Top 5 FAT TIRE electric bikes we've tested for summer 2020!

Top 5 FAT TIRE electric bikes we've tested for summer 2020!

These are my favorite fat tire e-bikes I’ve tested for summer of 2020!

Find these e-bikes at their best current prices:
RadRover Step-Thru:
RadMini Step-Thru:
Aventon Sinch:
CSC FT750:
Ecotric 500W:
Super Monarch Crown AWD 1500:

⛑️ My safety gear:
Bike helmet:
Motorcycle helmet:
Mesh jacket:
Armored jeans:
Armored boots:
Armored gloves:

🎥 My filming gear:
Pretty product shots:
Invisible selfie stick camera:
Chest mounted camera:

🚲 My favorite e-bikes:
Lectric XP $979:
Ride1Up 500 Series $1,099:
Swagtron EB12 $999:
Rad Power Bikes:
Juiced Bikes:

🛴 My favorite e-scooters:
WideWheel Pro:
Mantis Pro:
Dualtron Thunder:
Turbowheel Lightning:
Emove Cruiser:

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Readers Comments (50)

  1. If your car got in pounded due to Covid, this is a perfect video for you😂😂😂

  2. To slow this models..

  3. Jesus Loves You(John 3:1-21)

  4. MIRRORIMAGEWORLD January 30, 2021 @ 7:58 pm

    Do you ever pedal on these bikes? They do work you know!

  5. Question: I have an Ecotric Hammer 48 volt. Is there any reason I cant use a 52 volt battery with this? You should review this beast. It is a lot of bike for $1,315.00

  6. Anncheer deserves here

  7. Acuerdate si quieres Ser MI amigo una bicycleta electrica .

  8. Just ordered a Super Monarch Crown so excited for my first e-bike

  9. Christian Nunnally January 30, 2021 @ 8:02 pm

    Just ordered 750W 26 Fat E-Bike. Only $200 @Wish
    Hey, These things look really Cool, Fast, FUN..

  10. Do they make noise???

  11. Great video! I have done two ecotric bike reviews on my channel. Check them out! One when I first got it and then I did a follow-up review at 2000 miles. I love this bike! Cheers 🙂

  12. Maurice A L Robson January 30, 2021 @ 8:07 pm

    I am grabbing the Surface 604 Boar Hunter because I am over 2 metres tall

  13. Salvador Gutierrez January 30, 2021 @ 8:07 pm

    Wow awesome Ilove that one 👍

  14. I personally would not want a bike with an internal battery for the following reasons: I have 2 e-bikes, they are stored locked up on my back porch and I live in a cold(ish) climate. Best battery practices for longevity (max cycles) is to avoid temperature swings so my batteries live inside the house….and not having the battery with/on the bike is just one more theft deterrent. (It would have to be a really dumb thief to steal an e-bike with no battery!)
    One of the bikes is a RadMini and the folding option is something that I don’t use: at 60-65 pounds lifting the "package" into the trunk of a car is just wishful thinking IMO (not something you’d do every day)….I do transport it inside a SUV: I fold the handlebars down and roll it into the back (rear seat down) and lay it there on it’s side…THAT is something you can do every day!

  15. Here’s a list that helped me out.
    In the end, I went with #5.


  16. How do you review ebikes and not mention their weight?

  17. Why doesn’t anyone talk about swagtron? I have the eb6 and it incredible.

  18. What’s your opinion on Plum motor bikes?

  19. This is an awesome review!!! I think Jeep electric bike by Quietkat also deserves a spot on this list –

  20. What tire pressure do recommend on fat tire that calls for 20 max

  21. Sondors bikes are the real deal

  22. Mopeds for fat arses.

  23. Had a problem with how battery capacity was expressed in this video. Was hoping for simply amp-hours. Reviewer never uses that term.

  24. back country boondockers January 30, 2021 @ 8:18 pm

    When they say 20mph is fast

  25. What country is it, is it is dollars

  26. Very surprised that no Himiway bikes made the list. They cost less, yet have more power, a greater range and a greater top speed.

  27. smartNclick DOTcom January 30, 2021 @ 8:21 pm

    in the UK you can buy it from

  28. Save the "Bambi" reference. How about, "if you are unwilling to go out and harvest your own groceries "……….
    Great review on the Monarch Crown, I ordered one .

  29. Have you heard of Bolton e-bikes to be able to do a review on?

  30. Good info and great video. Thumbs Up !

  31. DICKHEAD! fuck off Amerikan Junkie.

  32. Micah, do you think there is any chance we will someday again see an e-bike along the lines of the Hanebrink All-Terrain with 8-inch tires? I’ve never ridden one but the prospects of a bike that can truly handle sand and muddy turf would be fantastic. Small wheel-size fat tire bikes seem to be one of the best ways to implement E-bike concepts. I wish someone would buy the Hanebrink tooling or license the design and make it again… and preferably at a lower price.

  33. Great review- thanks

  34. Really like the super monarch 1500 e bike , awesome ( where are they sold at , also need back up breaks when going down step terrain

  35. Just bought the Ecotric 500w fat tyre..amazing bike. Got included with the bike front, rear mudguards and rear rack…brilliant

  36. Alright a 2018 model ego bike ecotric 26 in it’s a rigid Fork hardtail and I have a v-shaped bracket that attaches to the top of my seat post bracket that absorbs a lot of impact while riding sitting down I got the bracket off Amazon it was like 10 bucks makes a huge difference that being said I’ve been riding my ecotric for nearly two years put couple thousand miles on it the only thing I had to replace is an inner tube and I ride straight through raw woods with no Trails through Briars over sticks and rocks and 41 flat tire to be the only issue is impressive I literally Barrel through and over Briars.

  37. Best reviews are if they are still running after 2 years with no faults and parts availability.. And preferably get used properly..

  38. No Himiway on this list? The Himiway seems to be the better buy vs a Rad Rover.

  39. Yes, we hear you all shouting “LECTRIC XP!” at your screens! Don’t worry, it’s coming in the Top 5 Folding E-bikes video, we’re just trying to not double up and repeat the same bike in multiple lists! 😃

  40. Does anybody see the bullshit beach or trail video or is it just me ???

  41. BicycleJoe Tomasello January 30, 2021 @ 8:38 pm

    These people are looking so stupid spending thousands of dollars for a human powered machine with unlimited range that cost a couple hundred dollars for a more efficent machine and he’s talking about putting it in a car. Just stupid. Get a bicycle beccause After the Apocalypse you won’t be able to charge your batteries Mad Max.

  42. Nice review and great you went through a proper range of options. Really appreciated. Thank you.

  43. 3:04 That scene looks crazy fake. I know it’s not because there’s no need for it to be but it looks like you photoshopped yourself into the beach. I thought it was funny.

  44. im 6’5 260lbs, is there an ebike out there for me that can go fast and also far distance?? i dont even know where to look, seems like a trouble spot for potential, "bigger" ebike customers. anyone have any advice? 😢

  45. Really the Himiway Cruiser is not in your list. You can’t be serious.

  46. Where I ride it rains a lot so I have had some Veltop Windshield/cover attachments that I ordered from France.
    They don’t always fit the bike so I have had to customize attaching them. In addition I get rain splash from the front tie so I have had to get some gaiters that fit over my boots and lower legs. This solves most of the issue. Riding in the rain on a ebike is actually pretty fun this way.

  47. The CSC FT can hit 25mph from throttle only if you change the settings 👍

  48. Lilian Kgosikwena January 30, 2021 @ 8:49 pm

    Any give away?😭

  49. How does the Ecotric do on sand?

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