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  1. People need to understand, More speed=more risk and more lonely. At 15-20 km/h, you are more safe, you can see around you, ride while chatting and saying hello to the shopkeepers and pedestrians. If you go more, let’s say 60 km/h, you need more concentration

  2. David Tappenden March 2, 2021 @ 9:54 pm

    I enjoyed the video but there was no real look at each bikes specs etc.

  3. order ebikes from the US . they go Way faster

  4. Vado e bike

  5. I realize that there are too many variables to give accurate range estimates, but why would you not include the distance travelled and battery use in this video?

  6. Everyday , the bike is being a thing only for the richest! A stupid thing.

  7. Lovely video, however, the music covers up the riders’ comments.

  8. Problem with screen freezes on the vado and poor support from specialized. Buy the trek.

  9. Gutless “Review”

  10. Agree with others here, I was expecting the riders to go much more in depth than that. They put as much effort into reviewing and comparing the bikes as it takes to ride one. Waste of time.

  11. Robert Smuggles March 2, 2021 @ 10:16 pm

    Silly film. The no.1 question anyone has is: How do you stop these bikes [which cost £3,000] being stolen ??? They are uninsurable against theft. Eg. Removal of batteries, some immobilisation device or tracking device is essential to reassure prospective buyers. Trek need to get real about e-bikes. Cambridge, as depicted here, is not the real world. Also at 16mph on cobblestone streets I feel a front fork suspension would be worth talking about.

  12. When i look at how the presentators rode on the bikes, i knew the conclusions had to be without any real experience.

  13. It’s a good joke! He makes four or five pedal turns and she only one to two. You can not compare that in aspect of accu running times!

  14. The Trek wil go waylonger With smaller battery why ? the vado most likely breakdown too many issues with vado.s i have found many vado pages on youtube only negatives

  15. Specialized has had issues with connectivity with iPhones….they need to address software issues.

  16. They really didn’t compare any features to speak of. Nice video for relatively little information provided 🙂

  17. Cars and traffic freaking suck!
    Build Your own and play with more speed at You disposal just use it responsably I say!

  18. what about stromer st2 ? or trek super commuter

  19. Oskar Scherdin March 2, 2021 @ 10:45 pm

    Saddle height way to low on the dude… looks funny

  20. With respect, both bikes are well equipped for urban riding, but both bikes are dreadfully slow. The major difference between the two bikes is that the Specialized bike motor controller can be jail-broken, which means the maximum speed can be increased significantly. This is not so for the Trek.

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