Top 10 Best Electric Bike For Serious Riders

Top 10 Best Electric Bike For Serious Riders

Electric Bikes with integrated motors are a category that have exploded alongside technology improvements in rechargeable batteries, and the options which were once limited to clunky e-bikes for delivery drivers, now include a wide variety of powerful, well designed electric bikes in 2020 with excellent performance characteristics. In the next 10 years around 150 million e-bikes are expected to be sold and several reputable manufacturers are going all in to create highly functional electric bikes that can be used for commute, recreation, and even have offroad capability.

Here is a selection of some excellent high end Ebikes. We based our list on consumer reviews from a variety of sources, publicly available information on best sellers, and company reputation.

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Specialized Turbo Creo SL Expert
Sur Ron X Bike
Merax 26”
DJ Fat Bike
Speedrid Ebike
Trek Super Commuter+ 7…
Kemanner 26
emdaot 26”

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  1. Serious riders would *NEVER* ride electric bikes. shame

  2. The specialized seems to be a popular choice, also I see Giant, Trek, Cube is too.

  3. Crikey! High-end e-bikes you say? As a cyclist, I can say most of these bikes are literally dripping with crappy outdated low end (Realy low end) componentry. Pressed steel gearsets, Alivio groupset literally the cheapest mtb groupset available. Do some research for yourselves these are mostly rubbish.

  4. Huh? what?? uhhhhh......aaaaaaaaaaarghhhh!?!?!? January 10, 2021 @ 10:35 pm


  5. 1:58 how to annoy cyclists, touch the braking surface.

  6. I bought my Lectric XP in January 2020 to get rid of excess weight. I ended up losing 77 pounds, and my legs are like tree trunks. I have 2 batteries and have travelled 65 miles round trip. I currently have 2400 miles on my ebike. Life is great… or, was great. Last week, at 2400 miles, the bike broke down electronically. Left me stranded, twice. Had to walk home several miles. Lectric company says it’s still under warranty, but will take a long time to get the part needed to fix. Coming from China and from I got from the tech, this prob is happening to thousands of Lectric bikes. So, I stop riding for how long? A month, maybe2 or 3…. I don’t think so. I am going to buy another bike from another brand cuz this one is no longer reliable. It’s just taking up space in my bike barn. The unfortunate part is I just finished building my solar bike barn so my bike is propelled by sun and keto… I hope Lectric realizes that my warranty is on pause until it is fixed. They can’t take a month or several months and expect the warranty to keep running. So, if u want this bike, I totally recommend it. Just have secondary transportation and Uber on stand by. P.s. no public transportation where I live. ur on ur own here

  7. I wish i had one of these

  8. elizabeth taylor January 10, 2021 @ 10:53 pm

    Why no prices ?

  9. Damn the Trek looks like a blast to ride

  10. No Riese and Muller bikes? 😛

  11. I think you should separate the pedal assisted and throttle bikes, throttle bikes are not legal for bike paths or sidewalks or in on the trails.
    also there is a power limit, speed limit.
    also the top 10 list is pointless, it’s just a random selection it seems like.
    2:22 these are really E-motorcycles.

  12. Great list!! Sur Ron looks pretty awesome. Also, You should try looking into Jeep’s all new electric mountain bike. It might deserve a spot in this list —

  13. the surron is not 750w its 6000w. apart from that,yah im tied between buying another stealth ebike or a surron next

  14. 0:13 ridiculous sizing, geometry.
    0:21 Specialized had issues with voids in the carbon frames, and bad tolerances, snapping frames, I know some MTB frames snapped, also I have seen Specialized frame cut up.

    3:09  horrible fork, no adjustment
    awful & ridiculous drivetrain setup you need the motor cus of the ridiculous gearing.
    3:35  Shimano tourney = horrible chain slap,it does to have a clutch

    5:58 junk components.
    suspension fork with no adjustments
    triple chainring drivetrain, is ridiculous.
    horrible brakes
    basically most of the components are are some of the cheapest you can get.
    6:34 horrible geometry
    horrible brakes
    6:38 IS brake mount, so if you ruin the threads on the mount it’s not a big deal, you can just swap the part no need to recoil.
    I would not take any of these cheap bikes with expensive motors offloading.
    if I were to get a E bike it would be Nicolai G1 EBoxx E14,
    I have Nicolai/Geometron G1 , but not an e bike.
    These bikes are actual enduro bikes, meant for gnarly riding.

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