Top 5 electric bicycles under $1,000 in 2020

Top 5 electric bicycles under $1,000 in 2020

These are our favorite $999 or less e-bikes that we’ve reviewed so far. Are there any we missed? Let us know in the comments!
Swagtron EB12:
Schwinn EC1:
Propella V3.2:
Swagtron EB7 Plus:

鉀戯笍 My safety gear:
Bike helmet:
Motorcycle helmet:
Mesh jacket:
Armored jeans:
Armored boots:
Armored gloves:

馃帴 My filming gear:
Pretty product shots:
Invisible selfie stick camera:
Chest mounted camera:

馃毑 My favorite e-bikes:
Lectric XP $979:
Ride1Up 500 Series $1,099:
Swagtron EB12 $999:
Rad Power Bikes:
Juiced Bikes:

馃洿 My favorite e-scooters:
WideWheel Pro:
Mantis Pro:
Dualtron Thunder:
Turbowheel Lightning:
Emove Cruiser:

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Readers Comments (50)

  1. Great video! Question is th electric xp a good bike for the woods/hunting/beach riding? Can you do a video of it in the woods?

  2. Why is the EC-1 not available at Schwinn’s own website? That’s really weird. Your link only goes to a Wal-Mart page.

  3. 3:03 why does it look photoshopped 馃槀

  4. Nice Brompton bike.

  5. under 1000

    most are 999 i mean sure its technically under 1000 but come on

  6. The adventures of Taco January 9, 2021 @ 10:32 pm

    The best ebike is the one u build urself.
    Save ur money
    And buy an e bike kit

  7. It was a helpful video thank you

  8. Really great coverage Micah.
    I鈥檓 glad to see that we鈥檙e the same height! It seems that everybody is well over six feet tall these days. It鈥檚 only important if you want something off a top shelf and you don鈥檛 want to get out a step ladder. 馃槀馃槀 I really appreciate your open honesty, Micah. Some guys have to exaggerate their attributes, especially when it comes to the size or length.

  9. Scooter's Bike Shop January 9, 2021 @ 10:37 pm

    If it has a throttle it is not a e-bike its an e-moto.

  10. Arnoldo Monterroso January 9, 2021 @ 10:39 pm

    Honestly I hate cheap things.

  11. I recently purchased an AT R750 HT from M2S bikes…almost to the 500mile review i planned on and so far so good except some squeaking from the front wheel bearings. came with a 48v16ah battery that gives it good range and power, geared rear hub 750w motor, for the price it’s good payed $1800 with shipping ($200 D:) it’s now about $1400, so ~$1600 with shipping and a smaller batter I thing 10.4ah, 48v.
    Though now you got me looking at this Lectric XP :o…i’m an ebike addict now, this AT can get me all terrain and winter fine…but, this little guy would be nice and it’s a bit cheaper, can still throw a large storage tote on the back and walla! Back rest and storage haha.

  12. What about what happens in the rain? How about cold weather affects on the battery? I notice most reviews take place in sunny warm temps and the rest of the country is not like CA/Miami/South Texas/Arizona…..what happens in NYC in February when you want to ride an ebike to commute to work??

  13. You鈥檇 think that just a plain old bike with an electric motor and a battery (or honestly just an electric motor that powers the wheels when you start pedalling) would be cheaper than what they go for

  14. I saw on a Lectric FB group you can add a mid-drive to Lectric to get it up to 35 MPH. Knowing that’s a possibility, I’m going to buy a LectricXP as soon as I save up the $.

  15. Juegos con Est茅ban Jaramillo January 9, 2021 @ 10:42 pm

    Swagtron EB8. 350w and Full suspension for $800.

  16. This is a well done video & review of these e-bikes. Thanks for uploading.

  17. Why is the radpower mission 1 bike not on this list?

  18. Overpriced

  19. Anyone have any suggestions for my first ebike? I鈥檓 a 50-year old 330 pound city kid and I would hope to use my ebike for commuting and maybe riding some trails on the weekend

  20. At my bike shop the electric bikes cost a few thousand dollars (different brand); will these last??

  21. C-A-T-ENTERTINMENT January 9, 2021 @ 10:46 pm

    I want a e-bike for transportation to school. Too bad my budget is way too low as a student 馃檨

  22. cell ultimo urban $999 250w motor 50km range 25kmh limit…

  23. Bought the Ecotric Folding 20" Fat tire bike with 500 watt(750 peak) hub drive, 13 amp hour 48 volt battery for $880 and free delivery. Surprised it’s not here.

  24. Thanks for the review. I thought you’re gonna review or mentioned that Brompton B75 (with electric conversion) you sat on in this video. So you could do that B75 review? Thanks

  25. Do any of these bikes ship to England??

  26. Which one of these bikes is the best to ride if you run out of power?

  27. What was the name of the camera ? So that I never buy one.

  28. Holliday Quezada January 9, 2021 @ 10:50 pm

    He caved…

  29. Follow this link to get $100 off on a brand new Super73! 鈥媓ttps://

  30. Anderson Sanchez January 9, 2021 @ 10:53 pm

    Can you do one of these, but with bikes available in EU? None of these are available here and the only ones available are damn expensive, I’m talking 2k euro for a bike that don’t have a throttle and is worse than a chinese model

  31. That may be the gayest bike I’ve ever seen. You couldn’t pay me to ride it

  32. Maximum speed allowed! I am getting real tired hearing that nonsense. I can ride a regular old 10 speed faster than these clowns are "allowing" electric bikes to go. What is with many of the seats on these bikes? A piece of plywood might be more comfortable.

  33. It鈥檚 just 699$ ok then buy it and send it to this address!!!!……….,,

  34. Whas I the only one who thought when he was riding the blue swinn it looked like he was on front of a blue screen from movies!馃榿

  35. Those are all ugly

  36. Debating between Lectric ($899) and Sondors Fold X ($999). Fold X has higher range (40-60 miles) and higher weight capacity and looks better. But is it worth $100 more? This is so hard!

  37. For just a couple of hundred dollars more You can get Some topnotch ebikes. I bet If you went to $1,500, you have a much more interesting field.

  38. Which folding e-bike is the lightest and most compact? I am an American long haul trucker and would need to lift it about 6 feet into my passenger seat where it would ride in a seatbelt. I had ordered the lectric but chickened out because it looks pretty heavy.

  39. Great review 馃憤

  40. ProjectionAgency January 9, 2021 @ 11:13 pm

    Check out NCM bikes sold by Leon Cycle in Seattle. Great quality, great prices, great features and free shipping. @t Check out my unboxing, assembly and review of the NCM Munich @obiI I got the Munich for under $900 !

  41. Great video! I have done two ecotric fat tire bike reviews on my channel. Check them out! One when I first got it and then I did a follow-up review at 2000 miles. I love this bike! Cheers 馃檪

  42. fwiw: on my commute on my rad rover, i pretty much average 18 mph on pedassist 3. i kick it up to 4 and even 5 on a steep hill. i do like riding across unimproved fields though, and it handles that just fine. now that i’ve fixed my truck, i’m gonna take it out into a remote forest -where i may ride it legally on 4×4 trails.

  43. I’ve seen better e-bikes under 1,000.

  44. ProjectionAgency January 9, 2021 @ 11:17 pm

    Check out out NCM bikes sold by Leon Cycle in Seattle? Great quality, great prices, great features and free shipping. @t Check out my unboxing, assembly and review of the NCM Munich @obiI

  45. I do DoorDash full time 8 hours a day. What ebike would you recommend for doing courier delivery service? Also I鈥檓 a pretty big guy at 350 pounds

  46. Any suggestions I鈥檓 a first time buyer and want something decent/ not too pricey for the trails/beach/cruising

  47. These review channels need to factor in tax and stop using the MSRP price to make catchy headlines…. There is a reason people specifically watch a video about E-Bikes under $1,000 including a bike that is $999 is surely going to go over that budget range….

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