ROKiT – Who are they??

ROKiT – Who are they??

ROKiT announced themselves to the world at the beginning of this year with their lead sponsorship of the Williams F1 Team. But, what do they even do?! There’s much more to this company than meets the eye, so join me in discovering what they’re all about!

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Readers Comments (50)

  1. Dejoria sponsored his daughter drag racing car

  2. Ok no way I’m buying that phone lol

  3. tommo if you didn’t know patorn tequila had or sponsored a race team that did wec and the American le mans eris

  4. John Paul’s daughter owns her own top fuel funny car team that she drives

  5. I din’t realize it was the hair cut guy from the 80’s!

  6. Idk some phone makers that only made 2 phones

  7. The Life insurance is good for people, that always look on their Rokit Phones while driving👍

  8. I’ve heard about rokit before they were even a sponsor

  9. Man there’s a lot of F1 sponsors that seem very fishy. A lot of billionaire ego projects. Looks kinda cheap imo.

  10. Well they rokit off the Williams

  11. I find their livery so nice

  12. So are we getting a Rok Energy drink test

  13. You want to see the offer they’ve got going on now. Pay £99 for the phone then £9.99 a month for 11 months… if you want. Keep the phone, pay a tenner a month voluntarily. Who’s going to do that?

  14. Bit of an ironic sponsor considering how the car wasn’t a ROKiT.

  15. How do you get a baby to sleep? You ROKiT gently to sleep

  16. They do a nitro funny car in the states as well

  17. I suppose the iT in ROKiT is an acronym for Information Technology?

  18. Time for you to come up with a new livery Tommo… Williams will have a new livery before Austria

  19. Rokit are losers nu ze reclame maken met digitale races, laten ze het bij williams afweten, de losers thumbs down

  20. Oliver Vennick Sørensen November 29, 2020 @ 8:28 pm

    He gets a lot of money from Paul Mitchell

  21. Who’s here after rokit terminated the sponsor contract

  22. To me they don’t seem that weird. Yamaha makes engines and motorbikes but also makes keyboards and pianos. Rokit makes phones but also provide insurance. Unilever own loads of random different brands and products. Rokit own loads of random different brands and products. How different is that to Yamaha and Unilever?

  23. Hey Tommo did you here that Rokit and Williams are separating at the end of the year instead of 2023.

  24. you are a weird guy

  25. How does ROKiT have the money to sponsor everyone(F1, NBA, NFL, tennis), yet their products are seemingly absolute dogshit? just messes with my brain

  26. ROK Stars has 10 potential mega brands?

    *Cloverfield flashback intensifies*

  27. Youthful Perfumer November 29, 2020 @ 8:39 pm

    Rokit Venturi Racing in Formula E too.

  28. Rheyvien Jave Villanueva November 29, 2020 @ 8:40 pm

    Who’s here after ROKit will become mercedes’ sponsors this year

  29. Energy drinks are the new tobacco companies

  30. Team Rokit, blasting off agaaaaaaaaaiiiiin.

  31. Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand November 29, 2020 @ 8:41 pm

    Rokit have also sponsored a dragster in the NHRA

  32. i like how all your videos have the same pink thumbnail – makes it really easy to find your content

  33. His 3rd video and he was already using that nice background music to start the video

  34. You forgot John Paul Dejoria’s daughter Alexis and her drag racing career that JPDJ has slapped his companies on her car over the years, when she started her NHRA funny car career, Patron was on the car, then she stepped away for a little bit and came back with RoKit on the car, although the Dejoria’s can honestly do whatever they want, I mean what other cell phone company is giving free life insurance, hell, my provider charges me for insurance on my phone itself

  35. Maybe it is meant ROK IT or so then…

  36. This video is now a complete waste 😂

  37. I use a Rokit phone and it’s a quality phone. No complaints here

  38. "Bum licking hass now" – Tommo 2020 😂

  39. Well that lasted

  40. Andddd they’re gone

  41. I bought a ROKiT phone because Coronavirus. Need that life insurance.

  42. So its an insurance company selling phones?

  43. They also sponsor the houston rockets

  44. Answer, not Williams’ sponsor

  45. I first thought ROKiT was a bit of a joke company, but then I realised in order to have the money to sponsor an F1 team the company cannot be a joke… and then you tell me they sponsor an NFL and NBA team and other world-class sportspeople…
    yet the entire ROKiT company sells the most awkward and weird products and their flagship product is a shitty smartphone. like what? no way the smartphones are making them that much money to have sponsorships in F1, NBA, NFL and tennis… or is it just those 2 billionaires having fun lmao

  46. Who’s here again after Williams terminated their sponsorship with them?

  47. signed till 2023

    well…. about that 😅😂

  48. KYLEKICK POWER BUZZTKO November 29, 2020 @ 9:02 pm

    They’re on Houston Rockets Jerseys

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