This removable wheel will electrify your bike in 30 seconds

This removable wheel will electrify your bike in 30 seconds

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At $799, the Electron Wheel is the cheapest powered bike wheel we’ve seen—and it’s the easiest to install.

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Readers Comments (28)

  1. 400 watts, Way overpriced !!

  2. Gerhard Scholtyssek December 21, 2020 @ 10:03 pm

    in germany no avelibel. and no interestet. Germany Longuage missing.

  3. $799 is not a cheap option. Yikes you can get a full ebike convention kit for half of that price.

  4. It worked great on one of my bikes….for a moment. I couldn’t get it to fit properly on my bike and had to rig it till the proper part came. When it stopped working altogether they were quick to give me a refund. I still recommend it but found the Ridekick power trailer worked better with the bike I had.

  5. ok i just bought one of these and it is cool. the price has gone down i got mine on e-bay refurbished for $250 with shipping. the app is cool and it is easy to install. it was to big for one of my bikes but fits well on another bike. a little rattle sound from the cheap housing or from the plastic shroud. a lot of fun. hills are the best part.

  6. Give me 1000W and I’ll START to think about it.

  7. Christopher Darker December 21, 2020 @ 10:10 pm

    It’s nowhere near the cheepest and you must know that so your s bear faced friar and who wood deal with you ?

  8. Only fat Americans like this

  9. You need to come down about five hundred bucks

  10. S799.. Because of the stupid battery.. Why the hell do you need battery when you can use the dynamo tech.. Self charge with the rotation of the wheel..

  11. hola donde compro en colombia

  12. Its May 2020, any progress to up the power and down the price? I checked on Best Buy, they arent showing it for sale anymore. Did the company go out of business?

  13. Too Much money

  14. I use a cordless drill….

  15. BreakIt MakeItBetter December 21, 2020 @ 10:23 pm

    You can get a whole ebike for 499. Swagtron eb5. Or others. There is an all in one wheel kit for 350. I just saw.

  16. None of the links work anyhow so it’s just a dream.

  17. It it waterproof?

  18. Long live the king December 21, 2020 @ 10:34 pm

    I rather ride my bicycle without any 800 pounds wheel. If I want help, i will buy an hoverboard or booster board for 400 dollars.

  19. Way to pricey and needs an electric only option

  20. Cheaper than a moped no insurance no gas easy maintenance

  21. I like the fact the battery is in the wheel. I wonder if the motor being in the front wheel instead of in the back wheel makes the ride feel strange. I find the price very expensive.

  22. How can I fix it if it’s not work

  23. what happened to this? Are they still around?

  24. £800 no throttle and yo can det the same thing foe 350pounds.but 5milesless .just use your rear hub motor whatever it is and yo have a machine ofv30 plus maybe more.

  25. thinking the same it costs too much

  26. Can you ride as normal bike if trying to save battery

  27. I hope there will be no wind when you will go for a walk …

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