The New Fat Tire Jeep E-Bike is The Ultimate Two-Wheeled Jeep – Here's How It Works!

The New Fat Tire Jeep E-Bike is The Ultimate Two-Wheeled Jeep – Here's How It Works!

( ) Check out TFL’s new apparel store now! We’re covering a Jeep you may have never seen before. In fact, its an electric mountain bike made by Colorado company QuietKat, and it’s one of the torquiest E-bikes around.

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Readers Comments (50)

  1. OfficialHiddentest February 18, 2021 @ 9:20 pm

    I’ll stick with regular mountain bikes from $1,000-$3,499 more fun

  2. Did they mention a starting MSRP for this thing? I either missed it or they didn’t give one.

  3. A $2K ebike made in China plus $4K for the Jeep branding … perfect!

  4. Can it conquer Everest?

  5. Crap components.

  6. 20 miles range and then you are stuck with heavy as bike? There are cheaper eMTB with better components than this horrible thing! Or just spend the money on a proper MTB and you’ll easily do 20 miles on it…

  7. You’re too old to wear that hat sideways buddy. Bike is cool though but you ain’t lol. Don’t be a poser.

  8. Enjoy the beautiful Planet February 18, 2021 @ 9:27 pm

    *Best Ebike Racing Motorcycles ***

  9. I’m calling you all out on the financing part. No bank or even factory financing in their right mind would let you add a 6000 dollar bike to the financing unless you had a ton of equity in the contract. Most people who want to finance anything these days bring little to zero down to the table when they purchase a vehicle. Can you imagine the nightmare of trying to collect for that bike when things go wrong. Unlivable statement by that dude. They’re not wheels and tires and racks or steps and the dollars are as big as lift kits and you know most of the time nobody walks off with the lift kit when the bills can’t be paid. It’s all about the equity in the deal. Think about it. If you think you’re financing that bike it’s only because you already paid for it. Geeze, really.

  10. The Tech of Tech February 18, 2021 @ 9:28 pm

    Great set of specs. I can’t wait to see some riding reviews of this.

  11. Great Review! Jeep ebikes tires are no joke. Can you also review Bakcou electric bikes if possible?

  12. What a ripoff, much like all GM products these days

  13. Michael Sprinzeles February 18, 2021 @ 9:31 pm

    Nice e-bike. Good specs. At $6k it should be pretty awesome. At 750 watts nominal and 160 Newton meters of torque I’m guessing a Baffang Ultra motor? Makes a perfect accessory for a Jeep because it will reliably get you home when the Jeep breaks down.

  14. i like how honest he was with the range

  15. i feel like they just explained a bicycle.
    Also I dont see the purpose of the partnership.

  16. That’s pretty cool bike. At my age, an electric bike will allow me to follow my grand kids on the trail.

  17. A $900 Lectric Ebike makes this $5800 sherman tank laughable….just another example of being ripped off by another brand name,low tier piece of sh#t. They laugh thier way to the bank while you’re "rolling" that big POS back down the hill you just killed your weak a$$ battery climbing….lol….sheesh

  18. You could order an e-bike from Alibaba, with better specs, i.e 21Ah battery and better front suspension for $2800. Thats including shipping! Thats way too much money for the specs stated. Just paying for the “Jeep” name!

  19. trashiest potato February 18, 2021 @ 9:39 pm

    I use it for work.. to point. B.. to. A..

  20. For $3500 you could get a Biktrix Juggernaut Ultra FS instead. I doubt TFLnow will seriously try to find the best offroad ebike, but I would like to see some head-to-head comparisons among Watt Wagons, Optibike, Luna, and Hi Power Cycles.

  21. Motor+Cycle… you do the math…

  22. Ouch, that weight! Ouch, that price! Way too much money for a BICYCLE!

  23. I like what he’s doing. I’d rip em’ apart on some of the details he said, but there is nothing wrong with this bike. I have a 500 watt nominal motor with 750 watt peak. But! It’s limited due to Canada’s laws… with some settings changes (right out of the box) you can pull over 1000 watts from the controller and raise the top speed. The motor handles it easily and it kills the battery faster. But I have 48V 16.5 AH battery running in -10°C, snow and lots of hills! I can’t kill this battery! I rode 50kms in one day, made it home with two bars! Your never tired! These bikes, (and this one has good parts) are AMAZING! DEFINATELY GIVE IT A TRY. No insurance or license baby!

  24. Are there any of these electric bikes that have at least a 50 Mile range? Then I’d be interested.

  25. 6 gs is way too much when i can buy a honda crf 250l for the same price and go farther faster cheaper with a much, much better life span. Sorry no go.

  26. 8500, u can get a 2013 Kia or 2017 Taurus for that money.

  27. For that price you only get range of 20 miles? No thanks

  28. Although E-Bikes have some limitations they are getting better all the time with better technology. My E- bike is three years old and is already obsolete technology compared to today’s E-Bikes but I still love it and wouldn’t trade it for a traditional pedal bike.

  29. I heard this bike can’t fit in a Tacoma.

  30. Looks like a frey bike 🤔 with jeep stickers 👍🏻

  31. Cool video didn’t know about ebikes

  32. Flythesky Flythesky February 18, 2021 @ 9:58 pm

    How much?

  33. Get a Luna X1 with lighter carbon fiber frame for almost half the price

  34. Honestly when you say 20 mile range is that on eco?For an adventure bike you need to get at least double the range. I again say at least double.

  35. what about head angle and reach chain stay ….(joke) . I missed what the front fork travel was. I can understand the inverted front shock. i think that. I think a blew a seal on mine on a bike that weights about 1/3. here is the thing, nice idea. I like it. I see do not see it as mountain bike. more like and off road motor bike. As for the tires and brakes. They are most cost effective ones on the market. I know because that is what I use. I will say the brakes last, and modulation on my model is great.

  36. Frame made in China? Check
    Brakes made in China? Check
    Mid mount motor made in China? Check
    Tires made in China? Check
    Jeep logo made in China? Check
    This guy is pocketing $5500 after he pays his Chinese parts supplier.
    Nothing screams ‘Murica like a $6000 bike worth $500!

  37. 20 miles of range and starts at 5899? no, thanks. Huck cycles stinger, 3000 watt motor, triple the range, full suspension, 4500 bucks.

  38. $5899🤭😲???I’ll just buy a $4 Authentic Jeep Sticker and slap it on my $800 Amazon e-bike and save $5095😂😂😂

  39. They’re lying they’re using a really bad Chinese motor I don’t recommend this bike

  40. I need to test this ebike on the Rubicon trail….after all….it is just an hour away from my house.

  41. So this is 14.5 Ah for $6000… Or the best rated one on Amazon is 12.5Ah… for $599……. Cough cough…

  42. How much it would cost??

  43. reise and muller super delight PERIOD!!!

  44. Anybody that knows anything about electric bikes knows this is complete garbage. This is tops a $2,500 electric bike off the shelf. If you wanted to build this bike yourself ,could do it for a little more than a grand. This bike is for wealthy suckers that don’t know any better.

  45. Ya lost me at $5899.

  46. Bendmac Manufacturing February 18, 2021 @ 10:12 pm

    $5800 Wow in this pandemic I’ll pass !!!!

  47. Can I ask a question?

  48. I ordered two –they can’t keep them in stock

  49. $58.99 I’m in.

  50. Would I be able to fit 35’s without a lift?

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