Surly Big Easy Cargo Bike Review

Surly Big Easy Cargo Bike Review

My, perhaps too candid, review of the Surly Big Easy Bosch Electric Cargo Bike. This is coming from riding it for over 200 miles, selling them, and servicing them for the last few months since they were released.

Full written review:
Kickstand I mentioned:

My initial thoughts on this bike and a video about why I think Surly could really help the cargo bike movement:

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  1. thanks for the review!

  2. Lester Walters April 5, 2021 @ 11:51 pm

    Back in 2014 I started the search for an electric cargo bike. No kids so it was going to be used as a commuter and grocery getter. My research narrowed the choices and I was set on buying the Tern. I was lucky enough to attend an e-bike expo and ride several bikes. The Tern didn’t measure up when I rode it. So I recommend that you always try before you buy. One feature that was important to me was an ample front rack that was attached to the head tube. The other requirement was that it needed to fit my Thule bike rack for trips to the beach. Lastly I like the option of a throttle. I’m not opposed to mail order but I recommend buying from a LBS for a number of obvious reasons. So I bought the Sherpa by Motiv Electric Bicycles. At the time it retailed for $2900. Very happy with it after 5400+ miles.

  3. Spot on mate! Well done!

  4. Great review,
    am i right in saying its only available in the us and canada at the moment,
    Cant find any available in europe
    Thanks again

  5. Great review! I have been eyeing the Big Easy for a while… very helpful info.

  6. Thank you. I appreciate your time.

  7. Cargo Bike Life April 6, 2021 @ 12:35 am

    I have drank ALL the SURLY KOOLAID and I have become a CHROMOLY STEEL GOD! When I peddle my 2019 Surly Big Dummy there is smoke and fire coming from my back tire! Lovely video thanks.

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