Statorade Injection Tutorial

Statorade Injection Tutorial

This video shows how you can insert statorade ferrofluid into a 3rd party direct drive hub motor without necessarily opening it up. Instead, a small hole is drilled in the side of the assembled motor to act as an injection port and sealant is put around the seam to ensure no leaking when the motor is at a high RPM.

For additional details on Statorade, see our product info page here:

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  1. This might be a dumb question, the flu it is supposed to be between the magnets and the stator, Since the point of injection is a bit far, how is the fluid going to make its way into between the magnets and the stator?

  2. great stuff

  3. Are there any advantages to using Statorade if overheating isn’t (yet) an issue? I have a big Crystalyte rear hub that rarely gets warm, but would make this modification if it had a beneficial effect on efficiency, reliability, or other desirable property.

  4. Why not just pull the cover? Guaranteed there are now chips inside the motor.

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  6. So include something professional to cover that little hole too. Finish the job…

  7. Jordán József April 14, 2021 @ 12:21 am

    My hub motor has bamboo spacers, won’t this fluid wear them out?

  8. Does it matter which side you drill the hole?

  9. Cool injection!!! I have the MXUS 350 watt 36V Geared hub motor, and I would like to buy this Statorade. Do you sell it all over the world? I live in Kyiv city, Ukraine. If so, I order it in a month, as soon as I get my wage. Thanks.

  10. Hi Guys, been using it for about 2 months now and seems to work great!

  11. Aleksandr Popov April 14, 2021 @ 12:39 am

    How do magnets behave? Can’t they break away from using this liquid? Or do they need to be additionally glued and varnished?

  12. Does it matter what side of the hub motor you drill the hole?

  13. Pretty slick Justin. I found the crystalyte crown 4080 climbs in temperature pretty quick at full throttle riding. I haven’t pulled more than 47 amps so far, but without flux weakening it gets right up to 44mph and there is still more to go. I am going to shoot some fluid in there, and see how well it works. It will get right up to 70c after a couple hard runs

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    At 0.45 seconds I thought that he said: in the hurdy-gurdy blobometer… i thought… hurdygurdy blobometer? that can’t be right surely… he said: inside a thirdparty hubmotor, not a hurdygurdy blobometer. better microphone please.

  15. Why is statorade special, can I use any ferrorfluid?

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