Six Gtech eBike Upgrades. Simple Ways to make your electric bike better.
For both the Gtech Sport and Gtech City.

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As well as the recommendation I make in the video, I would also put a can of slime in each tyre.
A rear puncture especially, will be a pain!

Happy cycling!

Clarks Elite Brake pads:

Adjustable water bottle holder:
1. Some bikes don’t have the screw holes to fit this.
2. Some bikes do have the screws but they are slightly lower and this may not fit.

Bike Saddle:
Gtech Colours. No light:
Like mine. No longer available with green accents from Amazon (other places may sell it):

Suspension seat post:
SR Suntour Unisex SP12-NCX Seat Post. Black. 27×350:

Suspension forks set up:


Bike Ahead Headset Cycle Fork Star Fangled Nut. Suitable for 1″ or 1 1/8″ Forks

11/8″ Bottom Bearing Crown Steel Race that push fits on 11/8″ Steerer Forks

3/5/10/15/20mm Carbon Fiber Washer Spacer 28.6mm For Stem Bike MTB Bicycle UK

Readers Comments (18)

  1. What a wonderful video

  2. Hi, I’ve ordered my GTech Sport using the company’s Cycle2Work scheme and I’m looking at ordering the upgrades you have suggested.

    Can you tell me the seatpost size I need? The one you link to isn’t available anymore. Is it a 27.2mm or 31.6mm?

    I’m wanted to stick with Suntour but they only do the 27.2 at the moment. Thanks

  3. Great video – helped me decide on which bike to get but I would definitely recommend going into a shop to try them out first as I am 5’9" and the city bike was too small for me. I bought one yesterday and love it and about to modify it with seat and the (just ordered from Amazon) and suspension forks but can’t find them anywhere Steve – do you have any other ideas of where I could find them . Many thanks Joolz

  4. Liked your video bytheway, 🙂

  5. Hi I’ve just installed the saddle and seat post you recommended and it works great. I want to raise the handlebars but I’m not sure which ones to get. Can you recommend which handlebar raiser I should get

  6. Hey Steve, great vid, I’ve put a stem raiser on my GTECH as the ride position was way too harsh on my shoulders! 😀

  7. Thanks for the review Steve👍
    Day 2 of riding the new gtech bike…. loving it, got it after watching your reviews. I’ve already bought some of the upgrades.
    Two questions for you.. Have you upgraded the pedals (the ones on the bike look like they’ve come off a kids bike) if so which ones and secondly do you have an Instagram account to follow.

  8. Hi Steve would those suspension faulks work on the city bike

  9. Steve/ Great videos and I have bought all the gear as you have to do the upgrade. Got the bottle holder for battery but no fixing mechanism can you tell me what I need please.

  10. Can you get an over back wheel luggage carrier for the gtech?

  11. Where do you get suspension forks from

  12. Really good video’s, great clear voice and answered so many questions that I wanted to ask.

  13. Do you have any info on the gtech escent thanks

  14. I want to fit a rear child 💺 seat you see, Steve, but like the city model.

  15. hi just got a GTECH sport very happy with it but the seat omg could you tell me were you got your seat from many thanks sam.

  16. Hi Steve ,been watching your vids tonight on the gtech, ye I’m liking them ,be my first ebike so it’s basic ,easy to work on ,not to much to go wrong ,for commuting to work and trips round town it looks perfect, lol looks like a trip to halfords this week 😊

  17. Hi, like the upgrades. Have recently added a handlebar switch to my wife’s Mk1 sport version.
    She likes to ride with the power off most of the time, putting the power on for the hills. She found it awkward reaching down to operate the power button, particularly switching off, holding it down and watching for the lights to go off. Now she leaves the battery on all the time and switches the power on and off with a simple lever switch. I have run the cable down inside the downtube and in to the back of the control box so nothing is visible on the outside.
    Surprised Gtech don’t fit one as standard as it is relatively simple. Tried contacting their tech dept for advise but never heard back. Don’t seem to be able to add any pics here!

  18. Very useful video Steve. 👍🏻
    Do you know if the suspension Forks you used would fit the Gtech City bike?

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