Stealth Bike B52 FUTR Alpha 17kw 17,000Watt E-bike, 90km/h Riding. One of One custom made.

Stealth Bike B52 FUTR Alpha 17kw 17,000Watt E-bike, 90km/h Riding. One of One custom made.

As far as I am aware, this is quite literally the most custom made Stealth FUTR bike in the world. With a FUTR frame manufactured by Stealth Bikes, thousands of dollars worth of custom parts designed specifically just for this bike, class leading 17kw of power, and custom valved and set up suspension, this bike dominates both road and trail.

Hundreds upon hundreds of hours went into this bike, so hopefully this footage can serve as great entertainment.

More videos are to come, including many short clips and a walk around of this bike, so please consider subscribing.

All footage is at least 12 months old, speed readings are altered, videos were filmed on private roads and are sped up.

For enquires to commission a building service for a similar bike, or for private enquires email


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  1. sick bike, price to build?




  3. this is hectic, im looking to build one but not sure on what to exactly buy any tips cuz?

  4. Moritz M眉ller March 30, 2021 @ 11:07 pm

    Sick Ride! 馃憣

  5. I’ve just ordered myself a custom build for $12,400

  6. What amp output

  7. Aidan Coleshill March 30, 2021 @ 11:19 pm

    Did you ever get pulled over by police while riding?

  8. Awesome bike bro..came across your thread on E.S.馃憤

  9. Hi nice bike, what voltage are you using 96v? What鈥檚 top speed? Are you using 21700 cells?
    I have a 2017 B52 and am planning to go fast but road legal.
    Any info would be much appreciated,

  10. HFS!! I run mine at about 4750 watts and it’s way plenty. This is a very badass build. I have been thru several different batteries but my current pack for almost the last two years is a 4s2p 14.4 16amp 12C lipo pack which charges to about 66 volts and gives me 32A in the 4s2p config. My controller maxes out about 72 amps so thats were I get my 4750 watts. It will do 60mph pretty quick but mostly I just stay in the 40ish range. If I upgraded the controller with those 12C lipos I could probably pull 300A but I like riding long range and hi-power = big time battery drain.

    Keeping it in the range I am in I get about 32-35 watt hours per mile which gives me about 60 miles on a charge. My Longest two rides were 48 and 54 miles and my ass hurt for 3 days. That small one gets 15-19 WH and that EBB Enduro (the medium one) gets about 25WHPM. The small one tops at 30mph and the EBB in it’s current config goes about 45 and gets 25WHPM. The two smaller ones have a 13S7P but with the different WH they all have about the same range. Over all the best riding bike is the Qulbix. It rides like a smaller dirtbike and takes the dips very well and feels very stable on the road. That first abomination I built on the GT bicycle frame has a BMCV4 6T motor and will flip the bike at 20mph if you go WOT plus the hardtail makes bumps feel like a jackhammer on your ass. The EBB is a very mello bike and is the one I let my friends ride. The suspension is way soft and rides like a Cadillac. I dont let anyone ride the GT or my Qulbix. Too dangerous. I did when first built and 3 out of 3 ripped some pretty big holes in their skin. People take these as a little bicycle and don’t understand when you give it the beans that shit is going to take off when your running hi-power.

    I actually have 5 now but here is the 3 I started with. the center one is very close to yours. I’m running a Qulbix frame, moto tires, Marzocchi 888 forks and a Moto C2R rear shock with a upgraded titanium spring.

  11. Theo Konstantinou March 30, 2021 @ 11:30 pm

    Link to purchase like this ?

  12. Enjoy the beautiful Planet March 30, 2021 @ 11:33 pm

    *Best Ebike Racing Motorcycles ***

  13. This bike is now for sale, have a look at the sale listing here:

  14. Where did you get this bike from

  15. Are you sure it’s 17kW? I’m getting to 80 km/h with only 5kW on my custom ebike. Looks like a fun build though.

  16. nice one bud, if you’re in vic would love to come for a ride with you, I have a B52 22S and UFO, stock grunt for me Im in Diamond creek

  17. From where do I get these bike and what’s the procedure thanks for replying me sooner .

  18. Marcelo Rodrigues March 30, 2021 @ 11:51 pm

    Where I can buy this bike if you have the name of the company? Thank you!

  19. Would be nice just to see the bike without all this extreme music.

  20. Wow man you frickin rock!! cool bike

  21. Everything Video media March 30, 2021 @ 11:52 pm


  22. Super bike

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