This Is The Perfect Electric Bike For A Passenger

This Is The Perfect Electric Bike For A Passenger

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Readers Comments (50)

  1. Nice bike and great explanation on components and capability.

  2. I like it from šŸ‡ØšŸ‡¦

  3. I need one myself because I donā€™t have a car šŸš—

  4. Is the mid-drive better than the rear hub drive?

  5. Michael McCurley November 27, 2020 @ 7:27 pm

    Interesting idea. I’m thinking of building a strictly off road 2WD fat tired cargo ebike. First question is about wheel dia. 26" seems standard for fat bikes, but am curious about 24" and even 20" setups. The smaller the wheel, the more the torque advantage. What type of frame is used for 20" wheels? Am thinking of 350w (or 500w, push the limit a bit) geared hub motors at each end, single controller (realistic, or two better?) as much battery capacity as I can squeeze in to it. Am thinking of just one gear at crankset, and one on rear wheel, skip the gear changers (still can’t spell that French term), the pedals are there in case the electrics crap out. This thing would be ridden at 10 mph MAX hauling about 20 pounds of nugget hunting gear around on old logging roads and goat tracks. Very low speed but a LOT of climbing grades. What got me started on this thread is the Ubco 2WD electric tote goat from New Zealand. At $6500 base price, that leaves a lot of room for DIY.

  6. This might be the right bike for me maybe. 6’2" 200lb. To go get groceries and joy rides on the road šŸ™‚

  7. Love your channel

  8. Sorry but I can’t stand riding a bike without a front suspension fork in the city. The streets are only smooth for several weeks after the asphalt was freshly laid. After a ride with no front shock, my poor hands feel like they were vibrated to death. It seems like cities don’t put enough money toward street repairs.

  9. This was a real treat to whatch

  10. I love it, I need this bike!

  11. Why you don’t talk
    About the price of the
    E Bike.let me hear

  12. Charles Berlanga November 27, 2020 @ 7:34 pm

    Looks like something a British dude with a derby and a pipe would be riding to the pub.

  13. @Bolton Ebikes — just wanted to say thank you for your integrity and strong standards. You really bring a rational mind to your videos, and I really appreciated listening to why you chose various design changes to the typical "cargo" ebike design. I own a rad city 2019 and have gotten into ebikes since, found your channel recently. Really appreciate all the extra thought you put into things — but also your strong morals for business and bikes in general! Wish there were a lot more people with such concern for others — love your content and appreciate you sharing all of this! Keep it up!

  14. qestion i live in Germany if my bike hub or mif drive are over powered how would they know this.

  15. Can I get a shock on this bike?

  16. How would you compare a Dapu middrive to a Ba fang Mid drive? In quality.

  17. I also noticed that the tires are not fat bike tires. How come ????

  18. Kyle you are a heck of a salesman, the "Herky" is aptly named about the only Cargo plane( besides a "Greyhound" )
    to be able to land and take off from an aircraft carrier,
    How about that marvelous little Bird the Brits had called a "Lysander"? tough as nails STOL within reason and surprisingly fast( like some mtn bikes?

  19. Is this a review of a bike that you manufacture and you also review bikes from other companies?

  20. Curtis Mostlypeaceful Womack November 27, 2020 @ 7:48 pm

    Mid-drive is great. Belt drive is great. That 5 speed hub is great. Gear it better and hit 50 mph. Can be done with what you have. Maybe an extreme model with a small, front hub motor, that you can switch on and off. Could be like a turbo on a switch.

  21. Curtis Mostlypeaceful Womack November 27, 2020 @ 7:49 pm

    I have ideas. More power, better charging. Charge while riding.

  22. Over engineered and ugly because of it, way to much tubing, no way you need that much to carry the weight of another person….Probably stupid heavy too. Whoever made this didn’t study design at uni.

  23. Where do you purchase a rear seat for this particular cargo electric bike?

  24. What do you need a cargo bike for? Hauling your groceries or a passenger?

  25. hi, thanks for the vid but never use a bike without front suspension this bike will make you fall on the ground easier than eother bikes

  26. Hi can you tell what the difference is between your bike and the similar Chinese made Eunorau bike. Thanks.

  27. Why are you not mentioning and wearing helmets.. ?? and especially with a passenger, this sends a message that isn’t responsible. Nice bike and you could generate add-on sales with helmets and keep it safer at the same time.

  28. The camera zooming into your feet on the pedals is really highlighting how youā€™re using the middle of your feet on the pedals. Youā€™ll get better balance, power and control if you use the balls of your feet, behind your toes.

  29. BTW, love your entro. Good job.

  30. Yakkity yak! Soy sauce irritating!

  31. so many ebikes to choose from …it seems like every time you think you found the right one …a month later another comes out that is better and then you want that one šŸ™

  32. I don’t know if your comment, Kyle, that this new cargo bike is "a step up in quality" any more than the white cargo bike that I purchased from you (which I still love, by the way), as, although you’ve mentioned that this new bike has only a 500-watt motor, but has more torque and that it has a working brake light (yes, which mine does not have … although, I DO have a tail light) and granted, the display screen is bigger on this new bike than on the white cargo bike that I purchased, I still love my cargo bike.

    I’ve been doing some tweaks to it and I am still changing things a bit here and there as well as the fact that I have even MORE changes I plan to do with my cargo bike. The only thing that I am bummed about is that my bike IS white, which is a terrible color for a bike. I love the green of the new cargo bike, but I still prefer my 750/1,000-watt hub motor over the 500-watt direct-drive motor of the new cargo bike. But, I am sure that there are going to be some happy moms (or dads) out there or other folks with small businesses who will find this new cargo bike perfect for their needs.

    I do most of my riding on "relatively" level ground, although, I often ride my heavy (80+lb) cargo bike to the beach, which is approximately four miles from my home and I have to ride my bike up and over a couple of (actually, two or three, depending on my route) hills, and they have some fairly steep inclines, which definitely drain a significant amount of electricity from my batteries.

    I plan on ordering the 14 Ah battery at some point here, and then I’ll just carry the original 11 Ah battery on the bike as a backup because I did ride my cargo bike from Torrance, California all the way to Culver City, California (17.9 miles) and that ride drained about 93% of the battery using a medium setting and most of that ride was on a relatively flat bike path along the beach. But, I had to GET to the beach from my apartment, and, as I mentioned above, I have to go up and down some significant inclines to get there.

    The other feature on my electric-assist cargo bike that I purchased from Bolton EBikes that I love is that it has regenerative braking. So, I can squeeze in just a wee bit more mileage (OK, not much, but you know what I mean) out of the battery.

  33. good production on this one . good to see Dapu too. Almost got one recently

  34. Way to step up your camera game, the video and editing look fantastic!

  35. What is the payload? How much payload for just the back seat?

  36. I like it, very practical

  37. Nice!

  38. Why did you not give the price or the tange it will go

  39. So cool, so cool . Just started looking into E,- bikes. I seem to be watching More of your videos

  40. It looks like though, that you need a wee bit more air pressure in that back tire, with you, and with Stacey! Hahaha! Or, maybe it’s just the bad video pixelation, which is fairly fuzzy.

  41. The problem with electric bikes is there all back ordered until September or longer…

  42. I need one

  43. These electric bike crap doesn’t last long. Keeps breaking down.

  44. Great stuff./info Thanks

  45. SOFT TECH ELECTRONICS November 27, 2020 @ 8:19 pm

    NICE BIKE! What about the announcing of the winner for the contest on the 26th of June????

  46. How comfortable would this bike be for someone that is 6ā€™7?

  47. OK. I’ll ask the obvious question…who is Stacy? BTW, outstanding video. Best one yet from a technical standpoint.

  48. I like the cargo ebicycle built for two, I also like that it’s called the Hercules, being former military (Marines, Navy, Army) I have flown in my share of C-130s and they are the unsung heroes of many battles, they’ve dropped supplies in behind enemy lines at times when it was critical, I know this from personal experience. If you ever run out of aircraft names I can give you many more.

  49. Great video, thank you

  50. Can you recommend some passenger seats and cargo baskets that are compatible with this bike?

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