Steve Goes E-Bike Racing | EMBN Races Roc d'Azur

Steve Goes E-Bike Racing | EMBN Races Roc d'Azur

With the growth of E-Bike racing Roc d’Azur offers one of the most prestigious electric mountain bike races around, and so we sent Steve to represent EMBN. With an enduro style format, the tough course required riders to race 31km with five timed segments with 1200 meters of elevation.

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Truthfully Steve didn’t manage to get an entry into the race itself but he still rode the stages to experience an electric enduro. Would you do this form of racing on your e-bike? Let us know in the comments below ⚡️

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Readers Comments (39)

  1. 12:30 – not quite the 8 mineral waters of Dan Lloyd from GCN, Steve!!

  2. how much climbing did you do, how many battery’s did you use, what make ebike won?

  3. Play music in the background while you’re racing was stupid because it was way too loud

  4. Cheater! Haha, JK, EMTBs are fun as hell. I want one. I want I want I want I want I want!

  5. Nice one Steve. Now I bet you Strava’d it so how would you have been placed on the times you had? 😉

  6. Great vid Steve/EMBN. Wondering if your comments on lower torque being a disadvantage mean you prefer the Brose, Bosch etc to the Shimano motor? Also was the Canyon a good choice for this race? I know you won’t compare it with the Levo but did the wheel size work well or prefer 29 front and rear?

  7. Looked like brilliant stages!!!

  8. Really enjoyed the video some great riding Steve, on your point about rider weight on an E mtb this will also be the same on a none e mtb . The battery may last a shorter time with the heaver rider & some motors & battery are definitely faster. Keep making these videos they are inspiring.

  9. Jack must be one hell of a rider, to be able to do all those stages facing backwards 😉 Awesome stuff.

  10. love the chest-cam footage, gives a much better perspective than the rear-facing stuff. Would like to have known what mode you were in for the race sections? More of this stuff!

  11. The badger is for videos of a french Youtuber called Rancho, he recently released an episode about the Roc d’Azur, kinda wanky but funny!

  12. No gloves.really you’re braver than me

  13. Steve, great video as usual, we can feel the energy of your riding! What about your wearing, do you have waterproof baggy? Does all equipment fit in your backpack? thank you!

  14. Race with speed limiter?

  15. Badger? BADGER?! He don’t need no steenking BADGER!

  16. Roc d’Azur looks ace. I think I might need to look at attending some of these races at some point.

  17. Hi Steven, nice riding but why without gloves? Elbow guards wouldn’t hurt either for enduro riding. If you doing for you own it’s your thing but not on tape please. Keep on riding but race with gloves and protection

  18. Hey Steve great work!!!but don’t you ever wear gloves…what about sweeties hands or what in case of a hand plant crash….???cheers!

  19. *I absolutely love this Bike!!! ~~>**** Only thing wrong was one of the tubes had a hole in it when I got it. No big deal because I only up Slime tubes so already had plans to change them.*

  20. Big mountain loops ….back country riding…. I’m not sure emtb needs racing just seems lost in what a emtb is capable of….but maybe uphill racing sounds fun not against the clock against other riders start tape finish tape madness 😂👍🏻

  21. Steve… your concerns for racing an ebike are the exact same for normal bikes.
    When you are up against someone who is 40kg lighter, on a 10 grand bike, trains 6 days a week and 10 years younger., how are you going to separate everyone who is not the exactly the same as you, other than creating about 60 catagories?

  22. Face it. Most of us are never gonna win, so we’re really racing against ourselves.

    So race the bike you have fun on.

    Might depend on the course.

  23. What are those weird forks in the first minute? Thanks.

  24. No matter what race format you come up with, the strongest / fittest/ skilled rider will always win. So making e-bike races does not make sence in that way.

    On the other hand do e-bikes make these kind of enduro races possible for a much bigger audience. So i think e-bikes races are great for the sport, it just does not have to be an olympic sport.

  25. Alexis Hadjisoteriou February 12, 2021 @ 9:20 pm

    Massive fan of the channel and love the video quality – the video quality from the rearward facing camera on Jack today was dreadful – I can get much better quality on a GoPro Session 5 which costs next to nothing – shame as you seemed to be having such a good time

  26. Charge Ride Repeat February 12, 2021 @ 9:21 pm

    Its great to see someone my age still being competitive, out of breath, hands and forearms pumped till they stop working, stinging sweat in my eyes.
    I actually feel more knackered on my ebike after a run through the uphill trails.
    This channel just gets better and better.

  27. SuchtFaktorHoch10 February 12, 2021 @ 9:22 pm

    Awesome job of the camera man for always keeping the appropriate distance. Must be quite a challenge just for our viewing pleasure. Much appreciated.

  28. But wouldn’t the person with the most money to spend on their e-bike usually win? Like you brought up, different motors, and any other upgrades they could do to bump up the performance of the motor or bike overall. I’m also not sure about how I feel about e-bike "racing" other than that, E-Bikes are here to stay.

  29. Is there any reason why you choose the canyon to go on this Enduro race.

  30. What did you meant with "people pushing expensive mtb up the hill"?

  31. Mark Collingwood February 12, 2021 @ 9:31 pm

    Excellent video Steve. 👍

  32. No Man's Van - Pat Bokezny - February 12, 2021 @ 9:31 pm

    How could you feel so confident without gloves!!!! 😉

  33. OnzeManInKazakhstan February 12, 2021 @ 9:32 pm

    Racing can be a driver for technology. If manufacturers want to win enduro events, they’ll have to come up with bigger batteries, lighter bikes, better integration,..

  34. great video, but you guys need gimbals for that kind of footage

  35. Superveloman Trek February 12, 2021 @ 9:32 pm

    Steve….the badger is for the Rancho’s YouTube movies….have a look but they are french speaking.

  36. Did you change out your Battery and also leave your Elbow Guards behind.

  37. ArthurDentZaphodBeeb February 12, 2021 @ 9:36 pm

    Had a smile watching this entire episode. Great stuff

  38. Derber's Discoveries February 12, 2021 @ 9:38 pm

    Why does every care about the gloves so much? Why care? Wear your own damn gloves lol… Lucky dog Steve rides again!!!

  39. Now that’s the way to race, Steve, don’t actually enter. Then if you do well, you could say you could have. Or if you do not so well, you could say, well, I wasn’t even racing. I like your style. And what was that about riders pushing their bikes uphill? I missed the inference 🙂

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