Tip for hard mounting shark pack to bicycle frame Ebike

Tip for hard mounting shark pack to bicycle frame Ebike

A Tip for hard mounting your luna cycle shark pack to your bicycle frame.

Here is the battery pack:








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  1. Content Updating April 26, 2021 @ 12:16 am

    Thanks for the video! Just a tip. It’d be nice if the video were edited to speed up the parts where he is doing things like unscrewing screws so that time can be saved. Also, I came here trying to see how the pack slides on and off the bracket. It’d be cool to see how the pack is held to the bracket.

  2. Where do you purchase those flat screws to mount the battery? Do you sell them?

  3. Why don’t they sell these mounts as a solid metal piece instead of plastic? I couldn’t care of it weighed a pound or two more or if it cost a few extra bucks. I’ve gone through literally like 3 shark cases because those stupid plastic clips always wear out and snap after a few months of daily mounting and dismounting when I’m at work. It’s an incredible security risk to leave your battery on your bike since any thug on the street can easily kick your battery off the bike with a nice hard kick. I bought the shark because I thought it would be an improvement to strap on old plastic wrapped packs

  4. Where do you purchase those flat screws to mount the battery? Do you sell them?

  5. Nice tip but my battery holder have the controller integrated… On my older bike i did like u did 馃槉馃憤

  6. Thanks so much, saved me a whole heap of pain having to using bottle bobs or riv nuts, or mounting the battery upside down with an xt90 extension cable

  7. can you tell me the best way to mount a battery pack on the Micargi Seattle?

  8. Awesome to see exactly the answer I was looking for in your video. My bike has exact same setup as this bike in video and I really didn’t feel comfortable drilling a hole for rivet on my frame. Now I could order the battery with confidence knowing what to do. thanks.

  9. Add 4 screws with a revnut tool.

  10. Why not design it properly in the first place?

  11. Should I use high tensile screws ??

  12. Clever idea 馃檪

  13. Guys any anyone know where can i get a shark pack cradle please.

  14. Cant even fit mine on the downdube and theres no other place to put it. other than the bottom of my down tube, which will require expensive drilling

  15. the only problem with that "drilling" method is that the only thing you are securing is the aluminum plate only. the 3 tiny screws that are bolted to the aluminum plate & plastic cradle worries me 馃檨 coz those are the only thing that actually holds the plastic cradle & battery itself

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