Top 10 Cheapest Sport Motorcycles and Lightweight Naked Bikes to Buy

Top 10 Cheapest Sport Motorcycles and Lightweight Naked Bikes to Buy

It is ok to dream about Aprilia Tuono, Ducati Panigale, Yamaha R1 or Kawasaki Ninja H2R, but lets be honest, very few of us will be able to handle the power these superbikes offer, and probably even less people will have over $20,000 dollars to spend on a motorcycle. However, it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to get a decent sports bike on a very limited budget. In this video we will tackle the category of the cheapest lightweight motorbikes both fully fared and some naked models, that give you the thrills of tight cornering, fast speeds and still carry affordable prices.

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Kawasaki Ninja 400:

Being introduced only in 2018, this mid-level bike from Kawasaki’s Ninja Sport range is a newcomer compared to many established competitors on the market. 2019 Kawasaki Ninja 400 arrives practically unchanged, sporting only a few new paint colors, and comes powered by the same 399cc twin-cylinder engine that has a peak torque output of 28 lb-ft at 8,000 rpm.

Suzuki GSX 250R:

With no change in pricing, the GSX 250R enters the 2019 model year without mechanical updates but adds several new color schemes. Despite having a quite modest powertrain, the GSX 250R carries the exterior markers of its larger and more expensive cousins.

Kawasaki Z400:

2019 Kawasaki Z400 is a standard naked bike from Kawasaki’s Z Series family that debuted for 2019 model year, succeeding the Z300 model. Being closely related to the Ninja 400 motorcycle, the new Z400 borrows some of its main components.

Yamaha YZF-R3:

Refreshed for the 2019 model year, the YZF-R3 from Yamaha is expected to receive no major changes this year. The bike has the aggressive MotoGP bodywork and offers improved ergonomics, achieved by the lower handlebar position, reshaped fuel tank, and fold-up foot pegs.

Honda CBR300R:

Available in base and ABS-equipped versions, 2019 Honda CBR300R proves quite convincingly that small displacement motorcycles can be as sporty and race-like as bigger models. Its 286cc single-cylinder 4-stroke liquid cooled engine makes 31 horses and 20 lb-ft of torque, delivering this output right when you need it.

Yamaha MT-07:

Formerly known as FZ-07 in North America, this motorcycle is the entry level model within Yamaha’s hyper naked lineup. Its name conceals the description of the key feature, the MT stands for the mastery of torque.

Honda CB500F:

The 500cc bike range joined Honda’s lineup in 2013, and within the trio CBR500R, CB500X and CB500F, the latter naked is the bestselling model. For many riders it serves as a bridge to enter the middle weight category of sports motorcycles.

KTM RC390:

2019 KTM RC390 is the top model in KTMs range of supersports that breathes longing for the racing track with its aggressive design. With a 44-horsepower single-cylinder engine producing 111 mph, the RC390 can quench “the need for speed” of even the most sophisticated riders.

Benelli Tornado 302R:

Benelli Tornado 302R is first mass produced two-cylinder motorcycle of the company in the entry segment that shows some fairing resemblance of its Asian counterparts, but keeps its genuine Italian flair.

BMW Motorrad G 310 R:

Being the first BMW Roadster under 500cc, 2019 BMW Motorrad G 310 R offers maneuverability and dynamic performance characteristic for its class, but is also comfortable to ride, economical, and easy to manage.

KTM RC125:

As the most affordable fully faired KTM, 2019 KTM RC125 presents a great offer for inexperienced riders looking for their first two-wheeler in the world of supersport. Design-wise, the RC125 looks very similar to a more powerful RC200, while also sharing its state-of-the-art 1-cylinder engine with another KTM model, the naked 125 Duke.

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  1. Kawasaki Z 650?

  2. ⵉⵜⵔⵓⵏⴰⵓⵜ December 16, 2020 @ 9:38 pm

    There’s no way that an R3 is being sold for 5K USD new…

  3. 2020 suzuki gsxr 150 cost 3200 usd in bangladesh 🙂🙂

  4. Would a 2010 Kawasaki ninja 250cc be a bike to get for a first bike???

  5. You should add ”From popular brands”
    Because those for sure aren’t the cheapest, lightweight sport bikes
    Check Zontes 310X or Hyousung GD 250R as an example

  6. This is wrong

  7. I am confused between cafe neo 650 or duke 790. I travel with a pillion most of time and I want something that’s also comfortable for her

  8. There was no Z300 in US

  9. HeiwiDonz SWITCHBLADE December 16, 2020 @ 9:44 pm

    Werz KTM duke 390 Man

  10. Great video.

  11. Wow these are all nice! I like any bike around 300cc.. Even 690cc is too much for me lol

  12. You missed the sv650 its cheaper than mt07 but almost same power

  13. here in philippines the z400 is more expensive than r3..
    r3 is about $5000 while z400 worth $5600..

  14. Great Bikes all of them no doubt. Lucky who is able to chose.
    Kawasaki Z 400 it is. At least for me. It have to be Kawasaki green. You know, who wands a blue Ferrari?
    I was actually leaning towards the BMW 310 R and then I drove the Z 400. And here we go, I am hocked.

  15. Nobody mentioned the prices in the video or comments, give me prices

  16. Last one ktm125 can be replaced by bajaj ns or rs 200 or more better by bajaj dominar 400

  17. The Suzuki GSX-S750 is affordable model

  18. Great list but u forget two must have bikes KTM Duke 390 , Kawasaki ninja 300

  19. CBR 150R.

  20. Ninja 400 & Z400 should be considered as a same bike. Also, if MT-07 is included, why not Ninja 650? Also, if you are adding Z400 on top of Ninja 400, then you should have added Duke390 with RC390. 😎

  21. Fragrance Fantasy December 16, 2020 @ 10:03 pm

    Hey bro I need your advice dude I don’t have much experience with bikes and just decided to buy one that has good looking but economical and not heavy. Easy enough to ride . I’m 5 foot 8 inches by the way . What would you recommend for me ?

  22. fuck your adds ass hole

  23. Good day sir I just want to ask if it is okay to start on a 250 category and above for a first time rider just like me?

  24. BMW g310 sucks + rc125 sucks , a scooter accelerates faster than the 125

  25. What about mt-03

  26. How much CC does it take to become an equivalent of 1 horsepower?

  27. NEPALI LORD Gaming December 16, 2020 @ 10:10 pm

    Can you please review Yamaha Entry level sports bike – R15 V3

  28. I don’t know if I was gonna get the 400 might as well get the 500 just tiny bit more and so much more bike. But then again I guess you could say that about Almost any bike! Always something bigger and better but then you loose nimbleness everything is a trade off! Plenty to choose from the got about anything anyone could want to ride!

  29. Got the kawasaki ninja 400 last week… the best bike I owned so far

  30. U should give a chance to naked duke 250 of ktm.. its very excellent bike..

  31. mt series

  32. How dare you say India means cheap quality materials 😡 🖕

  33. Just buy a 600 or a 636. I purchased my first bike 3 years ago and it was a 3500.00 near mint condition 2006 zx6r 636. Learn how to ride and ride within your limits while wearing gear at all times.
    Forget buying anything less

  34. Apache 310r, Fz25 when compared to gixer250🙄, dominaor 400

  35. sakti Sulistiyanto December 16, 2020 @ 10:18 pm

    Cbr250rr indonesia

  36. Rusi Gamma 200cc and Rusi Sigma 250cc 😁

  37. I love the Yamaha R3 But the problem is 400cc to 1,800cc Bikes are only allowed on Philippines Expressway.

  38. SAI SAMANNYUU KSHIRSAGAR December 16, 2020 @ 10:19 pm

    Prices are wrong

  39. Where is Sym Wolf Classic 150?

  40. 1 thing wrong with ktm rc series is all r same u can even use pannel of 200 or 390 in rc125 . Really shit . Plz change looks of rc at least

  41. Late night playing video games watching this

  42. What ninja 400 is a cheap bike…lol…🤣🤣🤣🤣

  43. Ohh pls search the kawasaki ninja 400 in the philipines and convert the money to USD thank me later you’ll be surpirsed

  44. MT-07 is winner💪

  45. automobile ideas 2018 December 16, 2020 @ 10:26 pm

    Rc390 $3628.98 and ninja 400 $6964.84 in India

  46. Yoh thanks for the line up. I really needed something to get me started and i will start with KTM RC125
    Any recommendations on the best dealers?

  47. Check out Apache RR 310

  48. Jagadeesh babu creative official December 16, 2020 @ 10:30 pm

    I have Pulsar 180. In this video I like Suzuki gsx.BTW great video and great channel.. Congratulations my dear sir..from India..

  49. You forgot ktm 390 duke which is best naked motorcycle in its class.

  50. The gsxr 250 is freaking slow

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