The Colours Of Bike Racing | Why There Are So Many Different Jerseys In Pro Cycling

The Colours Of Bike Racing | Why There Are So Many Different Jerseys In Pro Cycling

There are many different jerseys in the world of cycling. From general classification leaders to world champions, there seems to be a different set of jerseys for almost every race. But do you know your Maillot Jaune from your Maglia Rosa? Your Rainbow Bands from your Lanterne Rouge? Well, pay close attention; in this video, Manon tells you the story behind some of the most important jerseys in bike racing.

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What’s your favourite jersey in cycling?

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Readers Comments (50)

  1. Sorry, but IMHO there is nothing worse than seeing one of the worlds Iconic jerseys being worn by a wannabe on a bike, as opposed to being worn by a cyclist who won the right to wear it, it is the same as driving a Ferrari kit car, all a bit sad and fooling no one.

  2. This video was excellent and gave me a good idea for another video. There are probably a number of us who enjoy riding but have no real understanding of how cycling competitions work. What, for example, is the difference between a Sportif and a Gyro? Are there other types of cycling events? How does a person move up through the system? Watching GCN the last few years has made me far more aware of the lingo of cycling, but it’s as if I understand the language yet have no concept of the culture in which that language is spoken.

  3. No black jersey? Matt had one!

  4. Excellent video Manon! Wonderful presentation!!

  5. Vuelta white Jersey missed off the list.

  6. Please do your research next time, Henri Desgrange was the race organiser, l’Auto was the newspaper not l’Equipe, etc…

  7. Thx for the lot of useless knowledge i alwaywanted to know. But i think i just forgot how to calculate 1+1.

  8. Love the rainbow jersey.

  9. How on earth does Dan not have a lantern on his NEW GCN kit?

  10. Maybe consider a Retitle to clarify that you are only covering Male Pro Cycling….as you fail to mention any women’s jerseys.

  11. Blan”K” 😱 it’s not blan”k” it’s a silent “c”, blanc..please get it right…embarrassingly marvellous 👀

  12. Manon: "And that’s where – the … polka-dots came from … Hmmm, Mmmm!, Mmmm!!!" : Too funny! … Yeah, that’s my favorite one.

  13. Yellow1 green2 rainbow polka dots 4

  14. Is hard to understand, as a casual cyclist myself. Could they all be worn by cyclists in the same race? Or there is different championships?

  15. This video would make a fantastic drinking game, take a drink every time you hear the word ‘jersey’ lol

  16. Eduardo Verissimo December 14, 2020 @ 9:41 pm

    4:50 wonderful picture

  17. Rainbow or Green TDF please

  18. Janus Mananghaya December 14, 2020 @ 9:42 pm

    Is vuelta doesn’t have a sprint and mountains jersey?

  19. I love you GCN but, come on, I think you’re deliberately asking presenters to mispronounce Italian words on purpose. This time it’s "maglia". The ‘g’ should be silent just like it is in tagliatelle. 

    In a recent clip it was "strade bianche" where the ‘che’ sound should be hard like a ‘k’. 

    Sorry for the pedantry, it’s the Italian teacher in me.

  20. How about the old school combination jersey?

  21. Global Cycling Network December 14, 2020 @ 9:44 pm

    What’s your favourite jersey in cycling?

  22. I thought back in the old days that the last rider in the Tour de France had a red light so as to warn motorists of cyclists ahead. That is what I would have thought is reason the last rider gets the red lantern jersey.

    I think it should still be the case that the last rider has a red light on his bike.

  23. Polka Dot Jersey – amanita muscaria.

  24. Vinaykumar Eluri December 14, 2020 @ 9:48 pm

    I can proudly wear the Lanterne rouge

  25. TLDR: you won’t be wearing any of these so don’t worry about the random colour changes. just enjoy the show XD silly sponsors.

  26. Paymon Hamidizadeh December 14, 2020 @ 9:55 pm

    i needed this video ty

  27. Lanter jearsey in tour as black in giro

  28. Lantern jersey is my favorite, totally getting one 🙂 thank you great video!

  29. Jason Carmichael December 14, 2020 @ 9:59 pm

    Ochre jersey for the leader of the TDU…

  30. And the olympic chamion gets to wear a special jersey with gold bands on sleeves. How did you forget that?!

  31. In USA Color

  32. I want Gray and Red Lantern jersey

  33. i want a green or purple

  34. Such a slap in the face… Oh you finished in last? Take the lr jersey so everyone can make fun of you and everyone can see how trash you are..

  35. I like the polka dot jersey as well, but it’s bad karma to wear that and get passed going up a big hill. 🙂
    Turns your daily cruise on the bike into an all-out war – LOL

  36. Get out of that echo chamber when you record your vids. Shame on the GCN team for letting it happen more than once

  37. Valhal Performance December 14, 2020 @ 10:07 pm

    Great video as always! 😀👍

  38. 6:40 "Last but not least" – that has to be the most succinct, yet comprehensive, description of the Lanterne Rouge I’ve heard so far. Kudos.

  39. No mention of the legendary Maglia Nera? Probably my favorite of all jerseys.

  40. Henri Degorge? C’mon… Manon…. learn how to pronounce his name please.

  41. I enjoyed this report

  42. 5:12 pogacar and roglic

  43. What about the giro’s black? Maglia nera? That has some great stories

  44. Hello, could have mentioned the Italian "la maglia nera". The last to win was Giovanini Pinarello!

  45. Combined jersey of the Tour de France. It’s the best of all the jerseys as it’s made up of a patch of each.

  46. Strictly the Green is the Points Jersey, not the ‘Sprinters’ Jersey. Worn by the person crossing an intermediate point or the Finish line first in most non-mountain stages. Just so happens that much of the time it ends up being contested by Sprinters, until Sagan highlighted requirement to be a Sprinter+ to win it more recently.

  47. Maglia Nera of the Giro is my favourite one

  48. A question for Dan and Connor:
    Do some riders try to get the Lantern Rogue? If they are already near the bottom of the standings going into the last few stages of course

  49. cyclingaddict imi December 14, 2020 @ 10:25 pm

    the rainbow jersey- Peter Sagans jersey

  50. GIRO all the way, (Pains me to say the TDF King of the mountains is the best one though)

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