The Hero Eco A2B Metro Electric Bike Is A City Commuter's Dreamcycle

The Hero Eco A2B Metro Electric Bike Is A City Commuter's Dreamcycle

The Metro (now known as the Octave) is an 80 lbs electric bike with built-in battery and maximum speed of 20 MPH. A2B’s standard $3000 model was put through it’s paces by John Biggs on a ride from Brooklyn to Manhattan. He goes through a few of the features and pros/cons.

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Readers Comments (16)

  1. Why not charge it with a mini-alternator/generator as you pedal it?

  2. i got one 馃檪 the fold up version

  3. anything under 30mph is pretty crap. 30mph ebikes actually have a advantage but 20mph is not worth it. go for a 30mph ebike. a 30mph flat speed ebike will get you uphill at 20mph also. the cyclone mid drive kit is the best value ready to install kit around. with a 48v 20ah a123 lifepo4 20c battery you will give car drivers a run for their money

  4. I get about 80 miles in a day on this bike..

  5. Nothing is new about that its just fancy thats all bikes like that been out since the 50 if u look back old thing makes the new thing never for get that an old thing are better they last 99.9 percent longer thats why there still around like old house cars an so on

  6. Sir eska kitna kimat hai

  7. You are mistaken. I own this beast and I assure you its one bad ass bike!

  8. Man with that range,the heavy of a bike, plus the $3000 dollars price range, and having to wait 4-6 hours to charge I’d rather stick with my longboard throughout the streets.

  9. They are expensive but really good to ride.
    My one says made in china on it, but it still cost a lot of money.

  10. For that price you might as well buy a used motorcycle or scooter…聽

  11. how to replace the battery after three years ?

  12. exactly 馃檪 if they know 3k

  13. First comment

  14. That’s stupid I can make the same and cost me way less lol

  15. Theyll get stolen in 5 minutes.

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