Top 5 Electric Bike Accessories

Top 5 Electric Bike Accessories

Some ebikes are expensive and others target value but all can be customized to offer a more comfortable, useful experience. Here are the top five electric bike accessories according to Sam Townsend from Myron’s Extreme Machines in Fullerton California. Sam has been in the ebike business for over a decade and carries a wide range of products. He has observed trends and come up with a general list of the top 5 most popular extras.

– The saddle (the bike seat), pedals, handlebars and grips are very popular upgrades. These are the parts of the ebike that people interface with directly and can be dialed in for comfort, light weight or some combination of the two.
– A bell, horn or electronic beep can improve safety by alerting other riders of your presence but choose something friendly and not so loud that it will startle people or hurt your own ears when used repeatedly
– To carry extra gear (say, for commuting) and improve the utility of an e-bike many owners will add a rear carry rack. These are usually compatible with trunk bags and panniers or even bottle cages. Consider beam racks, under-seat bags, frame bags (that use straps or velcro to secure to the frame structure) and front racks if you need even more space or have a full suspension bike that isn’t compatible with rear racks. Many times you can bring along a charger or extra battery to extend your range.
– For extended use (be it commuting or cross-country riding) you may need a tool kit for moments when parts on the bike come loose or fail. Flat tires, loose spokes and dropped chains are common when going off-road and having the proper tools can keep you going. Consider taking your cell phone along so you can call for help if needed.
– To secure your bike bring a lock and consider adding a seat leash and longer cable so that wheels won’t be removed. There are a wide range of options here and the trade off seems to be in weight and price. Some link-locks now fold to become super compact. You can also buy bicycle insurance which not only covers the bike but also accessories and injuries (much like car insurance).
– For even more visibility, consider adding a set of lights. This is especially important if you ride at night. As seasons change the morning commute or evening rides may get dark and catch you off guard. In some places it is illegal to ride at night without lights. Many lights are now USB powered or rechargeable and some ebikes have USB outlets so you can charge your lights as you ride.
– Consider upgrading your tires to avoid flats or improve efficiency. There are other products out there such as Slime or tire liners that can reduce or help to deal with flats but tires can make a big difference. EBR was paid to perform this review #Sponsored We try to be honest, thorough, and fun! Comparison tools, shop directory, and forums at:

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  1. What insurance company?

  2. would you P L E A S E stop talking ON people!!!!!! let them say something too, afterall, you are involving them because they know a little too !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PUNK

  3. Put a GPS ON YOUR BIKE , hide it in the frame and seal it up paint it

  4. I like my Topeak trolly

  5. kaitlyn phillips November 29, 2020 @ 7:53 pm

    *This bike is worth every penny✳✳>**ㅢ38 **   so nice to be riding out in the beautiful weather, enjoying the scenery and NOT huffing and puffing the whole time (but still getting plenty of exercise : ) Also, I highly recommend getting a big wide seat – way more comfortable than the seat that comes with it.*

  6. Topeak also makes a crate for that same rack. All their accessories can use the same rack. The crate is fantastic. I pack my groceries into it and ride home. It’s better for rainy climates too as it’s all plastic and no cloth. I could see using that bag he demonstrated if I was in a dry climate but I’m in the Pacific NW and we ride in the rain six months out of the year.

  7. Tips for E bike owners. Definitely buy trackers and put them inside a seat tube. And let the the Police handle the rest once your bike is stolen.

  8. The drop pannier bag was pretty neat

  9. Cutout seats for weight reduction also

  10. I think that cutout is supposed to reduce "swamp ass."

  11. That cut out in the seat is called "ABC" AKA "Air Balls Conditioning". True story, But you didn’t hear it from me :op

    Great Tips, Thanks for sharing.

  12. EEEEEEE !!! Tom Johns sell bicycle !

  13. Richard Alexander November 29, 2020 @ 8:05 pm

    Saddles for horses have had cut out centers for hundreds of years, for a good reason.

  14. Michelle McCurdy November 29, 2020 @ 8:05 pm

    What to do for water cages??????

  15. Sam is the man👍

  16. Hi, do you any of this to protect your radrover 5 / gps protection, lock, insurance, also electric air pump, if you do please let me know thanks.

  17. Great information, I just subscribed. 👍🏻

  18. Wine and cheese, Cali guy all the way.

  19. Loved your gear, especially the seat where you mentioned prostate. Riding a bike before a prostate exam can give you a very high false reading, and a big scare. Great video from a very professional honest guy. I will look for one of those seats down hear in Australia.

  20. I like this guy, wish his shop was closer! The closest shops to me are a big cold chain store, and a traditional bike shop that is not real good with mechanical skills (didn’t know how to check if a wheel was dished).

    My first accessory was a helmet of course, followed by a rear rack, bottle holder, a cool mini-Thermos that fit the bottle holder, a two-stage hand pump, a U-lock with extension cable, a 10 mm cable lock from Master for quick stops, a rear bag, a phone holder, and a suspension seat post. I also ordered a Nitecore headlight, but have to figure out how to mount it since there is no room on the handlebars. I might just replace the stock headlight, which I like, but the beam pattern is too small.

  21. Benjamin C Ehly Sr November 29, 2020 @ 8:13 pm

    Sam sold the shop?

  22. Scott Storm Carter November 29, 2020 @ 8:14 pm

    I bought that saddle bag back in 2012 It is great. 8 years later having minor issues with one zipper. The slide in part is slowly coming loose but still working.

  23. what ebike insurance do you recommend?

  24. You can also buy several styles of padded seat pull overs. Gel filled, wider etc. Easy at a good sporting goods store.

  25. The cut out is there for a very important vein that you don’t want to be adding pressure on that vein for to long of a time period.

  26. Your video is so good,very helpful to let me know more knowledge about the bicycle accessories

  27. That bike is not fully setup dude it needs to come with lights wired up a display and a gps

  28. Genuine bike review. Would definitely buy off this legend!

  29. Whitehouse Farm Barn November 29, 2020 @ 8:20 pm

    Saddle with arse on? Classy! Pass on right in UK! The bag looks fab. Thanks

  30. Better not pass on the left – disastrous!

  31. I didn’t even consider that there were usb ports on some batteries. I just checked my battery and, yep, I HAD ONE. BRILLIANT. Thanks for the really useful info.

  32. Yeah are use a little bell most of the time they got their bloody pods in

  33. Hi nice video can you tell me where this shop is I am trying to buy an electric bike on this store but I can’t seem to find one in Internet and I don’t know if it’s going to be big for me I am 13 and I’m trying to buy one on this shop and I am very interested to buy an electric bike in that store to see if it fits me well or if it’s only for grown ups thank you👍

  34. I use a heavy duty Foldylock. Yeah it cost me %95 but it is worth it to me. Yeah, it can be defeated; with industrial bolt cutters. But those are 4 feet long and weigh upwards of 20 lbs. Not many, if any thieves are going to haul around such a tool. The Foldylock will laugh at standard bolt cutters. I do like the bag though. Those are cool.

  35. A horn does not belong on a bicycle, e-bike or not. Like you said, it is often a little warning and a bell is a bicycle. I am surprised that a bike you buy comes without a bell. In my country The Netherlands. most bicycle comes with a bell. Except race bikes but nowadays you see some guys on a race bicycle with a bell. When I park my e-bike in Central Rotterdam there are a lot of bicycle parking places with a gard. For free. Always use a good lock to lock it to the earth. I always get my intuvia display of. I no like displays which are fixed on the bike. I also changed my saddle, I have a big Brooks saddle. (not with a lock). I have two waterproof big Ortlieb backs on the side on the back, when you want to make a big trip with camping gear I even can hang small Ortlieb backs on my front wheel. I do not know the name in English, but it is not a rack, but a light low front pannier rack. Not to much weight I put in those backs. Some clothes and light stuff. Good vlog with typical Electric Bike Accessories , tnx!

  36. Assunta Rosa Gill November 29, 2020 @ 8:37 pm

    I’ve just bought the Topeak trunk bag and rack this very week 🙂

  37. This guy is cool he’s talking about zapping people, for stealing the bikes all I can say is get a job and then you can own one
    Well. I just bought a DJ bike from Canada that seems like an awesome bike got all the whistles and bells best quality parts so I’m happy you got to get an electric bike especially if you’re a senior
    And I’ve seen Sam he seems like a really cool guy this guy that does the interviews and checks out the bikes I’d say he’s got it going on too I learned a lot from that guy thanks yours truly

  38. Very informative

  39. Top 5: Geritol, Depends Adult diapers, hair dye, Lycra and of course… Viagra!

  40. I just watched this as a potential e-bike buyer in the UK and had a double-take at the end when he mentioned the shop was in Fullerton…my home town from 1953-73!

  41. I like that rear rack but I can’t use anything like that on my Evelo Aries which has full suspension. I really appreciate the smooth ride it gives to my aging lower spine. Do you have a suggestion for rack and trunk bag for me?

  42. Not cheap but that’s a nice bag!

  43. Very nicely done!

  44. Butterfly handlebars are great..

  45. ARS is such a good brand name for a saddle; helps you remember what it’s for.

  46. Clyde W Franklin November 29, 2020 @ 8:46 pm

    Have shipments started? If not when are they scheduled to start.

  47. Why would you have a quick release on a seat post ??
    I get wheels in case of puncture etc, but a seat post, once its set to a height it generally stays there….

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