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  1. I’ve been waiting on this to be back in stock since December! ( the heighth is better for me ( 5’4”) that the other Walmart Schwinn “wanderlust “. I almost gave up but today I was able to finally order the one I wanted ! 898. Plus Walmart assembly coat of 49$ by a bike company near me , I almost added a warranty but now I know the company provide a 3 year warranty!!

  2. I agree with the video, even so, I prefer to continue with my bromtom bike with the Aston Rider engine under pedal box, it runs at more than 23mih x for less than $ 300!

  3. Thank you for the test!

  4. for once (as a service manager) I agree, this bike is worth 900 bucks. pretty solid bike for the price. Usually im not a fan of cheap ebikes. I’d get this over a rad rover any day.

  5. Is video of you from the front real? Looks like you’re riding on air:)

  6. Eh… That is really cheap, but I’d rather pay $100 more and get the Aventon bike that includes the throttle

  7. What’s the better value?
    Schwinn EC1 for $900.
    Rad Bike for $1300.

  8. Nice looking bike, like full fender front rear, carry rack, always had good luck with Shimano stuff but what really impressed me was overall fit and finish, cable routing and some excellent looking welds, very impressed regardless of price….gonna have to take a personal peek at it, thanks for informative video, you get a cookie!

  9. Ok, I’m a sucker for powder blue paint.

  10. why only a single gear at front ?

  11. I DESPERATELY NEED TO FIND A SCHWINN MECHANIC for my 2008 Schwinn Continental shaft-drive Bicycle.
    This bike is awesome, particularly the shaft drive.
    I had to store it 3 years. Upon getting it out of storage and transporting it to our forever home in SW Florida, the controller housing (SPI-01) is broken and the battery won’t take a charge. I rode all over Colorado with this bike and now, retired, I want to enjoy it year round in sunny south Florida. Would anyone know of a Schwinn mechanic, perhaps retired, who could help me get it going? I do have a work around on a new battery that will work with it, but have had zero luck trying to find that controller. I have contacted Schwinn direct with zero luck. Cat eye makes the controller and same problem. No one will get back to me! I am open to transporting it anywhere is the US, even shipping it if necessary. Contact me by private message via FB if anyone knows of someone who can help me! It would be so greatly appreciated!

  12. Is it available in Canada? How much price CAD?

  13. “Sweet jumps”! I see what you did there NapoleON! 🙂

  14. I always thumbs up to support the Channel, that bike however, even priced at $900.00, sorry, NO go. Case and point: the Rattan CP $999.00……no brainer

  15. I love electric bikes!! I prefer the throttle option also but just pedal assist will keep a person honest! Excellent review sir.

  16. It’s a very handsome bike. I wish I was a bigger fan of the color.

  17. Thanks so much for your help. Finally 3 options for my wife (65) we have hills. Schwinn ec1/Nakto City Bike and ? Your thoughts! Bob

  18. Sucks on suspension..

  19. I bought a lectric xp and it is super cool! The big fat tires just work for a good ride. They are on sale
    On black friday for way less than I paid! Go look!
    Also last feb. I bought a zero fxs 7.2 and it is a total blast to ride. Super fast, very flickable, just all pleasure
    to ride! Going to sell my small Harley asap and see what new electric bikes coming down the pipe I might want.

  20. *Bought this for my friend so he could start riding outside since he doesn’t like the cycling class at the gym.▫▫>**ㅏ **   He just wants to be able to ride around in parks where they have paved bicycle trails or in the neighborhood. He doesn’t commute, put it together himself and said it’s comfortable. Height 5′ 6" about 200 #. Wants to use it for extra exercise instead of going to the gym.*

  21. The Heart of Brunswick is your Community Radio Station April 15, 2021 @ 12:21 am

    Do you sell this bike in Melbourne Australia

  22. I am wondering how much a second battery would cost? Does it have a Bosch or Chinese motor.?

  23. Lectric XP still sounds like the best option for a budget electric bike. Anyone got anything similar?

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