The Ebike Tool you didn't know you needed – Bike Tool Tuesday

The Ebike Tool you didn't know you needed – Bike Tool Tuesday

Help Bolton Ebikes make the BEST multi-tool for ebikes! Comment with your suggestions below. For more ebikes parts and pieces check out

Multi-tool options:
Hex sizes
Philip sizes
Flat sizes
Spoke wrench sizes
Tire lever
Chain tool
8-19mm adjustable wrench

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  1. can you help how to connect elictric wirings to bike

  2. Put on a ratcheting 3/8" head and let customers pick the appropriate sockets to fit the end fasteners on their bikes. Could also be a 1/4" drive on bikes.

  3. Too much to carry. I鈥檒l just call the wife to bring the truck.

  4. I鈥檓 just learning about ebikes and really enjoy your channel.

  5. How about… a tool to pull and cut zip ties. A place to hold a spare battery key. A small flashlight. An 18mm ratchet box wrench instead of the adjustable one. A small brush to clean components. A tiny high powered magnet to hold things.

  6. does your tool can loosen up a 21 bolt

  7. All of those tools are great. However, I’m old school with a medium size vice scrip in a mesh back pack. I’d like that multi tool though. And definitely will need it. Where can I find it?

  8. 3,4,5,6 metric hex wrenches. one plastic tire puller. phillips P2 and standard head screw-drivers, razor-blade for cutting, schrader adaptor for presta tubes,

  9. Wire stripper/cutter

  10. Very Clever tool

  11. Any word on the tool? Love to get one!

  12. Richard Burguillos November 25, 2020 @ 7:37 pm

    For my direct drive I need to CUT two cable ties and release the cable that feeds the motor to remove the wheel so add a cutter. Something that will let me snip off cable ties. Then a storage location where I can store a few small emergence ties to re cable tie the cable back in place after the repair. Also need Phillips screw driver to remove torque washer and possibly a star driver as well… can鈥檛 remember the sizes through… of course the metric Allen wrenches for all those various things on the bike.

    I have a Cargo Bike so I carry a 3/8 socket wrench with extender and the 18mm socket. Have to get in past the rear footrests / platforms.

  13. my old prodeco phantom x2 uses a 21 mm socket. So i always carry this big 21 mm ratchet with me. Its a good thing I have panniers 馃槉

  14. Ray Entertainment November 25, 2020 @ 7:38 pm

    Cool video not sure if you had cutters like for cutting zip ties that would come in handy. Also is it possible to get keys made for e batteries?

  15. Where do you get a tool with that wrench on it?

  16. I can’t think of anything at the moment to add to that tool. But I will tell you that adjustable wrench part is awesome and exactly what I would want to have on there.

  17. great idea!

  18. Well done, appreaceated 馃憤
    How about locks, I’m interested in the cafe / frame to wheel type, haven’t seen one for the fat tire 26×4 , any input ?

  19. Espresso machine. Definitely espresso machine….. Every ebike tool should have one…..

  20. I’m just learning about ebikes and really enjoy your channel thank you for the information you provided

  21. Now that’s a wicked pissaha Muti-Tool!!!
    Mr. Bolton;
    Please send me that tool!!!
    I need it bad!
    I bought your E Bike
    Multi-Tester you offered recently.
    It’s a terrifically powerful amazing tool. !!!!
    Paul b
    Cape Cod Ma

  22. Just got my new E bike from Bolton yes I use my new tool and it worked wonderful

  23. Whatsup Kyle does your brain ever get any rest? You’re always coming up with such KOOL STUFF. Why couldn’t you be one of my Homies? I would have the best custom built e-bike out here with all the lastest and greatest accessories. I check your site daily to see what is going on in the e-bike world plus a couple others sites. But I grew up in Brooklyn New York and I think I’m a good judge of character. And I hate for someone to try and yank my chain.But you come across as a good guy. So Thank YOU FOR THAT. That being said I can’t wait till you finish that multi-tool. That adjustable wrench GENIUS even though I have QR Ilove it. Whish i had some ideas for more tools to add.

  24. I hope I win thank you

  25. Pressure gauge

  26. I have a separate wrench like the one on your multi tool… but its huge… I would gladly replace it for the one you show in this video… good work kyle

  27. yeah kyle, all those work, and I like the adj.wrench.

  28. video starts at 1 min, what a waste of time before that.

  29. I used some of those "spring wrenches" decades ago working "in the ditch"…and they were a GODSEND!!! only having to expose the top half of a threaded on fitting and be able to run it off was a huge advantage/time saver….
    I really enjoy your videos. It is unfortunate that you picked "Bolton" as your brand as this invites confusion with the Bolton UK bike brand…that’s too bad. Oh well…carry on because you put out really good/useful content.

  30. Will have to get one for my Rad, i’ve seen the pictures of what happened to people when the back wheel came loose on them and went into a wobble, injuries weren’t pretty.

  31. what’s the name of the bag and is the tool still available?

  32. That kind of adjustable wrench tears up the nuts due to the aggressive teeth. A better option might be an 18mm stubby wrench, such as a Sunex 993018M (available at Amazon for under $9 shipped). A more versatile but more expensive option would be a 150mm Knipex adjustable wrench (KNIPEX Tools 86 05 150), which handles a variety of sizes with always parallel jaws in a 6" long wrench. The 5" long (125mm) version of the wrench is lighter and smaller and technically can handle an 18mm nut, but it won’t have the same leverage.

  33. The chain tool would be a useful addition.

  34. Great idea and thanks for including your viewers

  35. You do know it is totally obnoxious to be listening to you and then LOUD noise blasts you in the face.

  36. Where can I get one of those

  37. I have fixing bikes for just over sixty years and worked for a while as a professional bike mechanic, framebuilder, wheel builder, and bike repair class instructor.Also have had ebikes for almost twenty years. Your tool kit is similar to what I carry with a few exceptions. I carry an 18mm ratcheting combination wrench, crank puller and pedal wrench as well. I have replaced zip ties that have to be removed to fix rear wheel flats with sein twine which I simply untie and reuse. When I need a long levered wrench but want to store in a small pouch, I made a short arm breaker bar with a telescoping lever arm. I add the sockets to fit the sizes on the specific bike. I sometimes carry a small digital multimeter if going on longer rides with a group of varied skill level riders. I am not in favor of the wrench type shown on your multi tool. A small crescent wrench with a piece of flattened EMT tubing for a lever extention would would be my choice, especially in the hands of an average rider with beginning or intermediate mechanic’s skills. Your videos are informative and well done INMHO, with the exception of your intro sequence, which is entertaining but not informative, especially when seen after the first time. Visual effective comminication is a sophisicated skill. How to hold the veiwer’s interest and convey your desired info in a succint manner. Perhaps you could edit it down to 20-30 seconds.

  38. Super job Kyle, great piece of kit 馃 what about a bottle opener added on 馃槂馃檶馃挜

  39. Definitely going to get your Bolton multi tool. We own two beta 300 trials bikes and that the Bolton multi tool will be added to my tool pouch. I also waiting for a Raprover ebike to be delelivered. Great video鈥檚

  40. These tools are not specific to ebikes , they are just tools for all bikes .
    Click Bait!

  41. Thank you for everything you do for the e bike community!!!

  42. I have a 15mm nut on the front axle and an 18 mm but on the rear hub axle. So, the adjustable wrench is a perfect idea along with the rest of the suggested tools. Where can I get one right now!

  43. At 4:20 ,that back tire reminds me of my ex wife. How about a tool trailer ? thanks guy.

  44. Tire spoon.

  45. $40.00? no thanks

  46. Another great vid! What would you recommend regarding anti theft? alarms, lock etc.

  47. Traditionally we call the tool for tightening spoke nuts, and that is a spoke Key. I was building bikes 60 years ago so hope my knowledge helps you?

  48. I have a stubby wrench of the right size for the axle bolt that fits in the bag and cut off some pvc pipe to use as an extender to get enough torque on the bolt. Together they both fit in a bag about the size in the video. I also use some toe nail clippers for cutting zip ties. Also they are small enough to fit in the smallish seat bag.

  49. A useful tool would be a valve stem tool. I have run into the problem were the CO2 pump that screws on can loosen the inside of the stem and pull it out.

  50. Hi from Spain. New Subscriber. Really enjoying your videos. Im a 75 year old cyclist. I was a professional bike builder in London from 1960. However I am new 2020 to eBikes. I think Multi Tools often have too many Hex Wrenches. On my 2 ebikes i am assembling I just need:
    1 x 6mm Hex Head, for Handles Bar Stem for both bikes.
    1 x 8mm Hex Head, for eTrike rear axle chassis bolts.
    1 x 3/16" Blade Screw Driver Blade
    1 x 1/4" Blade Screw Driver Blade
    1 x Hoof Pick for cleaning out Tyre tread.
    1 x tyre pressure gauge (Tubular type)
    1 x Small Phillips Screw Driver for all those gadgets on handle bars.
    I also carry a large adjustable wrench.
    Here is an idea: In stead of buying an expensive tubular tool holder tube. I encouraged my wife to get herself a new Spaghetti tubular box. I got the old one. Now I have the longest Tool Tube than anyone I have meet. They love the idea. Hope you do? Cheers!

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