Tech Talk & Tips To Upgrade Your DYU Electric Bike Controller – Holmes Hobbies

Tech Talk & Tips To Upgrade Your DYU Electric Bike Controller – Holmes Hobbies

In case you missed it, John recently added the DYU D1 12″ folding electric bike to his “collection.” The bike has seen a number of rides so far and it’s time for a little change. Nothing can just stay stock at the Holmes Hobbies House and John has taken on the project of swapping out the Controller in the DYU D1 for something that will give the bike some more torque. Swapping out a controller isn’t an easy task. There is a lot of behind the scenes tech to consider and in this video John talked about Tips and Tech that can help you in your quest to upgrade your electric bike controller. If you’re interested in a plug and play controller for the DYU D1, let us know. And if you have any more questions, please jot them down in the comments section and we’ll do our best to answer them.

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Readers Comments (50)

  1. Please do a JETSON Blot Electric Bike Review!!!

  2. Baru beli blm ada 2 bulan, kabel gas dalemnya putus, ajg lah gmn cara nyambungnya, ga ada titik sambungannya

  3. Watching from video 08:40 and onward. I noted that the rear wheel is pretty flat. However this eBike could move much faster with a better wheel.

  4. Hey how can I order me a modified controller just like the one you have on this video

  5. Alternativ Presse December 23, 2020 @ 10:02 pm

    I am looking for a controller to make my DYI 3+ faster and to connect another external battery. Can you help

  6. How will 72 volts effect the controller. I have a 48 volt 1000 watt motor and I wanted to put a 52 volt battery I bought, the mfg. said if would burnout the controller and motor….Should I take the advise from Ecotric?

  7. I have a base DYU D1 as well as a DYU D1 Deluxe edition on the way… I’d love to modify them… Are you selling any plugNplay mods? Or do you know where I can purchase plugNplay mods for it?

  8. Hi, very interesting video. I have the same bike jetson bolt from Costco. And you are right, it is little slow. You opened original controller, is it good enough to run this 48 volt battery?

  9. Hi- I just ordered Li-ion Battery 36V 14AH Volt Rechargeable Bicycle 750W E Bike Electric Li-ion for extra miles not speed. What are your thoughts? Easy to switch out?

  10. can you do an update? since this bike looks identical to the jetson bolt which many people have, including myself, which I just got about a week ago. you can order a 48v,52v 60v, or 72v battery off of aliexpress then do your video, also can you also try using the upgraded battery with your original controller to see if it burns out or gets any improvements. To make it worth your time try to order one that is 20ah+ then can go really far, I am curious to see how you would install it on the bike if that size, I was thinking of a 30ah, since the shipping cost is almost the same, but will put you back a few hundred dollars

  11. Where can i get throttle for this bike?

  12. As a 205lb guy, im dying for this upgraded controller! Please update all of us big boys soon 😂

  13. Do you have a controller for sale yet? Interested in buying from you

  14. Where do I buy

  15. Great video Sir – We loved it!👌
    We have the DYU and have heavily modified it (even has an 80 tooth front chain ring).
    If you are interested we have just put up a video of it last week. We are now waiting for the new battery to arrive and will be increasing the voltage so as to increase the speed some more because it is only doing 25Mph at the moment.
    Have you done any more to yours yet since this video?
    Best wishes from the UK! 🤟

  16. I have an e bike like yours, but mine doesn’t charge. Can you please share some tips with me? I would appreciate it.

  17. Hi. recently i bought a 2nd hand dyu d1. then i noticed that the On/Off switch is not working. its always on actually. now i cannot contact the previous owner. i just want to ask how can i fix it. thanks and more power.

  18. Do you have a kit as a upgrade to 20ah the least that would work for this bike

  19. Can someone answer this for me? Ive got a 300w rear hub motor bike. I want to get a 500w bafaang motor. So my question is, do i need a new motor and controller? Or can i just get the motor and wire it up to the stock controller? My stock controller does about 50kmh

  20. Mohammad Azim Mohd Sani December 23, 2020 @ 10:20 pm

    My current ebike has a 250W motor running on 36V 10.4ah battery with 36v 13A stock controller. Can i switch the controller with 36v 20A controller to get more torque?

  21. Where’s the update?

  22. great video 😎
    do you know what voltage comes out the small connection on battery 🤔
    I’m making lipo 20ah pack
    not received my new bike yet😃

  23. I figured out how to make this bike go 20mph + with everything stock and just adding a 60v battery. There is a trick that can fool the speed limiter

  24. Modoulamin Jammeh December 23, 2020 @ 10:23 pm

    Were can I find u to work on my bike pls respond

  25. Great vid!!! A couple questions. On the Onebot S6… In order to get more mph&torque I assume I need to replace the battery + controller + ecu correct? I can’t just change the controller an wait for it to work right? Cheers

  26. I stumbled upon your video because I have one of these Ancheer brand that has been sitting for a year in my den. My daughter didn’t embrace it the way I had imagined. The battery will show fully charged by the charger green light and the battery gauge on bars. It will start to move then shut off and no lights, horn beep or movement. My question is could battery be bad and just fail under load? Sadly this has been used less then an hour. I have probably charged battery 2-3 times while it has sat. Any way to test battery?

  27. Just cut the blue wire and it go faster…

  28. Sir I have the same bike an my back tire don’t work can I get help

  29. Bro better come out with this controller for private buyers

  30. I am in the process of buying a DYU on Amazon, Described as a Urbetter but still the same thing for £329. 99, Will buy an uprated controller if you are making it available, Let Me know asap wth price asap, please John.

  31. I would love to buy a controller from you!

  32. Question….. can the stock throttle be replaced by a thumb throttle? (original controller)

  33. 72v on a 350w motor? What’s the point? You’ll just been that sucker out

  34. Can you get more speed out of a 36v battery by modding the controller?

  35. Michael Shackelford December 23, 2020 @ 10:34 pm

    You are the man!
    I bought a 48v controller and battery and hooked it up with all the wire colors matching and it ran but very rough and high amp draw. I didn’t have the guts to start trying different combinations until I saw you video! Kudos!

  36. Bought an ebike and it’s dead want to sell that one if so privite mg me pkease

  37. Can you suggest a company that can do everything you are talking about ? I have no experience with electronics

  38. Scott J. Eschbach December 23, 2020 @ 10:37 pm

    I just receive my d1 the only thing wrong is the cruse control and battery guage dose not work bot other than that it is all good do you think that its an easy fix or do i need to send it back to China ? ugh

  39. What would be the outcome of you exchange the stock 10.4ah 36v battery for a larger 48v battery pack, still using stock 250w motor and controller?

    Would it be like using standard AA 1200 batteries in a camera (drains faster) then changing them to the AA 2300 high power type?

  40. I have jetson bolt pro small electric bike,I have a 36v 12ah battery ,can I put in the bike without change controller

  41. I hope this controller becomes available. I’m so tired of going 2 mph up hill

  42. Can i remove crankset of my ebike then replace it by footrest?

  43. Where can I buy one and how much faster will it make the bike

  44. sir good day hiw can i order desame controller that was in your video I’m here in UAE Dubai and seriously want to upgrade speed may dyu e bike thanks a lot

  45. Victor Axel Alonso December 23, 2020 @ 10:40 pm

    Do any of you guys know where to buy the on/off switch

  46. If you are looking to join DYU Facebook groups. One of them is "dyu e bike owners" . Share and add your experiences, swop ideas. Etc,.

  47. Great video. When’s the update coming? Just bought one and looking to mod it. Won’t you need a new hub motor if you’re switching the controller and battery to 72V?

  48. Can you Show me how the shunt Mod works im from Germany and i need help to get more torque at the samebike lo26

  49. I have a scooter that someone broke the thumb controls for throttle and break completely off, I have tried ones from other scooters but none of them work and I still get the error code for no throttle and break.
    How do I find out what thumb controls would work with it?

  50. New video?

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