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  1. Wow those Colnago welds 😮

  2. How about Giant TCR SLR 2? I think it is one of the most underrated bikes 😀

  3. I was interested to the Caad12 but after a short test of the GT Grade Carbon 105 I choose it, Grade is absolutely amazing, full carbon and a very good price (500€ less than cannondale and Specialized equivalent bikes) and with that i can do everything form cyclocross to long road rides, it’s an amazing bike.
    I think (and I’m not a super fan con Cannondale) that che caad 12 is the best alu frame I ever tested, It’s not the most beautiful but the most efficient in terms of performance.

  4. An ultralight one is Kinesis Aithein. its available only as frameset

  5. nice choice!!!!

  6. hey Sahi!
    will be making a a video on endurance bikes as well?

    BTW: that blue bmc looks like the one cadel evans used on his last race 😀


  7. check out my setup of this bike 2017 Allez Sprint

  8. For anyone wondering, the allez actually has enough room to fit 28mm tires.

  9. The Smart Welds are hydroformed behind the head tube, then welded. You said it was welded, then hydroformed. Confused? Specialized shows a great video on their site.

  10. Bought a CAAD8(105) today after watching your vids

  11. Marius Jacobsen April 7, 2021 @ 11:38 pm

    Trek Emonda ALR

  12. Mariano Celentano April 7, 2021 @ 11:39 pm

    I like them ALL!!! : ) However there is one which is in my mind as well. Canyon ENDURACE AL DISC 8.0 2100$

  13. i’m new, i just want to buy a comfortable road bike for weekend chilling, i do not need speed, my budget around $2k, any suggestion please.

  14. A 2019 version of this video would be nice.

    You can split it to 2 categories.

    1. Best Alu Bikes with Rim Brakes sub 2000

    2. Best Alu Bikes with Disc Brakes sub 2000


  15. Can’t believe you haven’t included the Trek Emonda Alr, it’s a great frameset and really light. I bought the frameset on its own and had it built up with Ultegra groupset, pro finishing kit and stuck my Fulcrum racing zero wheels on it and in a size 58 it weights under 7.5kg

  16. Chavit Denninnart April 7, 2021 @ 11:45 pm

    Specialized ‘s tire width rating for this Allez Sprint is very conservative. My friend use Enve carbon wide rim with 28c Vittoria tire on that bike and he still has more than half cm on each side. Clearly if your rim’s internal width is not crazy wide then most 28c tire will still work with good margin.

    One combination of 28c tire that wouldn’t work would be Roval CLX32, CLX50, CLX64 with their 20.7mm internal width pair with over-sized Continental 4000sII 28c tire. That would end up being more than 32mm wide so it may be too close to the frame.

  17. Went with BMC thanks to this vid 👍🏼

  18. I like your chanel,it’s very helpful 🙂 What do you think about radon bikes? Best regards from Croatia:-)

  19. 6:11 There is still external cable routing lovers = ShaiBike! 😉

  20. Ronald Hooijer April 7, 2021 @ 11:49 pm

    hi Danny like Your video’s. I think Émonda can not miss here. invisible weld technology is far better than average. stiffer more comfort and lighter than some carbon bikes

  21. xD so rxpensive for nothing. I am 16 years I learned in 2 to 3 weeks very much things enough to build a road bike from 0. I got my frame for 55 euros aluminium frame 1350 grams but I have paint it. Carbon fork 500 grams for 35 euros. A seat pipe richey bought for 17 euros it is 43 euros actually 260 grams. And now I am looking for the other parts. I dont know a 105 5800 set or a tiagra 4700 set. There is only 50 to 100 euros difference so i think i go for the 105 5800 but if I find cheaper used set it would be better. There is one 105 5800 set for like 295 euros new without crankset.

  22. Vlad The Bike Guy April 7, 2021 @ 11:53 pm

    Nice one ! What do you think , is alloy making a comeback ?

  23. what kinda parts on the colnago?

    how about trek and scott?

  24. I own a caad12. Fantastic bike. Very quick, and handles nicely. Hadn’t been on a bike in 25+ years. I ride this bike on a consistent basis 30+ miles a ride. Be using it as a tri bike also. Really like the looks of an areo bike, but it’s way too hilly in SC to ride it consistently . But overall it’s been really good, and plenty fast for an old guy like me. .

  25. how about canyon?

  26. This frame is lighter and faster than the CAAD 12. Extremely comfortable. I still can’t believe this is an aluminium bike

  27. Hi,
    What about Stevens Aspin or Canyon Ultimate Al ?

  28. check out my setup of this bike 2017 Allez Sprint

  29. Frame on that Colnago is pretty

  30. Your video always having echo. Its so hard to listen. Then if its light, whats the weight? Please help

  31. Stefano Fedele April 8, 2021 @ 12:03 am

    From my web research it seems that Cannondale Caad 12 is the best one

  32. Emonda alr frame weight 1150g and bmc teammachine frame weight 1295g…-_-

  33. Roberto Paludi April 8, 2021 @ 12:04 am

    Hey man, I think Rose xeon rs 3000 is one of the best too ( it is my dream bike).Can you make a video comparing the 4 most popular aluminium bike ? Caad 12 – Trek emonda ALR – canyon ultimate al – Rose xeon rsThanks!

  34. SickBiker! Great Review Brother! One of my personal favorites is the 2017 Fuji Roubiax Elite! Earlier in the year it was a tick over 2000 but as the 2017 s are going out in the 2018 coming in, it’s now around 1600! And according to Fuji, in a 58 cm frame it’s only 15.8 lb and comes with SRAM Force components and a carbon crank!! Would love to hear your opinion 👍🏋️🚴💯

  35. Moto Mehaničar April 8, 2021 @ 12:12 am

    It would be nice to do review on some vintage steel road bike if you could?

  36. ill go for the Allez 😉

  37. Specialized allez sprint comp ( the new 2018 one just came out and is better than the 2017 one)

  38. Merida Ride Disc 500
    What’s your opinion about this bike?

  39. I think the Canyon ultimate AL SLX 9.0 is really nice for under 2000€

  40. My favorite and my bike:
    Got it for 1250 €. Nothing internal but everything still well hidden, 105 (FSA crankset tho) with cable actuated disc brakes. It’s black! It has tubeless-ready rims. Through-axles. Here’s more pics and 360 degrees too 1400€
    Here’s a full carbon bike for 1600€:
    Minus the disc brakes.
    I’m impressed by Votec’s lineup.

  41. Avoyce N Deether April 8, 2021 @ 12:19 am

    Thanks for bringing that centurion to my attention. That is one sharp looking bike. But it’s hard to beat the CAAD in this segment.

  42. no giant TCR alluxx?

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