Speed-up your e-Bike with a Badass Box!

Speed-up your e-Bike with a Badass Box!

Speed-up your e-Bike with a Badass Box!

Speed-up your e-Bike with a Badass Box


The badassBox is not to be used in normal road traffic or in areas regulated by the Road Traffic Act!
Use is only permitted on private property or for example for competition or test purposes.
Mounting the badassBox may lead to a loss of the bicycle warranty.
Use of the badassBox is entirely at your own risk and danger.
The manufacturer accepts no liability for damage to property and/or persons arising from inappropriate use of the product.

Readers Comments (12)

  1. Good for making a point but biking is not about it.

  2. This video might be of interest if it told you anything about the product like fitting it tuning it otherwise a useless Video,

  3. They work but not double,mine goes about 25 mph not 30

  4. These guys make some really awful adverts. Like some of the cringy ones they make on the Apprentice.

  5. omg they forgot their key in the mailbox 😀

  6. Это надёжный продукт ?

  7. How can I get this product in the US?

  8. Does anyone know if this works with the shamano e6000?

  9. BadAss!! Just ordered mine.

  10. For Flats – Game Changer!
    Hills – No difference

    So only get one depending on what you regularly use your ebike for. For me i commute to/from work 14 mile round trio so i got one, worth it!

  11. Does this void the warranty or can they not tell?

  12. Just put it on today,works as expected.
    On a Haibike 2019,does the job.
    My gearing in the top two gears crunch a bit as it’s not set up for the higher speed.
    Also,had to fit the magnet facing upwards as there’s no room otherwise,but it works fine.
    Difference between doing 25miles on the flat is night and day with the limit gone.
    The extra 3-5 mph cruise speed makes it a must for flat riding.
    Might get my gearing tuned/ replaced to suit this sometime down the line…?

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