Ribble AL e electric Gravel bike Review

Ribble AL e electric Gravel bike Review

A Ribble e bike that doesn’t look like an electric bike. Get fit, get assistance and look good.
Please note that this is an independent review with no input from Ribble, and the bike was paid for in full. Ribble can be found at https://www.ribblecycles.co.uk

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  1. Hi Roy, great review thanks as it is the e-bike I am looking at. As a 60 year old post COVID-19 patient who was on a ventilator in March 2020 I think I need a little help!
    I am looking for a daily commute bike, 12 miles each way but with a long hard hill to climb both directions. Currently only able to climb at 6mph in bottom gear! However, I like to push on the flat and maintain a reasonable speed.
    I was also looking at the Boardman e bike with the full back up of the Halfords network.
    I am wondering about service options as I live in Dorset.
    Any good pointers for me?

  2. Hi Roy great video, nice to see an honest review of what’s looks like a great bike.
    Do you feel any kind of additional resistance from the motor when it is not assisting you? I’d be interested to know whether you felt it would be more difficult to maintain speeds over 15mph compared to a non ebike weighing the same amount?

  3. Great review by the way. I test road the Cairn with fatzu system but found the bike a little heavy. Keen on the ribble but quite a trek to get to the store to size one. Most of my bikes have been small as I am 5.8 30 inseam. Im 65 so find I need a little assistance now.

  4. Hi Roy great review. Am currently looking at this bike and liked to hear your tyre choice. Just to clarify, the motor only kicks in under 15 mph if it feels you pressure the system or how does it know to assist? am waiting for partial knee replacement and have too many bikes that sit and look at me, currently selling them to finance this move. any downside to the Ribble? a friend has had a gran condo for years and swears by it! Greta channel.

  5. Hi Roy, I’m coming up to 1000 miles on my CGR, very pleased with it. Just one question: I’ve noticed that a blue light sometimes comes on and I can’t then scroll up the power range. On a couple of occasions I’ve come to a dead stop on a hill and had to go back down to go back through the power settings. Any suggestions? All the best, Simon.

  6. Very practical and helpful review.

  7. Great thorough review. I am really torn between the Ribble Endurance and CGR. Am yet to get a bike fitting from Ribble but I’m coming from riding a hybrid, so which would you say would be a better bike with a more relaxed riding position? Thanks

  8. I’m looking at purchasing the hybrid ebike as it seems better for casual use as well as weekend trips. I worried the racer bike handles won’t be comfortable for a newbie like me. However I’m tempted with the gravel option. Which would you recommend?

  9. Fantastic video. Thanks very much for that.

  10. Roy!!! – why don’t you and your bike come for a visit in Slovenia one day. I am dane living in the most beautiful scenery near Ljubljana. I call it Pogacar wonderland. (he grew up in this region) And – I am gonna buy a Riddle after your review. thanks

  11. Hi Roy. Great video. Thinking about touring & overnight stays & assuming I don’t have the Extender, exactly how close to a mains socket (13amp, I a guess) do I have to store my bike? In other words, how long is the charging cable?

  12. Well Roy took the plunge last night and ordered a new Ribble Al e in the same colour, spec and tyres: only difference is I went for red handlebar tape. When it arrives I will sell my old giant and swap seats over. Thanks for all your advice, think Ribble should be sending you a nice Christmas box!!! Roll on the end of January!!

  13. Thank you for an excellent review. I’m contemplating an E road bike. My Giant Stance E MTB is amazing but I miss the road riding. I ride at my at my own pace, but there is a thrill of going quickly. I’m really convinced about the bike up the hills but what about pushing harder on the flat ? I appreciate it’s not as quick as a standard road bike, but how hard is it to travel at 15-20 mph ? I think beyond the EU the motor has a higher ‘cut out’ speed. Appreciate your thoughts. Thank you.

  14. Great review – many thanks

  15. Hi Roy, thanks for road-testing the Ribble Ebike – I also have one! 🚴🏻‍♂️
    Yes, What your reporting – is exactly as I have! 😃

  16. Hi Roy, great to see a ALe review – had a ribble road bike for years but ordered the CGR ALe in red in June, still awaiting delivery (October!) but looking forward to getting out and about on it. I do well on most road riding but wanted something to go further easily (with some tracks not just road) and also use as a c2w bike (orders on c2w scheme). I struggle not to put in 100% effort whenever on the road bike and wear myself out easily on longer 30-50mile rides as a result, but getting to the office (5 miles) I’d love to not make myself a sweaty mess. How are you finding it on short trips? Easy to accept the pedal assist for a quick short ride without pushing hard and still getting somewhere ok?

  17. Hi Roy love your channel and videos. I’m pretty new to cycling in my 60’s with mild COPD, at the moment I ride a trekking bike with a Bosch mid drive motor. So my question for you young man would I find that the motor in the Ribble be under powered to what I have now, Thanks David

  18. Hi Roy
    Great review.I have a bike almost exactly like yours except I went for the Sram single.I also recognise some of the route you show on the video as I live just south of Grantham

  19. Roy, you have sold this bike to me! You covered everything I needed to know about. We are the same height and I was puzzled about the size of bike I would need. I ride in the Peak District, mainly off the road, and age (61 years) is taking its toll. Many thanks!

  20. Hi Roy. Just found your channel and have subscribed. Really looking forward to watching your videos. I am seriously considering buying this bike sometime in the future, as the climbs are starting to get harder and harder, simply down to my age. Thanks for a very comprehensive review of this model and nice to know it is impartial. Regarding the battery, do you have to wait for it to completely discharge before going through the recharge phase ? I believe they are good for about 500 charges before performance starts to deteriorate rapidly ? Cheers Wideye.

  21. Safer riding…. Filming yourself while cycling. Der!

  22. Ian Batchelor-Williams December 24, 2020 @ 10:27 pm

    Hi Roy, very helpful review. I’m currently considering buying a Ribble Ribble Endurance SL-e in the next couple of days.

  23. One of the best bike videos I’ve ever seen. Thank you.

  24. I’m 5’9 and thats between two sizes medium and small. I wont be growing any more which one would I choose?

  25. Hello Roy, my wife and I are thinking about taking a road/bike trip from Colorado to New Mexico (~800 km) and to LA (~1500 km). We love your video and the bike and are considering getting one. I am wondering if it’s possible to add additional cargo racks to the bike? Second, would you recommend the bike for long distance riding?

  26. The Trail Trawler December 24, 2020 @ 10:32 pm

    Great video thanks

  27. Hi Roy, Great video, Many thanks. How easy is it to take the rear wheel out/back in, should you get a puncture?

  28. Fantastic – I’d done loads of research and was about to pull the trigger but this video seals the deal, excellent summary – thanks very much!!

  29. Thanks for this review Roy. I’m struggling to find the weight of this spec bike on their site – could you share what yours weighs please? Also, do you know if it is possible to remove the speed limit with the X35 system?

  30. I do like Ribble – need more kudos than they probably get, bit like my next favourite – Merida.

  31. Hi Roy thanks for the review have ordered bike Ribble will let you know how it goes back to cycling after accident ten years ago hopefully this bike will take the pressure off my back roll on the spring cheers take care

  32. Great review Roy and very informative. Was just wondering will you do one with all your gear on and give us a good tour around it. When they bike is in neutral does it feel like an ordinary bike, no drag? Thanks and keep them coming!!!

  33. Excellent revue Roy, thank you very much. As a result my pal and I have ordered gravel bikes from Ribble. I would be very interested to hear what equipment you use, pump, saddle bag, tools and lights. You clearly have a great deal of experience and will have sorted out your equipment very well ! Have you had any issues with the app, many of the reviews on the Ribble site complain that it is not reliable? Again many thanks your time and effort which is greatly appreciated. Regards, Rod.

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