Super Deal on the Perfect, Affordable Electric Bike for Nomads! With Step-through Frame

Super Deal on the Perfect, Affordable Electric Bike for Nomads! With Step-through Frame

Today we do an un-boxing of the new electric bike from I tested their first folding e-bike and loved it, and at the time I thought the only thing that could improve it would be if it had a step-through frame. Now it has one! However, e-bikes aren鈥檛 for everyone so I go through the pros and cons of carrying one. If an e-bike works for you, then this is the one that should be at the top of your list when you鈥檙e ready to lay down your money!
Lectric eBikes –
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Springbar Tent:
Benchmark Atlas:
DeLorme Atlas and Gazetterr:
Eco-Temp Hot Water Heater:
ARB Awning:

Universal Battery AGM 100ah:
Battery Box:
Energizer 500 watt Inverter/USB:
Cigarette Lighter Adapter with Rings:
Cigarette Lighter Adapter with Clamps:
Volt Meter with USB plugs:

Readers Comments (50)

  1. UNITY CHURCH OF SAN MARCOS UNITY December 9, 2020 @ 9:07 pm

    Do you think it can pull a little cart to carry your things you get in town?

  2. I’m 68 and I have no problem using a regular bicycle. I have a long wheel based recumbent with motorcycle lines and butterfly handlebars for the past 17 years and have enjoyed people of all ages shouting out to me as I pass, "I love your bike!" or "nice bike!
    I have a flatbed cargo trailer that I use with it and have actually moved furniture and have hauled concrete blocks to make a patio.
    Plus I do this living in Wisconsin. Maybe I might consider an electric bike when I get old.

  3. Good for you, old days 馃槀

  4. These bikes are eventually going to be wonderful, but Bob put the cons very well. Most of all, these bikes need to be lighter!

  5. 10:55 And the dog was never seen again….

  6. There is no downside to owning an e-bike.

  7. Dude that seat is literally a pain in the butt! Still suffering after a 1 mile ride. Replace with the cloud 9!!! Take my word for it!

  8. Another great video Bob馃憤

  9. Love my Lectric bike!

  10. Nancy St.John-Smith December 9, 2020 @ 9:19 pm

    I wonder if there could be a generator installed on the bike that would allow the peddling to charge the battery…

  11. Got my Lectric XP Step-Thru last month. It is great fun. Haven’t found the tub to transport it in yet.

  12. Happy Thanksgiving Bob and crew

  13. Neato.

    Thanks for covering this EBike.
    Gonna get one!

  14. I will be getting an electric scooter to complement my Nissan V6馃榿If in the city, getting a parking is expensive & waste of time looking for one. Great video as usual. Good job馃憤馃嚦馃嚳

  15. Cool bike 馃憤

  16. I have one. It’s great. I got a big fat seat called a giddy up. I can ride it from 20 to 45 miles on a charge. 20 miles if you don’t pedal at all. And in a van if you take the passenger seat it fits there folded up.

  17. me and the girl just picked up 2
    super 73s!

  18. Nice! My experience; I bought a used Trek for $100, added on Bafang 750Watt kit for $900. Took me a week to build, a pro with the right tools could have built it in a hour or two. This got me on a bike again, the hills in the current area are a big obstacle without electric. Takes about 4 times as long to charge at 2 amps than to discharge. One can simulate a step through by laying the bike down and then stepping over and then pulling the bike upright.

  19. Kristy O'Laughlin December 9, 2020 @ 9:33 pm

    Bob I need to correct you. They only ship to the 48 contiguous states- not Alaska or Hawaii. Bummer, I had my credit card out!

  20. Love my XP! Thanks for the recommendation, Bob!

  21. Please show us how to change the inner tube!
    (When we get a flat tire. How long does it take to change the rear tire/inner tube.)

  22. JBryant Concierge December 9, 2020 @ 9:35 pm

    Great review. Thx Bob

  23. Are they available in Canada yet?

  24. i am wondering if there is a way to adjust the bike to make it more usable for someone with balance issues? (training wheels?)

  25. Isn鈥檛 electronic battery鈥檚 made by fossil lol.

  26. or charge it at the library

  27. Do u know if they make a 3 wheeler?

  28. HighlanderMikeGolf December 9, 2020 @ 9:44 pm

    Great review with the pros and cons, so people can make an informed decision. Just ordered 3 of these for me and the family for Christmas. Great multiple purpose bike….have fun and get exercise while running errands. There are a couple RV channels that have a coupon code for free pannier bags (saddle bags) with bike purchase.

  29. I just got one so much fun ty

  30. Great video, I want one. I wanted to see you ride it!

  31. Nice bike 馃檹馃徏馃憦馃徏馃榾

  32. got a Sur Ron – has full suspension and fast

  33. My first ebike was a lectric but it didn’t fit my lifestyle. My sister who lives on a year round camp road loves it however. Well worth the price. My ebike is the Swagtron EB 5 Plus Pro at 499.00 lighter, smaller and fits my Apartment lifestyle what with going up and down stairs being the main hinderance to adopting the lectric. I hope lectric considers making what I call the Apartment Bike. Lighter and smaller than their usual models made more for in town errands and appointments than off road travels. Since stairs are often Apartment hazards, other tenants in hallways bulk being a factor as well. It would have to be a smaller bike.

  34. NICE!!

  35. I love this bike. My next thing to figure out is do i want one with wide tires or thin tires. I just watched another youtubber with a Electric bike that has thin tires.. what determines your decision making for this purpose

  36. Saw you on the pbs special. I enjoy your channel even more now. Keep doing good things!

  37. I would love a bike like that. I think it could help me get started walking more as well as riding. Great for down to the store and back without using the car. Nice work Bob! Cheers!!!

  38. Tip ,, I own a electric bike for two years now.. 10 A hour battery will never take you 25 miles and 50 miles is a total JOKE !!!

  39. Man i want one …i just wish it had front shocks …..

  40. Always enjoy your reviews Bob !

  41. Remember, it is NOT waterproof. Cover it well with with a rugged trash bag if its outside of the van and tie it well!! Check their site.

  42. Wife and I got ebikes here in europe (only peddle assist). Like having a second car. I brought home 37 pounds of groceries yesterday.

  43. how do you charge this bike? because you may be burning fossil fuel observantly in a rural area

  44. Bob how much does it weigh without the battery for lifting purposes

  45. Ironically a battery operated bike is okay on bike trails, but a tiny gasoline powered one is not. Same with a battery powered boat on a lake of course.

  46. How does it do in Sandy washes and climbing? Also, how much does an extra battery cost?

  47. Gotta get me one of those. Thanks for the review!

  48. Can the battery be charged with an electrical outlet too!

  49. I bought a e bike in July. I’m 64. Best thing I’ve ever bought. I mix riding up hills with level and down hills. Up hill riding with pedal assist strengthens my core. I ride an hour every day. Strong core makes it easier to get out of bed and out of a car.

  50. What a nice bike. That 45 mile range is impressive.

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