Top 5 New Folding E-Bikes

Top 5 New Folding E-Bikes

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Five fun folding electric bicycles worth considering for your commute to work, or just for fun.

JIVR – Folding e-Bike
Gi FlyBike: The first e-bike to fold in one second
CMYK 4.0: Smart Folding Electric Bike
A-Bike Electric: The lightest and most compact electric bike
SITGO-First Folding Electric Bike With Car Charge

Music by Ross Bugden: Welcome to Chaos, Weightless

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Readers Comments (7)

  1. I think JIVR is the best, it is very fast to fold and unfold compare to the gocycle. It is very compact, nice looking, electric with big battery, very light and no dirty nasty chain. Additionally it is very light, the only downfall is that it has no mudguards. this is most compact bicycle in the world.

  2. Far Beyond Ordinary December 19, 2020 @ 10:31 pm

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  3. "KUO" A2B Folding eBike!

  4. what is the price of go fly bike , and is it available in India ?

  5. is there a store I can buy that in Phoenix, Arizona?

  6. Nice category to make a video about. Latest Greatest.

    Now talking about bikes…Bike makers shouldnt design bikes with small wheels if they want their product to have a mass market appeal. Small wheeled bikes seem more suitable for kids. Normal wheeled folding e-bikes can be created as shown by gi flybike.


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