Stephen A. doesn't like the Ravens' chances to make the NFL playoffs | First Take

Stephen A. doesn't like the Ravens' chances to make the NFL playoffs | First Take

Stephen A. Smith argues that the Baltimore Ravens do not have a good chance to make the 2020 NFL Playoffs, but Max Kellerman and Jeff Saturday disagree.
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Readers Comments (50)

  1. The Ravens aren’t sweeping Cleveland. They split last year and will split this year. Ravens not getting in. They’re done.

  2. Philosophical question, is it better to not make the playoffs at all or get there and lose. Because people always mention Lamar “can’t win” but never mention josh Allen, darnold, Rosen or Baker never have won a playoff game either

  3. The Ravens don’t deserve the playoffs, they don’t, let’s be honest

  4. Mathew 6:21❤️

  5. So this what we doing now? Really, people seriously think anyone on the remaining schedule for the ravens is a threat besides the Steelers?
    The ravens clapped the browns with nick chubb early in the season, don’t get ahead of yourselves gassing up the browns like they haven’t barely beat trash teams. Ravens will end up 11-5 and the browns prob won’t make playoffs

  6. Ravens will miss the playoffs. Ill bet all my propane on it

  7. Browns being better without OBJ is a mirage. They’ve beat the Texans, Eagles, and Jags. What happened when they played a good team w/o OBJ? Lost to the Raiders by 10 and Baker was 12-25 for 122. That was without Chubb sure but I stand by what I said. I think when they face teams like the Steelers who can stop the run and have a solid secondary, Baker’s gonna miss having OBJ to make plays/ take the pressure off the other receivers. But if Hunt and Chubb keep carrying the load on this team, people will believe OBJ was the problem not Baker making mistakes.

    (Not to say the Brows are bad! I think the 8-3 is a bit misleading cuz they really only have a quality win against the Colts but that Chubb Hunt combo is LEGIT. I’m interested to see if they can pull off a playoff win)

  8. Baker doesn’t have “limited” upside. He’s showing he has a high ceiling. Give him more than one dysfunctional year to figure out a offense like he had his first two years

  9. Jeff Saturday is always on-point.

  10. Titans remaining schedule:
    Browns, @ Jaguars, Lions, @ Packers, @ Texans
    My Prediction: 13-3 or 12-4, winning the AFC South

    Ravens remaining schedule:
    @ Steelers, Cowboys, @ Browns, Jaguars, Giants, @ Bengals
    My Prediction: 11-5 or 10-6, 5th or 6th seed

    Browns remaining schedule:
    @ Titans, Ravens, @ Giants, @ Jets, Steelers
    My Prediction: 11-5 or 10-6, 5th seed or 6th seed

    Dolphins remaining schedule:
    Bengals, Chiefs, Patriots, @ Raiders, @ Bills
    My Prediction: 9-7, miss playoffs

    Colts remaining schedule:
    @ Texans, @ Raiders, Texans, @ Steelers, Jaguars
    My Prediction: 9-7, miss playoffs

    Raiders remaining schedule:
    @ Jets, Colts, Chargers, Dolphins, @ Broncos
    My Prediction: 10-6, 6th or 7th seed

    Patriots remaining schedule:
    @ Chargers, @ Rams, @ Dolphins, Bills, Jets
    My Prediction: 8-8 or 9-7, miss playoffs

    The Colts & the Dolphins have the toughest schedules of these teams competing for one of those three wild card slots. Patriots are most likely gonna miss the playoffs.

  11. if the raiders win next week and baltimore loses again would they be out of the playoff hunt

  12. Take away Henry girth, Chubb all day

  13. Come on now it’s still 5gs left and we 1game out the playoff pic those 4 teams in front of us not winning all them and the browns still play us and the Steelers

  14. Jeff is a great analyst

  15. If Lamar rushes like he did last year then yes they should be a shoe in. STs r elite with the kicker and punter. And defense is plenty good enough. If he doesnt rush, he is exactly what he has been. An average passer who wont have Mark Andrew’s I assume for awhile. Covid positive with his diabetes.

  16. lol.

  17. Kareem hunt also insane

  18. Elvis Damjanovic December 10, 2020 @ 9:32 pm

    Ravens about to beat the Steelers tonight and everyone will be back on their wagon tomorrow morning

  19. playoffs? im doubting their ability to find the stadium for the steelers game………

  20. Josh From Youtube December 10, 2020 @ 9:34 pm

    Segment about the Ravens turns into praising Nick Chubb you love to see it

  21. 11-5 isn’t good enough 🤣

  22. Ravens are definitely gonna make the playoffs

  23. Odell to the ravens then anybody🤷🏾‍♂️

  24. The other guy is a bit of a wigga

  25. Let’s be real the browns have no chance against the Titans Chiefs or Steelers

  26. Really look browns still suck

  27. Do Ravens hold the tiebreaker over the Dolphins? If so I think they’ll make the playoffs cause the Dolphins schedule is really tough.

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  29. Get some fans in the stands!

  30. Justin Christopher December 10, 2020 @ 9:50 pm

    Maybe Odell ain’t that great? Ever thought of that Maxie?

  31. Just came to say that lamar Jackson looks dirtier than most homeless people

  32. Blade Brown - Thick Thigh, Cognac Luva December 10, 2020 @ 9:51 pm


  33. Poor Lamar, happening way sooner than I even thought

  34. Steeler nation number 1 seed⚫🟡

  35. Cornpopwasabaddude Andhehadsomebaddudeswithhim December 10, 2020 @ 9:53 pm

    Stephen a smith a Steelers fan enough said he don’t think we will make the playoffs any year

  36. I know the 49ers don’t feel sorry for the Ravens at all, they’re like… screw them! Ravens are the reason 49ers are no longer undefeated in the super bowl.

  37. as a browns fan i wish the odell for thielen trade rumors were true. baker plays amazing without odell, i think it’s time for obj to bounce

  38. They will end 11-5 after losing tomorrow

  39. SAS loves white NFL players

  40. Its interesting that all this talk about the Ravens and no one has asked how did the Ravens have such a huge Covid outbreak to where dozens of players and staff contracted the virus? Was no one wearing a mask, practicing social distancing, keeping clean? Even if you have one or two people with it how did it spread so quickly to everyone else? The Steelers had a small Covid problem but it was contained because unlike the Ravens the Steelers did their best to follow protocol.

  41. Ravens are in trouble long term. I think they will make it, but they’re chances of advancing are slim.

  42. Steven A yo Steelers with all starters only beat us by 4 how u feel now Steelers are way overrated

  43. The browns could beat the Ravens because the Browns at first didn’t find their identity but now they found it

  44. Why is everyone thinking the ravens and browns game is going to be a cakewalk for the ravens. Yes the browns got crushed but that was week one. Also the browns look a lot better than the ravens in my opinion. Finally it’s in Cleveland on a Monday night so it’s gonna get rowdy even with limited capacity

  45. I don’t even like myself

  46. Chubb is very close to Henry

  47. They will lose when it matters

  48. Why does Max keep insisting on this narrative Newton was "in the fog" after covid

  49. They’ll beat the Cowboys, Jags and Bengals but they’ll lose to the Steelers, Browns and Giants.
    9-7 Record but Stephen A’s wrong…9-7 will be enough as the Colts, Raiders and Dolphins all have significantly harder schedules and at least one of them will finish 8-8.
    Heck both the Dolphins and Colts have to play the Raiders whilst the Dolphins also have to play the Chiefs, Pats and Bills and the Colts still have to play the Steelers and two games against the resurgent Texans.

  50. That’s crazy the brown are 8 and 3

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