Trek 1120

Trek 1120

See 1120:

Trek’s all-new 1120 is a touring bike for your wildest off-road adventures. Smart, secure packing options, thoughtfully designed racks, and mountain-ready spec make it the ideal tool for riding far, even when the terrain gets rough.

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  1. really amazing!

  2. Does it make sense to replace the tiers to less toothy 38, for example, to get an advantage on the asphalt?

  3. Can you just make some nice racks that work with existing trek models instead of making a whole new 2500 dollar mountain bike?

  4. Needs larger bags.

  5. Siclmn Cyclerider March 25, 2021 @ 10:50 pm

    I hope all you people realize that this is an advertisement.

  6. Has anybody experienced or read about any problems with the frame? I’ve heard about some cracking issues in the joints. I’d love to get this bike myself but would like to know a little bit more about any potential frame problems. And that damn price??!

  7. a great video showcasing these.

  8. Графитовая вилка на которой груз и используется для агресивной езды. На сколько это прочно? На сколько долговечно?

  9. Does this bike have suspension

  10. It looks like a session.

  11. This is my dream bike 🙁 maybe when i finish university i could afford one

  12. so sad that if you want one you need to wait for about a year before you get them. i had no other choice than to look for something else. damn!

  13. Worked out the gear inches on this, approx 18" to 79". You can climb up the wall with it, but will frequently spin out going down a moderate hill. Even with a bigger 36t crank you would only get 22" – 95". When using the ratio the larger 36t crank would win you, I still spin out on my way to work in the morning on my CroMo tourer. The 36t crank wouldn’t get you up one of the roads in our local industrial estate either – even without a load.

    The 1 x 11 speed gear set just isn’t as good as the old 3 x 9 touring setup yet.

    May be good for athletic unloaded enduro racing up hills, but for on road use you’ll have to be resigned to just rolling down the hills and taking in the view.

    Am looking at the Giant SLR GX range with a triple chain ring and fat 50mm tyres added – bit heavier and the stem isn’t much cop but the rest of it can be upgraded and it should keep up with road bikes going down hill and with this one when climbing up a gnarly single track path.

  14. I want oranges bags !!
    Where is buy ?

  15. Looks like an awesome toy, that price though!! 😳

  16. 2500$with no suspension it’s over priced!

  17. I rode a Stache one day and just wanted handlebars and stem raised much more for upright riding and a larger comfortable seat for loooooong rides. That forward aggressive posture is why so many people are not comfortable on such great bikes. Cruising with speed and comfort is not road or mountain bike riding.

  18. Needs a 60 mm fork.

  19. I was gonna ask why it doesn’t have a front suspension fork, but then I realised I’m a moron

  20. What’s the best frame bag for this bike I’m having a hard time finding the right fit

  21. This thing costs as much as my motorcycle. It’s literally just a rigid mountain bike. I don’t understand this industry

  22. Can i convert my X Caliber 9?

  23. I bought ☝️ and it’s going to be awesome! Great Divide 2020🤘

  24. love it

  25. Dear Santa… I need one of these next to my Slash…

  26. *No problems putting this together and it rides smooth and↝↝>**** works for its intended use of just going out for a spin every now and then. If you need a bike to be very reliable and put up with abuse, I wouldn’t choose this.*

  27. does it pare/pair ? well with manbuns ? or beards ?

  28. Can trek make a cheaper version of this bike? It’s more then my carbon road bike is (3399$)

  29. Are these coming out in Australia?

    Want it’ll look the goods next to my 520.

  30. a couple of thounsan dollar for a fucking bicycle,and you sell them,bravo.
    just sell them for 20000$,why wait 10 years, fucking morons will pay now

  31. Vince Anthony Jumao-as March 25, 2021 @ 11:15 pm

    Who came here because of my halo my dude

  32. KASPARS BABAHINS March 25, 2021 @ 11:15 pm

    nice tour bike!

  33. Why do some have a little triangle on the frame near the seat, and some others not?

  34. ?Why Trek 1120 does not come in 18.5 sizes? If my height is 174 then the most suitable size for me is 18.5

  35. Vince Anthony Jumao-as March 25, 2021 @ 11:21 pm

    Why didn’t you put a shock on it?

  36. Bikepacking Journey March 25, 2021 @ 11:22 pm

    Why the trek 1120 don’t come with harnesses? Rear rack system is completely useless now!

  37. Weight

  38. I’m all for full rigid trekking bikes. But why is the headtube so short if there is no front suspension? Looks like it was designed specifically for suspension and adding rigid fork was an afterthought. Meh. Don’t like it.

  39. Nice bike but it’s overpriced.. $3,400.00! A more reasonable price would be $2,400.00

  40. need front suspension otherwise nice

  41. chupacabra ?? how come marketing used such a hip cool name ?

  42. bmnwrnm drwtrsm March 25, 2021 @ 11:31 pm

    i have trek 520 i love it

  43. Дмитрий Садовников March 25, 2021 @ 11:33 pm

    Усилитель дропаутов и электромотор , батарея на багажник, воздушная вилка и будет вам счастье

  44. rosa milena villarreal quintero March 25, 2021 @ 11:35 pm

    Soy colombiana, soy una aficionada a la bicicleta, esta marca es genial nunca he podido tener una por los costos en Colombia y no están a mi alcance económico.. dónde puedo obtener buenos precios?, Quiero una así sea de segunda mano, pero en buen estado.

  45. The Orange Boys March 25, 2021 @ 11:36 pm

    super versatile and practical but damn that’s an ugly bike

  46. Those tires are way too wide. That would be a slow ride and waste a lot of energy.

  47. Had mine 2 weeks and its amazing

  48. WAGNER MARENGUE March 25, 2021 @ 11:41 pm

    QUE BIKE LINDA !!! TOP !!!

  49. The racks are nice🤗

  50. Beautiful bike.

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