Review of the 1-up Super Duty ebike carrier

Review of the 1-up Super Duty ebike carrier

Electric bikes weigh a lot more than other fat tire bikes so you need the right carrier. This is the one I use and I feel it offers the best features for ebikes. Really sturdy and safe. It doesn’t wobble at all and it’s very difficult to steal.

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  1. Hi Sir. I just ordered a Bakcou mule and I was wondering will it fit on this carrier as I see you now run a Bakcou. Thanks

  2. Not sure but Rambos don’t fit in it ar all
    Sending mine back

  3. So anyone with that allen wrench can steal your bike and bike rack? LOL

  4. Can you lower the tail gate completely with the rack angle in the down position?

  5. That looks like the equip D model rather than their super duty model. They recommended the super duty model to me over the equip D as it is even more heavy duty for e bikes and handles even more weight??

  6. Love the 1 UP products, as I own one. You’re a little late hiding your license number. I wondered why you didn’t hide it at the start of your video, ha ha.

  7. The rack you showed was interesting. What you did not show was placing the heavy bike onto the rack.

  8. I’ve been looking and reading reviews all over the net for a while now. This is perfect! I’m looking for a rack for my Rambo hunting rig. I didn’t trust other racks they don’t look as strudy as this one. I was also worried about my rear rack and fenders fitting with others this one looks like it will do great. Thanks

  9. Khemitha Moonesinghe April 26, 2021 @ 12:55 am

    Do you know if the sondors x will fit on this bike by chance. Thanks

  10. Strong rack by design, but not very ergonomic for my mother-in-law. No way that she could ever lift an ebike onto that mount. In fact, I doubt that someone with a bad back could do it. But I admit that rack is good for a strong, tough guy like you who could lift their ebike with a single finger.

  11. That’s great, but Did you "LIFT" your bike onto the carrier? I need a ramp, my ebike to heavy to Lift.

  12. If I owned that truck I would just lie my bike on the deck . Isn’t that what trucks are for?

  13. I own a lot of expensive bike racks over the years and this one by far the best built and look of them all; and the price is comparable or even less. I also use it for securing electric fat kibe with full fenders. One thing I regret is that I did not buy TWO wheel locks at the time of order. I ordered one and wished I had two. The lock is locking the swing arm to the wheel for good. Made in USA, well built, well engineering, easy to use, fold easy for storage.

  14. You got warrants out for your arrest too! Good idea covering up license plate

  15. David kowalewski April 26, 2021 @ 1:03 am

    I would get the electric bike that folds. 1000 watt + Fat Tires + Heavy Duty Shocks!

  16. Nice to see the review of the Super Duty rack.

    I have the regular 1Up USA Quik rack for 1 bike (1.25in hitch receiver) which I purchased in 2015, and I use it to carry my ebike. I remove my bike’s battery, which weighs just under 6 lbs and the bike is then about 51 or 52 lbs (close enough to that 50lb rating). Because I’m not very strong, I lift up my ebike front first and get the front wheel into the tray, then pivot and lift the back end. If this rack came with a ramp that would be great, but since it doesn’t I have to improvise.

  17. Old Man Fat Bike April 26, 2021 @ 1:09 am

    Cool rack for the Fatty! That thing is awesome, thanks for the review!! Ride On Man 🙂

  18. Fat joe show me how you lift that heavy bike 🚲 onto that cool 😎 rack of yours just show me with out busting a gut.

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