Stevie Williams OG x Rokit and Slims compared

Stevie Williams OG x Rokit and Slims compared

Comparing the DC Stevie Williams OG Rokit to the Stevie WIlliams Slims, hope this comes in handy when you try to find out which shoe is the right for you. Though I’ve been sceptical about the slims I gotta admit: I’m very pleased with the slimmed down version, DC made a good job here. The sole feels a bit thinner and gives you more board control, too. But don|t be fooled by the comparison – your skinny jeans won’t be a good match with the slims, this shoe is still big. The OG is just HUGE 馃槈

If you’re into skateshoes, check out my instagram – there’s more shots of the Stevies!

Song Info:

馃憮 “Midnight Lovers”l by Kicktracks

馃憮 All music by Kicktracks is here –

Kicktracks Youtube Channel:…

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  1. Michael Bentley March 30, 2021 @ 11:31 pm

    How was the sizing on these?

  2. Do you have any info on the dc x utmostco collab lynx?

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