The Futuristic Cyclotron Bike Has Airless And Spokeless Wheels | Mach | NBC News

The Futuristic Cyclotron Bike Has Airless And Spokeless Wheels | Mach | NBC News

The Cyclotron Bike is a smart bicycle that has airless and spokeless wheels. Its integrated design allows for better aerodynamics, making it really fast to ride.
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The Futuristic Cyclotron Bike Has Airless And Spokeless Wheels | Mach | NBC News

Readers Comments (17)

  1. Ach du Scheiße was für ein unfassbarer Müll

  2. I already own one of these….it’s called the Zwift Concept Bike.

  3. Looks nice. Where do i put my bag of groceries?
    And err, after how many spin cycles do the wheels fall off? Looks flimsy.

  4. So is this a scam?

  5. John Carlo Lorieta January 8, 2021 @ 11:01 pm

    how does it work?

  6. LUL get scammed idiots

  7. It looks like hes going super slow.

  8. It looks ugly, also it looks heavy and weak at the same time. You can’t go to the mountain with that bike, the wheels are too small so you have to sprint the double than a normal bike.
    Edit: I’m also thinking in the several security issues that this bike can bring to your life, anyone with some IT knowledge could probably steal your bike’s data and know your routes, your schedule, where you live and all this proven as dangerous things.

  9. All backers of this group buy, aka crowdfunding got scammed!

  10. Balasaheb gadekar January 8, 2021 @ 11:16 pm


  11. $100,000 for a bike! Where’s the gold and diamonds? Looks like metal and lights to me, who is their right mind would pay enough to buy a house for a bike? You’d have to be stupid rich or just stupid to waste such money when you can just get this design from a market that has an actual reasonable price.

  12. "Airless Wheels" i rather have the air cussion, then big chunks breaking out of the wheel, when damaged! 0:30
    Spokeless on the other hand is just great!

  13. Cool

  14. Should charge itself!

  15. i want one

  16. This was a massive scam LOL

  17. Está increíble qué pedo con la dos ruedas no se mueven?

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