TESTED | 2020 Trek Rail 9.8 is Trek's Best E-MTB Yet. New long-travel e-bike ridden and rated.

TESTED | 2020 Trek Rail 9.8 is Trek's Best E-MTB Yet. New long-travel e-bike ridden and rated.

Tad Da! The most improved e-MTB award for 2020 goes to Trek, with the brand new 2020 Trek Rail.

Taking a massive step up the ranks, the all-new long-travel e-MTB uses 29″ wheels, the impressive Bosch 4th Generation CX Motor and a whole host of nice features to boost it up at the front of the competitive e-MTB game.

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  1. Flow Mountain Bike November 29, 2020 @ 7:39 pm

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  2. When will we be able to get our hands on the new models

  3. How does it compare to norco vlt ? im on the fence

  4. Definitely worried about the that fork crown. Looks like it will burst…

  5. $12K, BUT NICE.

  6. did TREK provide the bike? no disclaimer makes it look like an ad.

  7. looks like it can plough anything

  8. Kelvyn Bettridge November 29, 2020 @ 7:52 pm

    Bike looks great! Shame about that display. If someone could confirm that is optional or can be replaced with button only option that would be awesome.

  9. Just checked this bike is $16000.00 plus taxs in Canada. Thats nuts .

  10. I demo rode a Rail 7 last weekend. Although you can’t hear in this video, the motor had a noisy, grainy sound to it and overall the bike had a lot of chatter. As good as the bike was (better than my 2019 Powerfly 7) the sounds coming from the Rail bike left me concerned about longevity and had me questioning the quality. The Rail was clearly faster, more agile, the better performance experience – more like an MTB feel than eMTB as with the Powerfly 7 if that makes sense. By comparison, the Powerfly 7 felt more solid and secure on the trail, like it was able to go the distance. As fun as the Rail was, and it was faster over the same loop, I would hesitate buying one given the quality concerns.

  11. Marcelo Forastieri November 29, 2020 @ 8:02 pm

    35mil real???😂😂😂😂ô loko bicho

  12. Not to mention YT Decoy?

  13. "in 2020, this list helped me decide for the best electric bike *scafe.shop/tbeb2020?bj* hope it helps you out too!"

  14. Thanks for the detailed review. Some nice updates. Please give some more insight into the sound/noise and performance feel of the new Bosch CX motor especially compared to the current 2019 Trek Powerfly 9.7

  15. Ride the dang thing for goodness sake.

  16. I just picked up the Rail 9.8 and have about 50 miles on it and it’s such a Great bike coming off a Turbo levo the new Boch motor is a better motor in my opinion

  17. Pierre Broccoli. November 29, 2020 @ 8:13 pm

    As I sit here with a sprained big toe, I appreciate the inclusion of fall shots in your video. Mine was riding down multi drops on my Slash and not having my shoes done up properly when I banged my foot into the ground in a landing dab.

    How do you find the seat angle on the Rail for climbing? Also how do you find the 29 2.6 up front?

    I had a XR5 2.6 up front on the Slash and found it vague on tech single track. Gone back to a 2.4 SE4 but have a 2.6 SE4 out back for climbing traction.

    Find the Slash a decent bike but a bit much to handle on very tight switch backs. Love it’s point down and lets go nature and she sails well in the air too. I would assume the Rail is similar in nature.

    The paint on the Slash is quite fragile though – branches and stone chips leave their marks.

  18. Can you do a review of the new ex8 please

  19. Nice…wish these mainstream ebikes could sport the electric rohloff gear box.

  20. 7.199€ 😏

  21. So it’s basically a slash with a motor…. I was hoping it was a remedy with a motor. 27.5!

  22. My Rail Creaks like a bitch i cant find what causing it

  23. David Droogleever November 29, 2020 @ 8:25 pm

    So… how fast can it go (with or) without pedaling? Is there a throttle?

  24. Recording of this "clunky noise" would really improve the video.

  25. They need to integrate the battery fully into the down tube.
    Also no display please!
    Looks so ugly

  26. the trouble with trek ah yeah trek bikes not star trek tribbles they are silly money never worth it I had one years ago carbon frame great bike still to much money especially because
    they use there in house parts Bontrager what a crap name people expect named parts for this money even if they are as good as say chromag hope and so on people feel they are getting ripped off
    which they are its a bit like the English rover car the name rover was crap it could have been the best car in the world it still would have gone down the pan its all in the name
    having said that it has to be good kit . specialized as well money grabbing s—ts

  27. But is 29 noo bike

  28. wheres the strive long term review?

  29. US availability is late November 2019. Although we get WAY fewer model options (no 9 or 9.8) GRRRRRRR!!!!

  30. Phantom Big Balls November 29, 2020 @ 8:34 pm

    I didn’t want to love ebikes.

    Then I had a go on a mates one

    Why wouldn’t you have one. Ride for hrs more and get more fun on the downs.

    I’m sold

  31. Great review, How is the performance of this bike going uphill..

  32. Has anyone who rides the slash ridden this bike ? love to hear their opinion on how it compares handling wise

  33. Buy a levo! Imo!

  34. this is the money no object ebike of my dream,s unfortunately a dream is all it will ever be as it,s crazy money to buy

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