RETRO E-BIKE RIDES LIKE A CAFE RACER! Michael Blast Greaser electric bike review

RETRO E-BIKE RIDES LIKE A CAFE RACER! Michael Blast Greaser electric bike review

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cool gear we use while riding:
Best 360 action cam:
Our all-time fav helmet:
Another great helmet:
Gloves for extreme rides:
SUPER bright bike light:
Absurdly bright handheld light:
External battery for MacBook and accessories:
Still our favorite navigation device:
Another dope navigation device:
EVERY electric bike needs this seat post suspension:
Electric bike pump (because lazy):
Our daily bag for the last 5 years:
Our daily use electric bike:
Our daily use electric scooter:
Our daily use electric skateboard:

cool gear we use while filming:
Main camera:
Second camera:
Our favorite shotgun mic:
Lens we use for EVERYTHING:
Epic (and CHEAP) b roll lens:
Main action cam:
Second action cam (best choice for audio):
Main drone:
Second drone:
The gimbal of buttery smoothness:
Dopest camera bag of all time:

Readers Comments (23)

  1. I could be wrong but looks like you’re in the Lincoln area? If so I would like to check it out in person sometime?

  2. Can you try to review the Hemiway Cruiser?. To see if it is a good value e bike.

  3. Are you gonna be reviewing the new super 73 lineup (s2, r, rx)?

  4. Never have i seen something so ugly in my life

  5. myy guy you are picking some good ebikes lateyl I think this is #2 that you hreviewed that i would actually ride. Apprecite ouy!

  6. I just love the white rims, and the light they put in the front, it just makes the whole design come together.

  7. Man that ain’t greaser at all. Look at all the comfort and safety features.

  8. Love the cool almost steampunk design, the leather pads on side of the tank is great, but for a premium product it has skipped some details or features

  9. This bike is as cool as the person reviewing it

  10. You know, mentioning that, it costs like an used motorcycle, but:
    -It doesn’t require a licence to drive
    -It doesn’t require to pay insurance
    -It’s eco-friendly
    -It’s cool as hell

    Guess I’m not gonna take my driving licence yet and I’m gonna buy this

  11. Nice bike and a great video.I really like the drone footage that you do on your videos you just kill it everytime.馃憤馃憤馃挴馃榿

  12. Love that bike and love the reviews. Keep them coming brosuf! The whitewalls are neat it looks like an old sports car.

  13. You nnever showed the healdligh by the way maybe you ca n show it at nnight?

  14. Hey Brent can you adjust the "stance" in such a way so the riding posture is more aggressive like a true bobber? Great review too! Love getting to see all the different toys on here.

  15. R眉diger Hasenpusch December 25, 2020 @ 10:41 pm

    What a beauty…I have the first edition in black with 500 Watt engine! Greetings from Germany!

  16. I am in love now

  17. Seems under-powered for a bike of that size and style so that it could better keep up with traffic in city riding. Would like to have seen 750-1kw motor and 52v battery at this price point.

  18. Tooooooo bad it looks top heavy

  19. Awesome review! Thanks!!!!
    Now i am about 6.6!
    I love this bike…. so my question is would i fit ?
    (Not able to go test it somewhere close by unfortunatly)

  20. the style is early 1900s Board tracker

  21. prettiestsumthin sweeet December 25, 2020 @ 10:50 pm

    Pleasepleasepleasepleseseplease tell me it comes in, pink to? Pretty bike annd Pretty review 馃挄馃槵馃憦馃徏

  22. Great review Brent! Old board-tracker fans will absolutely love this bike. It almost could replace a small capacity < 125cc motorcycle. The advantage of being able to ride it on cycle paths and parking it on the foot-path must be awesome. I just wish it had a stealthy type of "power boost" hidden somewhere for the occasional big top speed run and rapid acceleration, 80km/h ought to do the trick. 30kg in total weight makes it practical enough to pick up by hand and transport it in the back of truck without the use of a ramp. The whole package is very tempting if one has a bit of cash burning a hole in their pocket. There’s a colour for Indian or Harley Davidson fans just add a vintage sticker on the faux fuel tank, get some patina happening and I’m sure you’ll fool a few onlookers 馃榿

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