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  1. Krzysztof Karkoszka February 12, 2021 @ 8:33 pm

    How to install older firmware? I do not like the newest version.

  2. You should ride with higher cadence

  3. Great review 馃憤馃徎 still very glad I purchased a Canyon with this motor. Curious to hear your thoughts on battery range with this motor. Lots of factors I know but I weigh about 83kg and use a mix of mainly eco & trail mode and only get 22-24 miles at best

  4. DKL Veh铆culos El茅ctricos DKL February 12, 2021 @ 8:45 pm

    Excellent info man!!! Great as usual

  5. Reamann MacBiatiagh February 12, 2021 @ 8:46 pm

    After looking a Brose Borch and Shimano they all have there problems water ingerss in the Borch and Brose however the Brose is quieter with Shamano being rathere noisey, Why can’t the isues just be resolved instead of faffing about,, I refuse to buy one till the issues are resolved. These are not cheap items so companies need to get there acts together.

  6. Thanks for great settings advice.
    You can use St Unlocker to really great tuning the settings when using the motor.

  7. Your video was excellent; clear, concise and factual

  8. That hill was rough even for a real dirtbike.

  9. DKL Veh铆culos El茅ctricos DKL February 12, 2021 @ 8:53 pm

    Hello, maybe you can help me with the following problem. E8000 display when it pases 25 kph it shows 99 kph, once back to 25 or less no problem.
    I would really appreciate it. Thanks

  10. I have the steps E8000 on my spectral on and it’s on it’s way out after 3500km. It’s not serviceable according to shimano. I certainly will not be getting anything with a shimano motor going forward.

  11. How would you compare the Levo & Shimano motor? Ride feeling?

  12. Hi Emtb i just got a Kellys Theos i90 is the motor cadence or torque dependent
    ps i did enough MTB to be on the Australian team cross country and Downhill in the 90s i can grind or spin to 140 rpm plus which is the best of the E 8000 motor Thanks

  13. Hello, please, gotta get an Neuron 5.0 for my father, for start he will not be able to tweak all its settings in short run, what would be the most reliable seetings he can enjoy his ride? Hes on the older side, so he will ride most likely just to enjoy scenery and other light riding. Trail mode high, boost mode low? Where should he stayed at, trail mode? All things considered, most likely range..? Thank you very much! Keep it up! 馃槉

  14. I have boost trail and eco all on high should I reduce the boost ?

  15. Another really useful video. Thank you! So when do you think the E9000 will be released? I’m hoping to see it on the 2020 Spectral:ON and Neuron:ON.

  16. What is your optimal setting in TRIAL (e-tube) mode? I only ride in the mountains.

  17. So what setting did you finally settle in on to climb this hill?

  18. good, but what about the battery consumption ?

  19. Is there going to be a update to give more than three settings for motor power. The gaps are too wide between power steps, it’s like having a three speed bike!

  20. Hi, love the review. What’s the engagement for the pedal/chainring. Is it a roller/sprague clutch with instant engagement or is it like Bosch Gen 3 with 18 points of engagement, or is the chainring physically attached to the pedals? Thanks

  21. Excellent information

  22. Those trails are garbage. Too many rocks. I would not ride them with or without assist.

  23. As always, lots of facts and objective! Keep on going and wish you lots of subs! 馃憤 馃挭

  24. Hi EMTB, can you tell me about the reaction of the assistance while riding (not from full stop). The Yamaha PW-SE has only 2 points of contact and the PW-X has 4. Is the Shimano quick to engage when I hit the pedals to accelerate or go over a stone?

  25. Informative video . . . Thanks. Have you/will you test the "new" Shimano Steps E6100M? To my knowledge the E6100M is a 2021 variant of the E6100 which is a street ebike motor. It is speced on the Motobecane I was wondering if this motor has enough grunt for your trails which are like the trails I ride in Colorado . . . rocky.

  26. You need to pedal in a lower gear and faster to tackle sections like these

  27. Its noisy even on Eco mode? Thanks

  28. What bike are you riding in the video thanks

  29. This is a great real world review/test, thanks.馃憤

  30. Perfect timing, once again. I just got the etube app. Thanks. Well explained

  31. de restrict it with stunlocker, then you will see a difference 馃憤

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