Trek Allant+ | The Super commuter gets an upgrade and a new name

Trek Allant+ | The Super commuter gets an upgrade and a new name

Big Dave got a quick look at the new Trek Allant+, which will be replacing the Super Commuter from Trek. This is all the quick hits you need to know about it.

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Readers Comments (25)

  1. omg this is crazy, the prices are to steep, 6k for the 9.9 version, i dont understand?

  2. That is the ugliest bike I’ve ever seen. Flipping hideous.

  3. They most likely want to sell these bikes for about $6000.00 That is why they won’t answer you much. Get Rid of your $5000 Used Infiniti to Purchase an E bike that can go up to 40 miles Range on one charge, LOL. Prices of these Ebikes are the price of a good used car. GTFOOH…

  4. That bike is carbon but still weighs 52lbs what gives?

  5. Trek is always advertising that this bike can replace your car. I don’t believe them. The cargo capacity is not very good at all. You can attach panniers but no trunk. Why not offer a rack that is more functional and has a higher capacity? If I wanted to use this bike for shopping or other car replacement activities it wouldn’t work, unless my car carried one person and two light panniers.

  6. Why is there literally no articles from Trek or more information on these bikes?

  7. Not at all interested in ebikes. Might be once I can no longer pedal on my own.

  8. How about upping the price by a few bucks and adding a real brake light.

  9. Can the battery pack 500 be added to the rail?

  10. Lose the fenders and drop the price significantly.

  11. Too bad this will be speed-limited here in Korea. It sucks that they’re going to slow it down, when they allow scooters on the sidewalk. So much for safety first. Argh. I need this, and now. My current e-bike is a bit too slow, and it takes me an hour and fifteen minutes each way to work.

  12. I want the Allant +8S. When will they be available in the US? Can I order it yet?

  13. But why does it make idling locomotive sounds?

  14. Range? And how long does it take to charge the battery?

  15. MacAutomationTips December 28, 2020 @ 10:41 pm

    There’s no way I would have shot a video with water springlers running in the background. Very distracting.

  16. Giannpiero Echenique December 28, 2020 @ 10:41 pm

    The allant + 8s is a light and high speed bike. I would like to have one! Where can I get it? At what price?

  17. The background noice is horrible

  18. Can not see any upgrade. Motor is probably better. For the rest – more of a big downgrade. Super Commuter was the perfect in every way. Especially as the the bike lost its perfect cost/performance ratio and now is just damn expensive.

  19. Bende aldım nisanda gele cek daha denemedim hiş test edenler var mı

  20. Philly Cheese Take December 28, 2020 @ 10:48 pm

    Why was this Trek advert accidentally uploaded to the channel?

  21. Nice bike love it why the crap rear rack?

  22. They can do better than that boring introduction. She sounded like my elementary substitute teacher.

  23. Sorry but this wasn’t very informative. Kind of eye candy.

  24. Why would anyone want to be interested in these bikes. This Company isn’t even answering questions from YouTube. Just imagine if you have an issue with these bikes, Your Response would be NONE. Thanks but no Thanks.

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