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  1. Hey, Micah. How to do you compare this with the Electric Scooter? In terms of the value proposition and use cases?

  2. I have a RadMini 2018 and certainly happy with it though an area of improvement would be running data. It looks as though this bikes meter is more sophisticated. I will be looking into off market meter compatible with my bike. Definitely an upgrade after warranty expires.

  3. A Rad or Juiced e-bike has a 750w motor. More than double the power of this 350W motor. It seems to me that GenZe is underpowered for the price. They need to start putting 750W motors on their bikes to compete with RAD and Juiced.

  4. A relatively comfortable electric bike☞☞>Һ that feels well suited for shorter treks through the city . A durable, streamlined, electric bicycle with an excellent quality and service. I’ve rode this bike every day since i bought it and really love it. No damage. Assembly was simple. Documentation and youtube instruction help a lot while screwing it together; brakes and derailers were even adjusted properly right out of the box. Rides quite smooth. I have used some electric scooters and bikes, but the battery range on this one is very impressive. The lightest, quietest, and most efficient 250w motors, its very powerful, great!

  5. These are garbage ! I work for JP Motorsports and Marine in Chula Vista, CA. I was doing a demo on one and the controller went bad and I had to do a warranty claim and it took forever. The Genze support sucks. The cost like $2200 lol

  6. Dfusion631 dfusion631 December 12, 2020 @ 10:30 pm

    Hi Is this E-bike available in the U.k

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