THE WORLDS CHEAPEST EBIKE BUILD! In this first episode, I unboxed my eBay 48V 1000w ebike kit! also, I unboxed the 48v 1000w 20 amp hour battery. Stay tuned for the actual build video in a couple days.
eBike kit:
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Song: DJ Williams – Sunset Ride

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  1. I completed my e-bike thanks to your video here and I couldn’t be happier I got best bike award with a trophy and it’s true my e-bike goes 40 some miles on one charge I mainly throttle it I don’t bring it above 750 watts thank you so much you’re the best I’ve been recommending the ideas of purchasing to everybody

  2. How many km does it go on a full battery on flat road?

    I want to buy same kit same battery

  3. YEET its good to switch things up bro

  4. build one you can ride mountain bike trails like a ninja

  5. How long of a run time on that battery

  6. I agree with the video, even so, I prefer to continue with my bromtom bike with the Aston Rider engine under pedal box, it runs at more than 23mih x for less than $ 300!

  7. Hi there I was going to buy one o& these kits but a can’t find the link to the battery it won’t bring me to the battery page itself. Can somebody please help. Thanks

  8. *So basically $200 plus the cost of the battery $150 & a bike $350 if you have a bike not Awful..*

  9. Samuel demétrio January 22, 2021 @ 7:49 pm

    Very cool!!!

  10. You can convert pedal assist into throttle. Or just mount the magnetic disc onto your front rim and mount the sensor onto the shock or somewhere right next to the disc and whenever the wheel is moving the motor will start running

  11. I’m building an ebike using this kit and a cheap beach cruiser. I’m planning on putting the control unit and battery in a 30cal ammo container. Does anyone know the dimensions of the control unit?

  12. Drone Video footage January 22, 2021 @ 7:51 pm

    Wth, this thing went up buy $95

  13. Had mind for 2 and a bit years, lasts very well if installed properly and maintained. Gets up to 30mph if you’re like 70kg in weight. Only problem with my bike is that I bought a cheap battery but that’s nothing to do with the kit. touch wood it still holds up ( it has done nearly 1900km).

  14. Chinese fingerprint coronavirus.

  15. i mostly ride a zero 10x but i have a shimano hardtail i made into an ebike

  16. Great build

  17. Don’t worry. The battery gets heavier when you charge it. It’s not because it’s a cheap Chinese battery that’s really 5AH.

  18. What are the pros and cons
    Front hub vs rear hub

  19. Swampbutt Stinson January 22, 2021 @ 7:59 pm

    I admire your restraint; no way in hell I ever would’ve allowed that box to just sit there without at least a peek. Kudos to you, hercules.

  20. This is my bike it’s the same.

  21. Don’t worry, I’m an ebike liking viewer. Always wanted to build an electric dirtbike, that way I can roll back into the house without getting yelled at for smelling like 2 stroke gas fumes.

  22. 20ah….yeah ok lol

  23. William Penn jr. January 22, 2021 @ 8:05 pm

    by next year the battery will be half the size, half the weight and half the price for twice the wattage.

    but you’ll have to have to get registration and insurance.

  24. Long time no see.. You are growing older now hahaha..

  25. Everything Gaming January 22, 2021 @ 8:09 pm

    The Ebike battery is not available anymore, is there an alternative?

  26. I found out that you can ride ebikes almost everywhere, also. They are quiet, and hardly any maintenance. Only replaced spokes and onebattery connection, from use/ abuse, over 5 years. Plus you can charge up on a regular outlet.

  27. Audio problems at the end… It’s the motorcycle gods telling you to stick to motorcycle videos… 😜😜😜

  28. Mysterious Rider January 22, 2021 @ 8:12 pm

    Should of put wheel other way round then you’d of been going backwards then you would of been a time traveller. good little kit for the price

  29. How many mah do i need on a 66.6volt battery contraption 😂 on a 1000w motor

  30. 2020 ELECTION SNAPSHOTS January 22, 2021 @ 8:13 pm

    On the real, I bought 2 in two years, The rims are very delicate and the controller will burn out if you constantly goose the throttle like a motorcycle,I wasted too much money on the cheap kits, I shelled iut 850 + bucks for a 5000 watt 100 amp kit that rides insanely fast.
    All togther I have 1600 bucks on a speed demon and a workhorse that can carry 180 lbs easily. Basically a stealth bomber kit.

  31. I feel like the capacity rating is fake. if a battery that small is "very light", it’s probably not legit… It should feel like a little brick.

  32. Travel WithoutMoving January 22, 2021 @ 8:16 pm

    Buying Chinese Batteries is like Buying Chinese Sd cards.

  33. the rear shock will crush the battery

  34. Did not like the 3 minute commercial in the middle.

  35. Uuuuummmm… yyyeah… Not at all interesting… Don’t get me wrong. You are amazing, your channel is amazing, and your skills are amazing, so GOOD JOB, but this is not at all what we subscribed for… By all means, do as much of this as you want, but please, not at the expensive of the motorcycle wrenching videos…

  36. That battery is a scam… i have that battery and got my money back because i tested it and its only 500 watts and 20 amp hours. i would suggest you get your money back. i got a free refund and got to keep the battery.

  37. Great job how did you find the Chinese battery performed usually they are nowhere near the 20amps as stated probably half that if lucky.

  38. Todor Radoev Todorov January 22, 2021 @ 8:23 pm

    could you somehow test if the battery capacity is really 20Ah?Looks quite small for a 20Ah :S mine is 15Ah and it’s about the same size (same price too but mine has the bottle case thing)

  39. ebay link for battery does not work!…

  40. I have the 500w one from them so far so good

  41. Excited to see where this goes. Good work with everything on your channel man 👍

  42. I got my 1500W today. There is a gold ring in the stryrofoam compartment opposite the gear. It is about an inch and 3/4 across. Nothing in the instructions about it. There is a pedal assist sensor/ring, but that’s not it. Anybody know what it is?

  43. You didn’t actually pay for that frame did you? 🙂

  44. *5:13** lol "Im definitely gonna Lysol this thing" 🤣 Imagine buying a tire or wheel then needing to sanitize it. Lol Chinese people must really gross him out. Gotta get the Chinese fingerprints off*

  45. Powered by glucose January 22, 2021 @ 8:31 pm

    I can recommend this, I have exact same kit from voilamart, at 4700 miles in 26 months of commuting, going strong 💪 with top speed around 33-34 mph.
    Bulk order brakes pads though, need a new set every 1000 miles give or take.

  46. Any update?

  47. Is the battery reliable? I just ordered the Okoman 28AH but people are saying that they are actually just 6-10AH. Still worth the $50 I paid for it, though.

  48. would a rear wheel kit work on the front?

  49. I’m wanting to make a hybrid bike out of my ct70. Electric front and petrol rear. All wheel drive baby

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