R&M 2020 Nevo Review & Ride Test

R&M 2020 Nevo Review & Ride Test

Detailed review and ride test of the 2020 Nevo step-thru Bosch powered eBike made in Germany by Riese & Muller. For detailed specs, current pricing in Canada, or to order on-line with free shipping in Canada, visit http://citruscycles.ca/catalogsearch/result/?q=nevo Located in Ladysmith, BC on Vancouver Island, Citrus Cycles specializes in eBikes. We offer pedal assist electric bike tours, rentals and sales and offer expert advice and service to help you choose the best eBike for your needs. Call or e-mail us today to try one of our eBikes here on Vancouver Island.

Readers Comments (11)

  1. Great review. It really shows that you care for your customers and the bikes you are selling. If I didn’t live in Europe I would definitely buy a bike from you.

  2. what is the average action radius with a battery of 500 wh

  3. Great video…thorough and very professional. Helpful and fun to watch. Thank you!

  4. Great Nevo-show – thank you! Question; will the Kiox Display be available for the Nevo?

  5. Great job with this and all of your other reviews. I personally feel that your reviews are the best out there. Your reviews do a more than adequate job of highlighting the bikes technical specifications and features, but what puts your reviews above all the others is your on the bike segments. Because you can have the best specs but it all comes down to the ride. I’ve been an avid road cyclist for decades and have ridden some pretty high end models from Trek, Cervelo, and Specialized. But now I’ve got some mobility issues as a result of a 3-level lower lumber spinal fusion and the Nevo GT/GX looks like the bike that’ll keep me pedaling through my 70’s and into my 80’s!!! Too bad you’re 2,700 miles away from my home in Pittsburgh,PA. as I’d love to give you my business and to just hangout in your shop and talk bikes. Again great job and I wish you all the success in the world

  6. I was looking at this bicycle today in Scotland. Your video helped me immensely. I now plan to purchase one. Only dilemma is which colour lol. Many thanks. Billy

  7. Fantastic Video …. just looking to get a Nevo and Supercharger 2 here in UK. So detailed telling you everything you could possible need to know. Saved me hours of research and made me pull the trigger on Riese & Müller being the bikes for me. Thank you.

  8. Great Review! I’m thinking of buying a Nevo GH Vario. From experience, can it handle 100 km with a single battery on Eco mode with mostly flat roads (1-2 short climbs of 20% on the way)? It’s kinda important to me as i would be often going to a town 53 km away and back.

  9. in my opinion by far the best review I watched, and with passion, which I often miss with other reviewers
    This video helped me greatly to order a Nevo 3 GT Vario in Belgium, thanks a lot

  10. Can a bike trailer be added to the rear axle?

  11. birdzillabirdypiep December 10, 2020 @ 10:05 pm

    I’m from Germany and can watch German videos about the German bike, but your video is simply great. Very sympathetic, very competent and incredibly detailed. Thank you very much!

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