Ride Scoozi VeeGo 750 eBike Review – Fat Tire, Step-Thru Electric Bike

Ride Scoozi VeeGo 750 eBike Review – Fat Tire, Step-Thru Electric Bike

I’ll cut to the chase and tell you this bike is like a wolf in sheep’s clothing as it may look tame, but it’s a beast! During my testing period I was able to exceed 27 MPH and that’s using the stock settings. Also, it’s one of the more comfortable bikes I’ve ridden to date.

More details are available online at https://www.gadgetguru.com/ebikes/

Aftermarket accessories shown on the Surface 604 Rook:

Schwinn Quilted Wide Cruiser Saddle: https://amzn.to/2Npyvh7

Bike Rack Bag: https://amzn.to/2Npyvh7

Handlebar Phone Mount: https://amzn.to/2tUBKVT

Bell Bike Helmet: https://amzn.to/2u8Txbf

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  1. 30

  2. I really wish to have this bike.

  3. Would you like to review our ebike?

  4. Just purchased a yellow folding model of this bike thanks to Andy and his great review here. The bike traveled across country to southern California and arrived in perfect condition. I was amazed to see the packing box in excellent condition. This company does a GREAT job of packing bikes for shipment. So far I love the bike. It’s everything the company website claims and more. I also found Ride Scoozy to be excellent to work with. They are prompt to answer your emails and questions. With hundreds of electric bikes on the market today this company stands out as an excellent e-commerce company to work with and buy from.

  5. hi. I live in Rome, Italy. famous for spaghetti, the Vatican and….HOLES IN THE CONCRETE! so my interest has somewhat narrowed down to fat. then I will need to take the bus or subway and so I narrowed down to foldables. then I decided to take my 4 yo daughter to school and I realized I was stuck. apparently everybody suggests not to carry a child on a foldable. but the Veego has a high and sturdy rear rack, so it looked perfect. THEN I found the iGO foldable fat. exact frame of the Veego. So I am wondering, what is really going on in the market right now? Do these sellers buy cheap frames from China and set them up with components? Bafang motors like the ones on the Veego and iGO sell for no more than 300/400 $. So are we really saying the rest of the components are worth 120071400$??? NO WAY. help me out here. thanks.

  6. There are hundreds of reviews of the Lectric XP, barely none of these, what’s up with that?

  7. Bicycles so poorly designed would need to be electrical otherwise they would be too uncomfortable to ride.

  8. How tall is this guy ?

  9. Bob_at WestMI_FL_US January 5, 2021 @ 10:37 pm

    I really love the look and what you have said about the Veego. I would like to purchase 2 or these.

    I do have some worries with support if I need to fix or get a part after the purchase. The Veego web site doesn’t show much for parts support,which leaves me wondering on support after purchase. I have contacted Jason through the form, and he has been responsive. I am kicking it back and forth between Veego and Rad.

    Guru , just another one of your fantastic videos.


  11. 750w is weak for a man

  12. World Wide Images January 5, 2021 @ 10:45 pm

    Just purchased one and it鈥檚 fantastic! Thank you for the video.

  13. This has been very helpful and informative in making my decision.. purchase order in. Thanks

  14. It appears that your bike has mechanical , not hydraulic brakes

  15. Very interesting and entertaining. Thank you.

  16. Great information all round I really think馃Iam convinced …..I live in Australia and I wonder would the speed requirements be different 馃馃

  17. To be fair, comparing this bike to the RadMini is a bit unfair. Folding bikes inherently are a structurally more unstable ride. Now comparing this to the Rad Step-Thru or the Rad Rover and you’d have a good argument. (Which I admit, for the 2018 models the Veego still seems to clearly be the superior bike. The new 2019 rad bikes announced look like they’re following in veegos’ steps and are making them better)

    However if you compare the Veego folding bike variants you’ll notice they use a lower watt motor, either as a cost saving or safety issue. And overall don’t beat the RadMini aside from the integrated back light and mudguards.

    Still, This Veego 750 is the superior fat tire ebike at this price point.

  18. What’s the voltage of them? Thanks

  19. Just wished it was a folding bike. I’m looking to purchase 2 but must be folders.

  20. I have to say…that thing doesn’t look comfortable at all. "Comfort bikes" are good for a mile or two but more than that, forget it. They are made for old people going once around the block. The upright seating certainly does not lend itself to much more. For riding on the motor?…better…pedaling?..forget it.

  21. Another great review!

  22. guru the veego is leess money on amazon is the rad mini worth the extra money?or which of the two do u prefer?

  23. Great review, as well as your earlier unboxing video. They both played a big part in my deciding, earlier this evening, to order one of these bikes. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  24. Veego 750 or Rad mini 2019?

  25. Fenders are too small to properly protect you from splashes and mud.

  26. World Wide Images January 5, 2021 @ 11:03 pm

    Great video! Can you do a video how to fix a flat tire on the rear wheel? Thanks

  27. change those tires to orgin 8 supercell, you will see a difference

  28. Great video, very informative. One thing I was not sure I understood. Did the Veego 750 have hydraulic brakes or were you stating that the Mechanical brakes were adequate?

  29. How much rupees

  30. These haven’t been in stock for many weeks via RideScoozy nor Amazon. Jason claims that new stock will arrive sometime in September. Am not sure if the new ones will be so favorably received as the earlier ones. Am also unsure of the factory support as they are such a small reseller. Am holding off purchasing until I get more information.

  31. OK GREAT..
    NOW …Where IS the Auxiliary Battery Connection located on this bike?

  32. So far I am very happy with this purchase馃毑>share4.photo/FatTireBike?袡87 Bike handles well, gear shift is smooth and power is great. You get 15m/h in low setting 20m/h in mid and 25m/h in high. It does well on the hills but a bit of peddling also helps. Bike folds for easy storage and the only drawback is the weight of the bike. Also, I am 6.1 and I needed to add a longer seat post for good fit and also added a light and speedometer as bike does not come with one. All in all great bike and LOTS of FUN!!!

  33. Full fenders are available as an option. The ones that come with it look a bit inadequate.

  34. I have a 1000w step through ebike. Love it. Step through helps in a crash to escape last minute. Get bright colors, helps to get more visible in urban commuting. A lot of distracted drivers out there. Fat tires make it more stable in any terrain, looks better too. Throttle helps to initiate acceleration on traffic stops. Ideal for older 40 plus people but also for young moneyed adults.

  35. Very helpful review on the Veego. Planning on getting one for the wife. I just wonder if the battery is compatible or switchable with the 2017 Rad Mini that I currently own. Please advise. Thanks in advance.

  36. Thanks for the nice review. I’d been doing some research on the RadMini recently and coincidentally came across a VeeGo 750 at the grocery the other day. I of course did a search on it as soon as I got home and came across your video. After having it for awhile, do you still prefer the VeeGo 750 to the RadMini? I believe you thought it was more powerful as well? Thanks

  37. Go back to your un-boxing video – YOU did the damage at around 3:05 – slid the bike out and did the damage. I have one on order – cannot wait!

  38. As of 7/17/19 their web site says three different prices for the fold-able fat tire bike ($1499, $1599, & $1799). I called, and after three days, finally got ahold of someone. She said she could not honor the lower price. They also do not give Veterans a discount like Rad Bikes and others. I write this to tell you, you can do much better elsewhere. Here is one example of a step through with much better components and roughly the same price and if you are a Veteran you can get a discount. https://electricbikeshoponline.com/products/bagibike-b10-folding-fat-tire-low-step-electric-bicycle-2018

  39. lol! wow! he sure was fast on that bike! it looks awesome. one thing i wonder…since it’s a shorter wheelbase, do you feel a little scrunched in the legs or torso while riding?

  40. Great consumer/user review! You answered many questions I had. Well narrated and good video photography. Thanks!

  41. I wanted to buy the veego 750, it says there is a 275lb weight limit, that bike repair guy looks heavier than 275lbs. Im 6’2 320lbs, any chance it will hold my weight?

  42. Thanks for your great review!
    I was wondering why your VeeGo 750 fenders are shorter and look intentionally cut (bobbed) vs the longer fender pictures on the Ride Scoozy web site?

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  44. You are a very patient man,love to work with you.馃榿馃榿馃榿

  45. I would have liked your video if gave a link to where I buy it

  46. I just got a bagi B20 bike i love it im still getting used to it I’m still learning the gears it’s not a fast electric bike I get it up to about 20 to 21 miles per hour on a battery charge I get up to about 30 miles cost tax and chain lock and back basket $2,040

  47. Well Great Job on researching these. Now I want both but can only afford one. I spent many hours researching myself and these seems to be the best for their price points.

  48. I’m in Florida 407 area code Who is your mobile bike guy give me his number

  49. FOLKS, be SAFE: use BLUE LOCTITE ON assembling pedals to your bike ALWAYS. Too many "home" bike builders have their pedals come loose which is seriously dangerous.

    ALSO, STOP charging it when the battery is barely reduced. As long as you have a comfortable margin for your next ride, your battery will last much longer not always being topped off. To the same point, don’t fully discharge it also. But the shorter distance that seniors ride like you, you should likely be taking multiple rides before charging.

  50. BigKevin No/Bull January 5, 2021 @ 11:28 pm

    Hello my new friend I just sub to you 馃毚I am overweight I am looking for bicycle to support my weight I’m looking for a heavy duty electric bicycle馃毚

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