Top 7 Basic Accessories for Your Bicycle! Hero L-ectro | 2020

Top 7 Basic Accessories for Your Bicycle! Hero L-ectro | 2020

In this video I am showing you some of the best basic accessories for you bicycle!
I own a Hero lectro cycle and if Koi reh gyi ho accessory to do comment down below 馃檪
Guys I need you to watch this Video of Bhuvam Bam

Such an Amazing video!
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Readers Comments (15)

  1. Bro aapki yeh. Cycle 6ft height ke liye thik hain

  2. Tell the story of chori

  3. Bro I’m thinking of buying lectro townmaster , I’m confused should I buy e cycle or mtb instead?. I don’t have to do much off roading ..
    And do you service your cycle?

  4. Side mirror 馃檪

  5. How do you fixed that basket ?..

    I have a Hero ESSENTIA TX & I want a basket to fix on it..

    Please give suggestions..

  6. I am getting hero lectro essentia at 19000 along with mudguard,lock,bell and pump.Is it cheap, expensive or normal

  7. From where did you puchase this front basket. I also want to purchase help me

  8. how to carry school bag in hero lectro without carrier or basket

  9. Hi.. Please guide as to how did you fix the basket on your lectro. I own a lectro glide, but the shop keeper sats he cannot fix it

  10. Konsa model ha lectro ka 馃榿

  11. Cool boy …. Gift me a cycle 馃檪馃槄

  12. Chori ki story please 馃榿馃憤

  13. Bro, please share DIY mobile holder youtube link…i also want to make

  14. Hello brother….. I want to know that lectro e5 worth hai uske price me ?

  15. pg vlogs in how much price you purchased it

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