This bike is changing the world: eROCKIT the future of mobility!

This bike is changing the world: eROCKIT the future of mobility!

The eROCKIT vehicle concept puts people at the focus of the mobility of the future. Enjoy the amazing driving pleasure with eROCKIT, the fascinating pedal-controlled electric motorcycle, the Human Hybrid with a phenomenal range of 120 kilometers. It is almost self explaning, just like a bicycle. The acceleration is outstanding. More info and order at:

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  1. I swear I had this idea before, but just to release my own height… And was just mechanical… Anyway, nobody has to born in the global south.

  2. These people could become billionaires if they come in india

  3. How much and give it to me

  4. How abt malaysian?

  5. Send one to me

  6. Is this bike available in India , if not then came in to the world’s biggest market

  7. What about Africa. I have started my savings.

  8. English spoken video , thank you so much!

  9. When is this coming to the U.S.A.? Would love to have one.

  10. Guys, this is something I’m looking for. When would you guys come to India ?

  11. good initiative n creative design

  12. Price of the bike?

  13. Cuando en el pais de Colombia(medellin. Ant)…sur america

  14. Amazing work keep it up! Your team should look for sale to whole world.

  15. I hope you can sell it to the philippines too.

  16. Great ! So when can I buy them in the UK please?

  17. šŸ’Æāš”šŸ’ŖšŸš“ā¤āœˆ

  18. 13.000 bucks? Fcking HELL LOL

  19. what happened when charge die should pedaling helps to move ?

  20. Where is coming in

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