Review of the Carrera Vengeance E Men’s Bike

Review of the Carrera Vengeance E Men’s Bike

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Review of the Carrera Vengeance E men’s electric bike from Halfords
18” Frame

With Accessories

Topeak TourGuide Handlebar Bike Bag

Halfords Essential DiscBreak Pannier Rack

Ridge Pannier Set

Readers Comments (50)

  1. Well done Andrew a good video. Very informative.

  2. Perfect review, thanks everything I needed to know was covered

  3. Just 2 questions:
    If you’re pedalling above above 15.5mph (ebike speed limit) does the motor cut?
    And how does it cope with the constant rain in the UK? – hopefully all the electrics are adequately sealed against heavy rain.

    GREAT review, I’m seriously thinking about getting one after watching this.

  4. Whats the top speed on it

  5. TheKnight OfDoom January 14, 2021 @ 11:00 pm

    700 quid they are 1099 now can’t get one with my cycle to work scheme 🙁 (Max 1000) grrrrr.

  6. What’s the top speed in mph

  7. Anthony Mckernan January 14, 2021 @ 11:08 pm

    Great video keep up the good work

  8. Great review 👏

  9. Good review after this I’ve made my order 😊 was a lot more then 950 😔

  10. best review ever, NICE one Andrew

  11. I’ve had a Carrera Vulcan for 2 years now,I wonder have they fixed the LCD problem yet,on the Vulcan the LCD is removable,great for stopping someone steal it but in damp weather or even going over a bump can turn off, also me and another guy have had problems with the back break ,it goes soft to engage and less powerful this seems to be a recuring problem with other Carrera bikes..otherwise its fine if a little slow.

  12. Do you have a stand for it?

  13. Lots of great info, thanks for the upload 🙂

  14. Great review! Shared to "eBike Smile eMTB Community" fb group.

  15. Spot on review goin for an iron bru now and orderin this bad boy cheers Andrew

  16. Buy a moped

  17. stephen mcginley January 14, 2021 @ 11:22 pm

    Great video. I’m buying one this week. Cheers!

  18. Best review of this bike I’ve seen. Cheers man 👍

  19. Great straight forward honest review thanks mate very informative 👍🏻

  20. a scotsman like myself i have to ask the scottish weather is a nightmare for cyclists and motorbikes my experience having used both. But how does the bike survive the scottish weather and heavy rain do you wrap it in bin liners or just get the bus.
    Thats my biggest fear with ebikes being stranded with 26kg of a dead bike and a walk home with the battery pack.

  21. lyndon paul baird January 14, 2021 @ 11:27 pm

    Why has the price gone up i hear it was under 1000 in 2019 now it is 1100

  22. Excellent video Andrew thanks…

  23. I took a punt on this Bike as i was looking to get Ebike. Due to the situation we are in at the moment. I took leap and got it to pass time and excessive. Only had it a week and love it your review was spot on.

  24. What’s the same bike like now?

  25. does it lock up when the battery runs out? can you pedal it once the battery runs out im saying.thanks

  26. Yes i am searching for that bike

  27. Hi Andrew, fab video I’m toying with the idea of an e bike. This looks the part. Does the battery come off the bike to charge?
    Is the bike still quite easy to manoeuvre with the extra weight?
    Has your fitness improved?

  28. what to heck did he say ?

  29. How hard is it to ride without battery back up? Is it heavy?

  30. I got the Carrera Vengeance Electric Bike..with x5 prong charger and a prong came out, so couldn’t charge my bike.It was still under guarantee, so I then discovered at Halfords that they dont produce this charger anymore at all.(this was June 2019.)It’s now December 2019 and they’ve eventually told me they can order a charger which will work on my battery, as long as I take off bike to charge.I said OK and still waiting as saying none in stock due to Covid.(been to shop and onto customer services multiple times to get this far and still waiting.)If anyone knows wher I can a charger for my bike ,please 🙏 put a message to my e-mail.. much appreciated if anyone can help.

  31. Hi could you tell me what the dimensions of this bike are please? Can’t seem to find

  32. Am I right in thinking that there is no throttle??

  33. the new carrera e bike has a new charger Andrew i just got my new vengance e bike have not rode a bike in about 45 years whats the best gears to use

  34. Love the video. I ordered mine online today and I cant wait!!

  35. Can it be de restricted

  36. Do you think the 18" frame is small?

  37. This is a no nonsense honest review. I wish we had more like this on the tube.

  38. Hi Andrew Firstly many thanks for your great review and because of this I bought this bike six weeks ago and I absolutely love it.

  39. I commented earlier about Halfords not making the 5 prong charger anymore for carrera vengeance electric bike.I meant the 3 prong one.My mistake,sorry guys.I’d really appreciate if anyone has one they dont use now, to contact me on my e-mail.. I will pay and collect.I have car.I’m in North East, but will travel, as desperate for one thanks.

  40. It’s 1100 quid as of today. I want one but to know it was 200 to 300 cheaper a year or two ago is a kick in the teeth

  41. I’ve just bought one. Occasionally it shows 95 for a moment where the speed is usually indicated. I haven’t managed to find out why.

  42. we got exactly the same bike(mine is 20 inch frame but it came with a different charger(bigger and wider connected to the terminal same as the one fixed to the bike frame), i change the brake to shimano mt200 hydraulic disc brake, tyres to continental fighter 2, pedal to rockbros, got same rack like urs aswell from halfords, love the bike, im thinking to buy 2 folding ebike carrera for me and my wife to do european tour next year

  43. Good review

  44. Hi great ebike just got one as of 15/5/2020
    No problem with battery as they have changed the charger connection so no worries. Update on my bike. problem with gear indicator being stuck .halfords shocking customer service .repair as quoted by halfords bike guy = we refitted a clip to the shifter and give the bike a good shake it seems ok .his words, very technical could not make it up. Loved the bike up to that point.

  45. Nice one Andrew. I can now buy with confidence.

  46. Thanks. Nice review. I’m getting one.

  47. Thanks Andrew, just taken posession of this. Love it! Do you know what the USB port is for on side of the Power Control? Noticed it yesterday. Can’t seem to find an answer anywhere. Thank you.

  48. Theres a new charger lead now same as connecting on bike

  49. I got this bike last August I also think its a great bike and use it to get to and from work and then also bike rides. I agree with you on the charger its pants. Mine broke on the 3 pins I think they’ve had people highlighting this issue but they are going to replace my charger 👍

  50. Great review mate is it still going strong cos I’m thinking of getting one

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