SUPER73-Z1 electric bike review: Cheap on $, not on thrills

SUPER73-Z1 electric bike review: Cheap on $, not on thrills

The Super73-Z1 ($1,150 is the cheapest way to get on a Super73. It lacks some features but is still a fun ride on a budget. Read the full review at

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Readers Comments (50)

  1. How tall is the guy on the bike?

  2. Raul Ayala-Sepulveda December 21, 2020 @ 9:48 pm

    You are in my area! Let’s go mobbing ebike and e scooters

  3. Hi was curious If anyone knows an answer to this question. I’m planning on ordering 2 of these bikes but my question is without pedal assist if I run out of power and or I just want to pedal is it hard to pedal or heavy ? Since it doesn’t have pedal assist?

  4. Check out the new German StartUp – BlackTea. Adventure E-Moped! 🙂

  5. no suspension is a big nope

  6. Looks like a Baja Warrior that’s missing the motor!

  7. Michael Zimmerman December 21, 2020 @ 9:54 pm

    Dude? C’mon. Eleven hundered bucks, for bunk chunk…pure ivory soap crack – a minibike, or whatever you call it, that goes at best 15 mi at 20 mph, good for maybe an hour, at most, more like 45 minutes. Clunky junk for the garage- if not a paperweight, a tarp weight. Not a good recommendation for anyone that I’ve ever met (or been). Really crushes the street cred for, based on my reviews of ebike reviewers street cred of honest ebike reviews, reviewer reviews.. wait… well, you know what i mean….

  8. These bikes cost too much for how slow they are

  9. OMG 1200 bucks? I can get a Honda Civic for a Grand

  10. can i get this delivered it to Canada Ontario ?

  11. low price? are you kidding?
    that is a $100 Walmart bike with battery pack and motor.
    how much is the motor, $100?
    how much is the battery pack, $100?
    that means they are making a profit of 400%.
    reviewers make product overpriced with their out of touch reviews

  12. Weird question but how heavy is this? I have an apparentment with a bike mount on the wall but it’ll only take 20kg and I know electric bikes can be heavy

  13. Bare necessities for $1300?? Yeah, I don’t think so. This bike is way overpriced.

  14. so you can do barely 25km, only ok if you go to work and come back.

  15. I tried to buy a bike online, didn’t happen, what a cluster fuck. When you want their product, good luck trying to get one. Look somewhere. August 2020

  16. Lol 400 watt battery and it’s over $1000 sad very sad to many losses compared to their other models and price. I disliked because you can’t truly believe this is great price for this product, and even if you do your misleading other’s.

  17. Top speed of 20mph
    Clicked off fast af

  18. If anyone is from the UK plz check out this petition
    regarding e-bike speed limit.

  19. So is the chain and peddles to make it a loop hole motorbike?

  20. No suspension. Not worth it.

  21. That much for such shit performance….fuuuuuuck no

  22. 1300… cheap nice

  23. just bought for my bf and i, i love it so much already and its so fun!!!!!

  24. Better to just buy a hub motor kit and a chinese battery, gonna cost half the price

  25. Эх, вот ты в Москве такой продавался…у нас только подделки =(((

  26. if the battery is not removal, how much life have the bike?

  27. My husband bought us both one of these new bikes (S2 and RX) as anniversary gifts. Within the first week, both gave error messages and then the motors went out completely. Needless to say we are bummed out. No way to reach the company for help so we called our credit card provider for a chargeback. I hope this helps someone before they make the same mistake.

  28. This bike should easily be sub-$1000, and instead since this video came out. The price actually went up $225🤣

  29. Over a grand for a 15mile range? Yeah they’re advertising team is great but they are way overpriced. From what I’ve seen the JuicedBikes CampScrambler is easily the best bike in this style and price range.

  30. I wish they made the seat a bit longer so I can ride my gf around

  31. Nah lol

  32. these problems are non existent with the ZUGO RHINO

  33. It must have shockers ..

  34. That’s some sexy ass music. Now where is my crushed velvet vest? It’s warm enough for taco meet.

  35. Is it as easy as a normal one speed bike to pedal?

  36. This is good ebike for project. Just make a nice big swappable battery, bump up some voltage, and have some fun.

  37. This or the lectric xp which is better in the long run..

  38. My brother has one. It’s a nice short-distance transport, fast enough to get around, and to get to work and back.

  39. Now for this model that you tested, would you spin the throttle and then pedal along with throttle? Or do you just throttle and pedal to keep going? Or sort of create your own pedal assist by using throttle?

  40. Man I’m buying it looks cool and fun 👍🌝


  42. I would really add a bit more in the price to get 1Kw battery.

  43. Always put the weight capacity up front in your reviews to save time for those who are heavyweights.

  44. Sweet design, but needs more battery and power for sure…. I was considering this bike, but went with the Zooz instead. Zooz is a few hundred bucks more but you get so much more bike, with similar seat style, higher speeds, and much more range.

  45. This vid has the answers to my Q’s, thanks

  46. Could you take the pedals off and just put pegs instead?

  47. Gotchure Beacons - Gaming December 21, 2020 @ 10:44 pm

    Too many kits that will put you on the road for less than half. No thanks.

  48. In style🤣

  49. Everyone says that this is overpriced… Can someone recommend a reasonably priced comparable bike? I mean comparable with the geometry or same type of seat.

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