Top 5 hybrid urban electric bikes for Summer 2020!

Top 5 hybrid urban electric bikes for Summer 2020!

Find these e-bikes at their best current prices:
Ride1Up 500 Series:
Aventon Level:
Rad Power Bikes RadCity:
pXcycle E-XC+:
Electric Bike Company Model R:

⛑️ My safety gear:
Bike helmet:
Motorcycle helmet:
Mesh jacket:
Armored jeans:
Armored boots:
Armored gloves:

🎥 My filming gear:
Pretty product shots:
Invisible selfie stick camera:
Chest mounted camera:

🚲 My favorite e-bikes:
Lectric XP $979:
Ride1Up 500 Series $1,099:
Swagtron EB12 $999:
Rad Power Bikes:
Juiced Bikes:

🛴 My favorite e-scooters:
WideWheel Pro:
Mantis Pro:
Dualtron Thunder:
Turbowheel Lightning:
Emove Cruiser:

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  1. Welds looking like an early 90s Klein

  2. This is an awesome review!!! I think Jeep electric bike by Quietkat also deserves a spot on this list –

  3. How are you getting these canera 📷 angles?

  4. Too much Chinese made crap.

  5. Mat's Gaming Channel December 15, 2020 @ 9:33 pm

    It looks like the battery and the motor on the ride1up 500 series have been changed out. What is the difference between the new battery (48V 13AH Reention Dorado ID Plus) and the new motor (Shengyi 48V 500w Geared Hub) and is it still something that is worth investing in?

  6. I always wonder.. why do you raise your fist while riding? Is it something to do with a drone?

  7. Another one with the "Twenny-twenny" problem. You "twenny-twenniers" have no idea how dumb you sound every time you say "Twenny-twenny". It’s twenTy, assholes

  8. Safe yourself and children on the road. Bicycle RUSSIA – the BEST!!!

  9. How did you film this? With a drone or a selfie stick? Looks like I can see the reflection of a selfie stick. Thanks.

  10. The Ride1Up 500 Series bike does not have a 750 watt motor. It’s a 500 watt motor. I owned a Ride1Up 700 Series bike, which also has a 500 watt motor, and hated it. Fit and finish was shoddy, PAS was weak. They’ve changed displays and provide more adjustment with newer display, but I was thrilled when I found a buyer for my 700.

  11. The Aventon Level seems to me to be the best price/performance.

  12. If you buy a Ebike that can’t even recharge whilst being used via a dynamo charger stop wasting you’re fucking money you dumb mongy bastards ….

  13. Stopped the video at :46 after seeing that hideous "wire loom" junk on the handlebar wires. For the price these bikes run, people deserve better. He11, my HOMEBUILT 3k watt cruiser that does 50MPH and a range of 150mi+ cost less than these and looks 50x better. Stop paying companies for trash people. Buy a 3000w BBSHD from Lunacycle and put it on whatever bike your heart desires. I am not affiliated with Luna, but they earned my patronage by having the best cust serv and great gear.

  14. Nice video as always! I bought the Ancheer electric bike from Amazon last week, and my life completely changed. It’s crazy how easy it is to ride it! @t

  15. Can this battery charge when paddel

  16. I want to purchase a e bike if anyone have information regarding where I can me purchase please post

  17. Our bike is very good also from China factory, called Janobike

  18. Thanks!

  19. I’m from Melbourne I want to buy one I like the cruiser please

  20. The comments are very good. I had my experience with the Aston Rider kit, it came out less than 270 Euros with lipo battery and it has been running without problems since I had it more than a year ago

  21. Before buying any e-bike … research your state’s e-bike laws. 43 US States have enacted e-bike legislation. The most popular is the three tier classification system … 26 states have laws modeled on that system. And this brings me to the why I’m commenting here. If you live outside the US, your country may have it’s own rules (often e-bikes in other countries can’t offer motor assist at speeds above 25 kmh (around 15 mph) but I wont comment on those rules because I’m not as familiar with them.

    When I bought my e-bike I basically got lucky. I didn’t know about the laws or the classification system. I bought my bike (a road bike) because the drive system is removable and it can be ridden as a regular bike (a cover snaps in place of where the drive-pack would normally go). Also the drive design has particularly low friction … so low that if you pedal without assist (speeds over 20mph or if you just switch the motor off … or run out of juice) you don’t really feel the drag created by all the friction of the drive system.

    After buying the bike, I found out about the laws and also learned that my own bike is a Class 1 ebike and, that’s a good thing because as you move up to Class 2 or Class 3 there are more and more restrictions of where you can ride the bike. In my state, I can use a Class 1 e-bike pretty much anywhere a regular bike can ride with just a couple of exceptions (and the drive-pack can be removed from my e-bike … making it a normal bike again.)

    This means if you just go out and buy an e-bike, you might find out you can’t ride where you want to ride and/or might end up with a ticket.

    One of the bikes on your list isn’t legal in most states because it has an 800 watt motor (most states cap e-bikes to only have a 750 watt motor… anything more and they can classify it as a "motor vehicle" … with all the regulations that apply to things like mopeds or motorcycles). There is just one federal law (that I know of) for e-bikes and that law was really designed to block states from classifying e-bikes as "motor vehicles" *if* the e-bike adheres to the federal definition of an e-bike. That federal law doesn’t recognize bikes with a motor above 750 watts (they lose the protection of *not* being a "moor vehicle"). If the bike gets classified as a "motor vehicle" then all headaches come along with it… mandatory headlights/tail-lights, brake-lights, turn-signals, horn, you name it…. you need an operator’s license for mopeds/motorcycles, you have to carry insurance, you might be required to wear a motorcycle helmet (not a bike helmet), you have to have vehicle registration and the mini license plate, etc. I don’t think anybody wants all those regulations applied to their bike. For this reason… I’d probably avoid that 800 watt motor.

    I’m not writing to offer an opinion on the rules … I’m just making people aware that most states *have* rules. You probably want to know what they are in your own state or town before you end up running afoul of them and getting fined.

    In the three tier system (currently 26 US states use this system):

    Many cities and towns had people who were irritated with e-bikes on their sidewalks, multi-use paths, etc. and wanted to pass laws blocking all e-bikes from as many places as possible. Fortunately, cooler heads prevailed and explained that not all e-bikes should be lumped into the same category. Some bikes will only offer "assistance" to a rider who still has to pedal and they limit the motor assist speed to what a regular bike can easily attain. Since those bikes really don’t go any faster than normal bikes they probably shouldn’t be restricted any more than normal bikes. Other bikes allow riders to move at speeds beyond what most riders can do unless they are especially fit riders (e.g. pro cyclists). Allowing fast e-bikes on a multi-use path where they might round a corner and encounter a jogger is a good way for someone to end up in the emergency room. So they decided to classify the bikes … and the classification comes with restrictions on where you can ride.

    Class 1: An e-bike that only offers motor assist if the rider is pedaling *and* will not offer assist at speeds above 20mph. Class 1 e-bikes may NOT have a throttle. BUT … usually a Class 1 e-bike can ride anywhere it is legal to ride a regular bike (there may be exceptions.)

    Class 2: Theses e-bikes CAN have a throttle … the rider doesn’t have to pedal to get motor power. But the motor can’t exceed 20mph. Where you can or cannot ride will vary from state to state or city to city. In my state, Class 2 e-bikes generally may *not* ride on sidewalks or shared-use paths unless a local municipality grants an exception.

    Class 3: These e-bikes can offer pedal-assist at speeds up to 28mph … but cannot have a throttle. These bikes are the most restricted and usually can only ride on streets or designated bike-lanes … but nowhere else (even if it would be legal to ride other bikes in those places).

    Some of the bikes on this list had pedal assist to 28mph … but also had a throttle (usually limiting to 20mph on throttle-only). The problem is, state laws don’t make provisions for this… the bike basically isn’t a legal e-bike. It’s a pretty risky move. But they don’t disclose this to would-be buyers who may discover their "e-bike" isn’t really a legal e-bike. Not cool.

    Some states haven’t adopted any e-bike laws … so if you live in one of those states (only 7 of them that I know of) you might be fine. But there’s no guarantee your state wont pass laws and your once-legal bike is no longer legal to ride where you want to ride.

    Again, I wrote this comment because *I* didn’t know about these rules when I was shopping and basically… I got lucky. My suggestion is, before you shop, know what features a bike can or cannot have depending on where you want to ride.

    Have fun and stay safe!

  22. Why no weights, of models, if you are taking them anywhere by rack, to lift and put them on is very important, especially for any over 50 years old?

  23. The best deal is the Lectric XP which is $899.00 with free delivery.

  24. any e bike in any country of any make, that charges when pedalling ??

  25. This bike dummy appreciates the extra information other reviewers don’t mention that help me understand the specs. Thank you so much. I’m heading to check out the Model R.

  26. Rads are Chinese junk… more corona please!

  27. Just got the Ride 1 Up 500 series, definitely able to get up to 28. Hit 29 mph today. Grrrrrreat ride!!!

  28. Why are all these bikes top speed 28mph? How can I make them a lot faster?

  29. Do your research before buying your E-bike. My wife and I wanted to ride bikes in our retirement years. We live on a slight hill nothing crazy just a small hill and wanted to use the electric bike to help get up the hill on the way home. So we purchased 2 Voltbike Interceptors.
    Turns out my wife was not comfortable riding the bike so hers sat in the garage while mine got a couple of rides for the first year. The following year placed the bikes on charge and the next morning unplugged the charger but nothing so I checked the other bike and the same thing.

    I contacted and a short conversation Voltbike and they told me the battery packs were not charged during the time period (it was my fault) they sat for the winter and that caused the failure of the packs. Of course, we went back and forth for a very long time with no solution. They wanted to sell me two new battery packs at the cost of 1200.00 dollars and that is without shipping or taxes.

    They pawned me off on some guy in China with the pretense of help but that was a waste of time.

    So no pack just two bikes in the garage not ridden anymore and life lesson learned, at the cost of over 3000.00 dollars. Pick your vendor carefully or you might end up in the same predicament.

  30. All Things Travel December 15, 2020 @ 10:00 pm

    Good evening. My name is Dennis. I am looking to do a cross country e bike trip. I will be doing an youtube vlog about my adventures. I will be riding for cancer research and looking for donations along the way. I am looking for sponcer for an e bike with several spare battery to make for more mileage per day. I am also looking for donations for a solar generator with solar panels. Anyone who donates or sponcer me will get shutouts and advertising with every video. Channels like this do very well on YouTube please feel free to contact me at if you are interested in sponcering me with a e bike. Please put e bike in the subject line. Thankyou

  31. Beautiful love u.

  32. A word of advice to prospective buyers: pay attention to the company as much as to the bike. After a very unpleasant experience with one of the companies on your list (starts with "A"), I switched to another company with helpful and pleasant employees. I am very glad I did.

  33. Have owned a Ride1Up 700 (an upgrade over the 500) and love it. I almost went with the Aventon, but I wanted to be able to use the throttle without pedaling first, like when I take off from a stoplight. The Aventon throttle does not work from a standstill. You must peddle about one Revolution before it works. Electric bikes are awesome. Anybody on-the-fence, just go for it. If you don’t want it, the market is on-fire, so it’s easy to re-sell.

  34. I need one that does at least 60mph

  35. Check out RIZE BIKES. I bet you’ll be surprised Rize can beat any bike in the price segment.

  36. I LOVE my RadRover 5 !!!

  37. Real disease comes and goes, but Fake Covid19 will stays because there is no cure for it. 5G+ Bill Gates vaccines = depopulation world wide. The governments sold their country to world bank/IMF by shut down. The people get nothing but lost jobs and businesses. The Globalist agenda is to shutdown the world economy, so they have total control of the world by depopulation. Tell me why no huge number of homeless people die from Covid19? Mask is not for safety, it’s meant for compliance. People shut down their brains and let the government think for them. This is the biggest hoax in the history of the world. Humanity walk into the trap with no way out.

  38. I bought my Lectric XP in January 2020 to get rid of excess weight. I ended up losing 77 pounds, and my legs are like tree trunks. I have 2 batteries and have travelled 65 miles round trip. I currently have 2400 miles on my ebike. Life is great… or, was great. Last week, at 2400 miles, the bike broke down electronically. Left me stranded, twice. Had to walk home several miles. Lectric company says it’s still under warranty, but will take a long time to get the part needed to fix. Coming from China and from I got from the tech, this prob is happening to thousands of Lectric bikes. So, I stop riding for how long? A month, maybe2 or 3…. I don’t think so. I am going to buy another bike from another brand cuz this one is no longer reliable. It’s just taking up space in my bike barn. The unfortunate part is I just finished building my solar bike barn so my bike is propelled by sun and keto… I hope Lectric realizes that my warranty is on pause until it is fixed. They can’t take a month or several months and expect the warranty to keep running. So, if u want this bike, I totally recommend it. Just have secondary transportation and Uber on stand by. P.s. no public transportation where I live. ur on ur own here

  39. rad bike made in asia that sucks

  40. does this bike meet the criteria of e-bike law? or i have to have liscence?

  41. The best bikes on the planet for me for touring are the Riese & Muller Superchargers with the new duel 625watt batteries and Rohloff gear hub with e-14 electronic shifting gears and gates carbon drive belt , not cheap, but the technology is awesome

  42. rad step thru absolutely rules the roost

  43. Hi! everyone. I just bought this electric Bicycle and I tall love it. NCM Moscow Plus Electric Mountain Bike, 500W Powerful Hub Motor, Large Capacity Removable Lithium Battery (48V 16Ah), Hydraulic Disc Brake, 24 Speed Gear, (Black/White, 27.5”/29” Wheels) 30-70+ Miles and I total recommend it. Just click on the link below if you need more information about this amazing saw.

  44. yeah sick!

  45. I ended up choosing the Surface604 Shred for my go everywhere bike. I felt it was better to get a trail capable bike and use it on pavement than a commuter bike and hope I survive the trails on it…

  46. great reviews but what was missing was the Juiced line

  47. Billy Crutchfield December 15, 2020 @ 10:14 pm

    I Love my 2020 Rad Rover Step Thru 1 , I have over 2000 off road mountain bike trail miles on it problem free .750 watt motor . I ride 2 hours in the mountains 24 miles on a gravel trail up and down inclines and have never used more than 2 out of 5 battery bars .

  48. No Bosch motors on these junkers…

  49. These are the types of e-bikes Simon Cowell should have purchased but he wanted to be fancy.

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