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  1. always fun to see these old mutts in action. if your guys stamp is MB then it’s more then likely one made by Martin Bascaran under the brand name Martin, and was one of the contractors that had a direct contract with the French rather then one through Gabilondo y Urresti. one thing I have found that can alleviate some feeding problem with Ruby’s is to switch to a European made 32acp. I’ve found that US 32acp’s bullet is slightly longer then it’s European counterpart preventing, the slide from fully closing by just a hair.

  2. Артур Свешников November 25, 2020 @ 7:28 pm

    На русский язык было бы здорово перевести.

  3. Le Feu aux Poudres November 25, 2020 @ 7:29 pm

    ah ah the french music at the end 🙂 Nice video btw, and nice shooting ! I subscribe

  4. Had six of them, well build, maybe some gun company, can make one, in that design, and polymer frame and steel side, in 380 cal

  5. I got one of those as well. Very well made. Heavy for a 32acp

  6. ROBERT E FOUGERAY November 25, 2020 @ 7:35 pm

    I have this gun, inherited from my father from the second world war. He was said to have taken it from a dead German soldier when he fought under General Patton in The Battle of The Bulge. How much is it worth today? That’s the question.


  8. I have this gun

  9. Actually, Spain may have went fascist and sided with hitler but even then, Francisco Franco was a smart fascist ruler and did not associate with Hitler’s bizzare ethno-politics. He kept nuetrality throughout world war two, same with Portugal.

  10. Yeeeeah have the same from my grandfather he has killed many australians english and new zealand soldiers in ww1

  11. You guys are a great channel, however you really need to pump out more videos if you want to make YouTube worth your while.

  12. thank you for the great video.the martian was made by martin bascaran, thus the mb on the pistol and mag.

  13. Have a couple of questions where can I find magazines for this pistol? And also a replacement for the back sights ? Thank you

  14. Good video content & quality. You have a voice for radio – ever considered it?

  15. Solid .32 not bad for $100-150 beyond that there are better choices cz50&70, Makarov, PA 63

  16. Can I ask how many digits the serial number has and the part number on the barrel? I have one that looks quite older.

  17. F(G)un fact: I came across one in France, and I heard that it had a bad habit of sometime going in full auto berserk mode after a shot, emptying the magazine in seconds ! But they didn’t really care because it was mainly used to ‘clean’ enemy trenches after an assault.

  18. I have the same gun in turkey from my grandfathers war

  19. I have a version of this any idea where I can find a firing pin?

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