured with world-class triple-barrier security and built around a strong, lightweight core with a sleek stealth black finish.

Comes fully-equipped with a powerful electric drivetrain and superb safety features to make every ride safe and exceptional.

The most striking bike ever built is also the most secure bike ever built! It鈥檚 virtually theft proof, featuring a one-touch fingerprint sensor, and integrated, automatic lock and GPS tracking

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  1. Don’t get me wrong but he looks uncomfortable riding that bike for some reason

  2. You need my help? How may I be of service? 馃槈

  3. Niente ammortizzatori?

  4. Coolest e-bike to have in 2021!

  5. Scam

  6. H. E. Floyd III March 25, 2021 @ 11:57 pm


  7. Two questions for the "creators":
    1. Have you submitted a pre-production model for independent testing by one of the cycling magazines? (GCN, Velo News, Bicycling etc)
    2. If not? Why not?

  8. 1:01 I wouldn’t go that design…. I would have gone something more like MOTORCYCLE!?!? #Yugioh5Ds #Tron

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