THE BEST URBAN COMMUTER UNDER $2,000!! 2020 Surface 604 Colt electric bike review

THE BEST URBAN COMMUTER UNDER $2,000!! 2020 Surface 604 Colt electric bike review

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see more of the Colt:

cool gear we use while riding:
Best 360 action cam:
Our all-time fav helmet:
Another great helmet:
Gloves for extreme rides:
SUPER bright bike light:
Absurdly bright handheld light:
External battery for MacBook and accessories:
Still our favorite navigation device:
Another dope navigation device:
EVERY electric bike needs this seat post suspension:
Electric bike pump (because lazy):
Our daily bag for the last 5 years:
Our daily use electric bike:
Our daily use electric scooter:
Our daily use electric skateboard:

cool gear we use while filming:
Main camera:
Second camera:
Our favorite shotgun mic:
Lens we use for EVERYTHING:
Epic (and CHEAP) b roll lens:
Main action cam:
Second action cam (best choice for audio):
Main drone:
Second drone:
The gimbal of buttery smoothness:
Dopest camera bag of all time:

Readers Comments (25)

  1. gday mate

  2. 21:50 dats a big backpack

  3. Is 20mph enough? There’s lower priced e bikes that do 25, 25+.

  4. is it waterproof

  5. That backpack bro! Surface, doin it right. Great review.

  6. Notification Gang!

  7. The music is annoying. Just tell us about the bike. That’s why i tuned in.

  8. Why music?

  9. You know what size is the battery

  10. It’s NOT the same motor as the Shred.

  11. Frank Antonio Fierro Manduley November 26, 2020 @ 7:23 pm

    how can i increase the speed

  12. That’s a awesome bike, love the battery so slim.

  13. 馃憤

  14. City Strom is better deal then this and half the price – thanks for the info though

  15. Music is really horrible . . . I mean damn.

  16. Nice

  17. "in 2020, this list helped me decide for the best electric bike ** hope it helps you out too!"

  18. Did you notice that there are brake lights?

  19. Hey, great review, felt like the 25 minutes went by in 5! Just wanted to know when the winner for the Shift S-1 is going to be announced.

  20. Wiggeoli The third November 26, 2020 @ 7:48 pm

    Thank you for the extensive review

  21. I really really hate that stupid rock

  22. Good review except for the b roll being 3x longer than it needed to be

  23. Nice music 馃槑

  24. Great bike for cities 馃檪 Keep on the good job 馃檪

  25. I just saw it on Surface’s Website for $2,599 USD !

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